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Gainesville State College was a two-year school located for higher education in Gainesville, Georgia, United States of America. Gainesville State College was a state college of the University System of Georgia serving the population of northeast Georgia. The Gainesville Campus of the Gainesville State College was located 45 miles northeast of Atlanta and six miles southwest of downtown Gainesville in Oakwood and the Gainesville State College Oconee Campus was located on Bishop Farms Parkway in Watkinsville, Georgia. It offers high-tech classrooms for all disciplines, which enhances the learning experience. On January 10, 2012, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved the merger of the school with North Georgia College and State University. The merger happened in January 2013. The new combined school is called the University of North Georgia. The college was established as a community college and was named Gainesville Junior College on March 11, 1964. The school further changed its name to Gainesville College in 1987. Finally, in October 2005, the Board of Regents voted to expand the school's mission the college was subsequently named to Gainesville State College. As a result, the college was reclassified as a four-year state college, which allowed it to start offering a limited selection of baccalaureate degrees. Furthermore, the school was granted permission to open a second campus in Athens, Georgia in the spring of 2001, hence the Oconee campus was established in Oconee County, Georgia.

Gainesville State College offered courses at the Bachelor, Certificate and Associate level. The majors and degrees include Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, Fitness, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Health & Medical Services, Legal Professions, Social Sciences, Technician Careers and Technology. The Bachelor’s degree includes Bachelor's of Science in Applied Environmental Spatial Analysis (IESA - Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis), Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Care and Education, Bachelor of Applied Science with a Major in Technology Management. Similarly, the Associate degree consists of Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science. In addition to that, there are certificate programs in Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems and Personal Fitness Training. Ninety percent of the students Gainesville State College are in certificate programs are for specific skill development and immediate employment upon completion and are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. North Georgia College and State University offers courses on the Gainesville campus through the College’s University Center. The college also offers Honors Program, Distance Learning, Day Classes and Online Classes as well.

Gainesville State College not only provides quality education but also ensures that the students enjoy their student life, no matter how brief it is, for academic, personal, and professional development of the students. The college encourages students to take part in numerous co-curricular and social options that enhance the overall educational experience. For this, Gainesville State College students can participate in student numerous activities including clubs and organizations, intramurals, bands, cultural affairs programs, chorus, fine arts offerings, publications, extended orientation, and international-intercultural studies programs. In order to encourage the students to take part in various extra-curricular activities, the college offers co-curricular transcripts for use in job and academic applications. The college serves the student through Computer and Technological Services, Career and Employment Services, Counseling Services, Physically Handicapped Services, Transfer Services, Non-Remedial Tutoring, Health Insurance, Veteran Services, Bookstore are a few among others.  Gainesville State College is "Home of the Fighting Geese" and has Laker-the-goose as their mascots. These were created only to effect school spirit since GSC did not field intercollegiate or extramural athletic teams. GSC publishes its own literary magazine and student newspaper. Gainesville State College proudly provides financial aid opportunities which keep it within the reach of every qualified student. The financial aid comes in the form of federal grants provided by the state, local grants, institutional grants and loans provided to students on low interest and must be paid back. It also provides various scholarships such as Julian & Jan Hester Memorial Scholarship, HERO Scholarship Program (Helping Educate Reservists and their Offspring), Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant (LEPD), Governor's Scholarship, Georgia Public Safety Memorial Grant, HOPE & PROMISE Teacher Scholarship Loans, HOPE Grant Program and HOPE Scholarship Program.

One of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the United States, Gainesville State College is now known as Gainesville Campus. With the merger, Gainesville State College is now known as the University of North Georgia which enrolls more than 15,000 students to become the sixth-largest public university of the state offering over 100 programs of study ranging from certificate and associates degrees to professional doctoral programs. The college welcomes students not only from all over the state but from the whole wide world as well. Gainesville State College promotes equal opportunity for all potential and current students and employees not discriminating against any individual on the basis of sex, race, national origin, color, political affiliation, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. With so much to offer and that too at a reasonable price, GSC has been one of the most sought after universities for a long time. Gainesville State College has been serving the nation by providing excellent education to its students for over five decades and has been keeping up the good work though with a different name. The official website of the college has ceased to exist because of the merger but the Wikipedia contains detailed information about the former college. More about University of North Georgia can be found on its website.