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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Indiana University of Pennsylvanian (IPU) is a renowned public educational institution established in 1875. Located in Indiana, Pennsylvanian, United States. The University holds the nickname as Crimson Hawks (formerly the Indians). Indiana University of Pennsylvanian stands as the largest university in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and also is the commonwealth’s fifth largest university.

Indiana University of Pennsylvanian is managed by a local Assembly of Trustees and the Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Sheltering the branches at Punxsutawney, Northpointe, and Monroeville, Indiana University of Pennsylvanian is ascribed by Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities, NCATE and AACSB. IUP’s business minded branch (Eberly College of Business) is comprised in the 2013 list of “Best Business Schools” in the northeast.   

 Indiana University of Pennsylvanian was established as Indiana Normal School in 1871 commissioned by Indiana County Investors. Getting through the Pennsylvania General Assembly on May 20, 1875, the school was established under the Normal School Act.

The school began the operation in1875 chasing the growth of the French Ecole Normale. 225 students were sheltered by the college at that time. A single building compromised all educational activities including laboratory school for model teaching. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania holed the ownership of the college in 1920. Later in 1927 the college became the State Teachers College at Indiana with authorization to distribute degrees. As the year passed on the college expanded its working horizon challenging its own abilities and was named Indiana State College just six years before it was granted university status in 1965. The Indiana Normal School now stands historically as Indiana University of Pennsylvanian (IUP).

Indiana University of Pennsylvanian shelters 12,471 undergraduate students and 2,257 postgraduate students (Fall 2013) under its verity of courses and programs which includes 140 undergraduate programs and 70 graduate degree programs. Indiana University of Pennsylvanian serves these diversified courses through eight colleges working under its management.

-Eberly College of Business and Information Technology (2,339 undergraduate and 274 graduates)

-College of Education and Educational Technology (1,279 undergraduate and 750 graduates)

-College of Fine Arts (588 undergraduate and 39 graduates)

-College of Health and Human Services (4,505 undergraduate and 403 graduates)

-School of Graduate Studies and Research

-College of Humanities and Social Sciences (1,459 undergraduate, 537graduates)

-College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (2,032 undergraduates and 150 graduates)

-School of Continuing Education (270 undergraduates and 104 graduates)

Students based on fall semester of 2013

The prestigious Indiana University of Pennsylvanian holds the glorious history of more than a century and has been serving quality education according to the need of the society since then. The university provides various facilities to its students to help their overall development. The college which was established in single building now holds large number of buildings to meet the demand of growing students attracted by its quality education. The college compromises various academic buildings like John A.H Keith Hall, Joseph Uhler Hall, Zink Hall, Davis Hall, and Edna Sprowls Hall etc. which shelters various departments under it. Administration buildings like Willis Pratt Hall, University Towers, President’s residence etc. are also sheltered by the prestigious Indiana University of Pennsylvanian.

The historical IUP has made various sorts of courses and programs available to its students. The course under IUP has been adapted as per the need of the society and people. The college serves various quality and effective programs to its students in various levels.

     Undergraduate Programs


     - African StudiesPan-African Studies


 Anthropology, Applied Track
 Anthropology, Archaeology Track                              

 Anthropology, General Track

      Anthropology Education, Social Science Education, Anthropology Concentration

      -Applied PhysicsPhysics, Applied Track

      -ArchaeologyAnthropology, Archaeology Track


       Art, Education
 Art, History Track
 Art, Studio Track (BA)
 Art Studio (BFA)

      -Asian Studies

     -Athletic Studies

-Banking and Pastry Arts



-Business Computing

-Business Education

-Business Information Systems

-Business, International


-Cell and Molecular Biology


-Certified Respiratory Therapists


-Child Development and Family Relations


-Clinical Laboratory Science

-Communications Media

-Computer Networking

-Computer Science


-Consumer Science


-Culinary Arts

-Culinary arts, Banking

-Culinary Dietetics

-Cultural Studies





-Disability Services

-Disability Services Sociology


-Early Childhood/Special Education

-Earth and Apace Science Education



-Economics Educations

-Economic Geography


-Educational Psychology


-Electro-optics and Laser Engineering Technology, AS





-Environmental Biology

-Environment Geography

-Environment Geology

-Environment Health

-Environment Planning

-Environment Science

-Exercise Science

-Family and Consumer Sciences Education

-Family Medicine

-Fashion Merchandising



-Fine Arts

-Furniture Design



-Graphic Design

-Health and Physical Education


-Hotel Management

-Industrial Safety

-Information Technology

-Interior Design

-International Studies/Political Science  




-Literary Studies






-Natural Science


-Occupational safety





-Pan-African Studies

-Political Sciences

-Regional Planning

-Respiratory Care

-Social Science Education


-Studio arts

-Technical education




-Worker Safety

Graduate Programs

-Administration and Leadership Studies (DEd) (PhD)

-Adult and l Education (MA)

-Adult Education and Communication Technology (MA)

-Applied Archaeology (MA)

-Applied Mathematics (MS)

-Arts (MA, MFA)

-Business Administration (MBA)

-Business/Workforce Development (MEd)

-Chemistry (PSM)

-Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)

-Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

-Communications Media/Instructional Technology (PhD)

-Criminology (MA)

-Curriculum and Instruction (Ded)

-Education Psychology (MEd)

-Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education (MEd)

-Employment and Labor Relations (MA)

-Various English Courses

Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers various courses and programs which can be analyzed deeper in its official website.

The University holds the long glorious history and it has been serving effective education to its students since the first day of its establishment. Students all around the world find this prestigious university as an effective means to guide then toward their destiny.