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One of the famous colleges of City University of New York, Hunter College was established in 1870. Hunter College is located in the core of Manhattan, and is also the largest of City University of New York (CUNY). It was founded in 1870, and is one of the oldest public colleges of the country. More than 23,000 scholars currently join Hunter College, pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees in different faculty, 170 different areas of study. Hunter's student union is as assorted as New York City itself. Hunter has provided educational opportunities for women and minorities for more than 140 years, and now, students from every corner of the world attend Hunter College for their study. Hunter College is established with the motto of “Mihi cura futuri” in Latin and in English it is “Mine is the care of the future”. The public college has the nickname as Hawks and it uses purple and gold color.

In addition to offering a multitude of academic programs in its prestigious School of Arts and Sciences, Hunter offers a wide breadth of programs in its preeminent Schools of Education, Nursing, Social Work, Health Professions and Urban Public Health. Hunter offers master's programs in nursing, public health, environmental and occupational health sciences, biomedical laboratory management, accounting, education, speech-language pathology and all the liberal arts, plus a number of accelerated and advanced certificate programs. Talents students from around the world apply to Hunter's master's programs in the fine arts, including creative writing, studio art, integrated media arts and playwriting.

Hunter College is ranked second “Best Value” in public college, according to the source of “The Princeton College” and U.S.A Today in 2010 on the basis of three factors cost of attendance, financial aid and academics. It was also among the best universities of America and was also citied among Best Northwestern Colleges. In 2011, Hunter College was in the list of “America’s Best College” and was ranked 8th. And among 574 public university it was ranked 39th.

Hunter became a PhD-granting institution in 2008, when it was authorized to offer, jointly with the CUNY Graduate Center, doctoral degrees in biology, biochemistry, physics and public health. Hunter is also home to world-renowned research centers, including the Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro), and the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging and Longevity.

Hunter students are strongly committed to higher education. More than half hold jobs and more than a third are the first in their families to attend college, and despite the challenges they face, their level of academic achievement is extremely high. Many go on to top professional and graduate programs, winning Fulbright scholarships, Mellon fellowships, National Institutes of Health grants, and other distinguished honors. Hunter graduates make a mark wherever they go, but the vast majority chooses to give back locally. If you come across an important artist, author, educator, public official, health professional, researcher, scientist, or social-service professional in New York City, there's a good chance that individual attended Hunter.

The success of Hunter students is largely due to the dedication and expertise of the Hunter faculty. With more than 1,800 full- and part-time members, the faculty is virtually unparalleled in its breadth of scholarship and artistic achievement. Many of the nation's top scholars are drawn to Hunter by its diverse and uniquely engaged student body, by the abundance of academic resources in New York, and by ever-growing opportunities for teaching and research. At Hunter, they receive prestigious national grants, contribute to the world's leading academic journals, and play major roles in cutting-edge research. They are fighting cancer, formulating public policy, enhancing our culture, advancing technology, and more. Members of the Hunter faculty are exceptional mentors, advisers, lecturers and seminar leaders. By placing a high priority on the classroom, and by providing opportunities for undergraduates to participate in their research, members of the faculty are passing their skills and knowledge on to the next generation of scientists, public servants, artists, nurses, social workers, health care professionals, professors and engaged citizens of the world. Speaking from the White House on January 9, 2014, as he honored a Hunter student who had overcome adversity and demonstrated great academic achievement, President Barack Obama called Hunter "one of the best colleges in the country."

Jennifer J. Raab is current president of Hunter College. Vita Rabinowitz is the provost and vice president of Hunter College as she handles all the administrative work. Eija Ayravainen is also the vice president of Hunter College. The chief operating officer of Hunter College is Giancarlo and he is also vice president. Laura S. Hertzog handles all the work of Legal Affairs and is also the Special Counsel to the President & Dean of Faculty and Staff Relations.  John Rose is the Dean of the college and is in Office of Diversity and Compliance. The Chief of Staff of Hunter College is Anne Lytle. Lastly, Peter Eddin is Assistant Vice President and Director of Communications and Marketing officer of Hunter College.

The college accepts all the international students and has separated different quota for them. More information about the college and university is found in wiki and college own site. The official site of the college is www.hunter.cuny.edu. Hunter College has been provided with a whopping endowment of $65.6 million as earned of start of the year 2014. There are 21309 students enrolled now including 15566 undergraduates and 5743 postgraduates.