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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Kingsborough Community College which is known as KBCC is the part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system. KBCC also has been one of the only community colleges which is situated in the city of Brooklyn, New York. The Kingsborough community college is located in the Manhattan Beach which has got the area of 7 acre which is equivalent to 283,000 meter square. The campus overlooks across the Sheepshead bay along with the Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The Kingsborough Community College also has got association with another college which is named as Mid-Brooklyn campus. Kingsborough also has got its own private beach. It is also only college in the New York City which has got private beach. The beach is open during the summer for swimming. The current working president of the Kingsborough campus is Farley Herzek while there are 38000 students enrolled.

The teaching process of the Kingsborough Community College is highly qualified and is also appreciated by the different associations. Going on with the awards and the rankings of the Kingsborough College, it was named as one of the college from the list of four community colleges in the United States which was done by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program held in the year of 2013. Talking about the early achievements of the Kingsborough College, in the year 2007, it was also one of the colleges which has got the Brooklyn Buildings Awards which was provided by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The award from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce focuses on the quality of living and also the economy of the Brooklyn. Then in the year of 2009, Kingsborough College was also provided “exceptional technology support to students and educators” award in the year of 2009 which was from the Center for Digital Education. In the same year which was in 2009, the college also got the award for the Diana Hacker TYCA Outstanding Program in English which was organized from the National Two-Year College English Association (TYCA).  While in the year of 2008, Kingsborough college was successful in achieving CUNY Sustainability Award which was for the advocacy and for the environment education. The award has been credited to the program by Kingsborough which was titled “Eco-Festival”. Kingsborough college was also categorized in one of the top community colleges from other 120 colleges which was also from the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.

Along with the achievements from the colleges, the credit also goes to the working faculties engaged in the college premises and with its workings. The current faculties involved in the Kingsborough College are:

·         Homar Barcena, chemist

·         John Mikalopas, engineer

·         Patrick Lloyd, chemist

·         John Acosta, videographer

·         Bob Blaisdell, author

·         Christina Colon, biologist

·         Harold C. Connolly Jr., cosmochemist and geologist, and is involved in NASA

·         Naxielly Dominguez, chef

·         Janice Farley, ceramist

·         Cindy Greenberg, speech pathologist

·         John M. Keller, author

·         Beth King, anthropologist

·         Suzanne LaFont, anthropologist

·         Janice Mehlman, photographer

·         Valerie Sokolova, illustrator

·         Michael Weisberg, cosmochemist and geologist (NASA)

·         Marvin Williams, composer and musician

While the past faculty members who were engaged with the Kingsborough College are:

·         Edward H. Bersoff, president, CEO & founder of BTG, Inc.

·         Jonathan Deutsch, author and chef

·         Stanley G. Cohen, president of Five Towns College

·         Eleanor Cory, composer

·         Paul Goldberg, geologist

·         Victor Gorelick, comic book editor & executive

·         Dan Grimaldi, actor on the HBO TV series The Sopranos

·         Fred Mitchell, artist

·         Ursula Mamlok, composer

·         Basil Tarasko, baseball coach

Kingsborough College also has got good provision for the athletics and for the enrolled students. The college is the member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and also participates in its activities and the athletic teams are also nicknamed as the Waves. They are also the member of the City University of New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC). The involvement is with the community college section. The athletic sports include basketball, baseball and also tennis and track & field. The sports are for the men. While for the women, the sports include volleyball, tennis, track & field and also basketball. The college also organizes different sports activities.

The Kingsborough College also has got some renowned past graduates who are professionals in their field. Some of them can be named who are Andrew Dice Clay who is a remarkable actor and also a standup comedian. Jeff Aronson is also the alumni from the Kingsborough College who is now currently the CEO and also the owner of the Cash4Gold.com. Some other graduates from the college are Pete Falcone who is a pitcher for the United States team, New York Mets. Jeff Koinange is also a product of the Kingsborough College and is currently the correspondant for the CNN Africa, Steve Kastenbaum who is the reporter for the CNN and also for the WINS, Dr. Richard Maraia who is currently working as the senior Investigator and also the Head Section on the Molecular and the Cell Biology in the Intramural Reasearch while he is also engaged in the Program of the National Health Institute. Along with these professionals, there are some other graduates who are also involved in different occupations like, Philipe Nover who is a UFC fighter and also is the finalist of the TUF 8, Larry Seabrook who is a former Councilman for the New York City whereas Sid Rosenberg and Liliana Marin are involved in the television where they are radio personality and the news anchor for the Telemundo and the Univision television network respectively.