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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

One of the reputed Universities of United States “Full Sail University” is a for-profit University located in Winter Park, Florida. In the year 1979, this University was founded by Jon Phelps. Initially, the University was named as ‘Full Sail Recording Workshop’. It was established in a motive of training students on the production sides of entertainment and music. The courses offered to students were focused on developing them as audio engineers. After a year, new courses added to recording arts program. In 1988, the film program was added and soon after a year, it moved its location in Winter Park, Florida. It was in the year 1990 when the college was accredited to grant the specialized associate’s degrees. Full Sail started to gain notice within the audio industry for its programs. Due to its new programs, it was awarded with Mix magazine’s TEC award for Best Recording School/ Program for the three years 1989 to 1991. With the increase in interest in the film and media studies, the number of students began to increase. As a result, new classrooms and equipment were added to it. However, the University faced financial difficulties during the period of 1992 when it was expanding. The news programs like specialized associate’s degrees were added in the computer animation, game design, digital media and development.

In the early period of 2000s, the University started to get notice by the recording arts industry for its new interesting programs. The Rolling Stone named the University as one of the five best music programs in the nation in 2005 book called ‘Schools that Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide’. In the year 2005, the first Bachelor’s degree program; ‘Bachelor of Science degree in entertainment business’ was included in the school. After two years of the addition of that degree, the school initiated the first master’s degree program in entertainment business. In the same year, the online degree programs started to gain the attention of the students. The online offerings like internet Marketing, Sports Management and various online versions of campus degrees like Web Design & Development and Computer Animation was included in the course of the university. The addition of Master’s degree led the school to get recognized as University by the state of Florida. In 2008, the school’s name was changed to the “Full Sail University”. With gaining the recognition as University, it added 1,780 foot long backlot with 18 City facades which was designed with replicate sets used in the production of actual Hollywood movies and various television shows. The curriculum and degree programs started to broadened as the numbers of students and size of the University started to increase.

The University’s main campus is situated in Winter Park, Florida which lies 8.6 miles northeast of the downtown Orlando. The college has central administrative offices with the library and academic buildings. It also has production backlot, over 110 studios and production environments, auditorium, film backlot and Full Sail Studios. In 1995, the renovation and expansion of the surroundings of the buildings was initiated and by the year 2004 three additional buildings were added to its initial building. For the online degree program, fifth building was added near the campus. In the month of November of 2010, a facility for research and development of the new studio and remote technologies was added to the Campus.

This University is established mainly focusing on the entertainment media which offers on-campus and online degrees. It has two graduate certificates, two associate degrees, twenty five Bachelor’s degrees and eight master’s degrees. The academic programs of the University primarily has focus on the audio, movie and media production, animation, video game design and other studies related to the entertainment and media industries. The education system of the college is well managed which completed in half of the time of traditional four-year college. The college’s associate programs takes 12 to 13 months, Bachelor’s programs takes 20 to 36 and master’s programs takes 12 months to accomplish its course. The degree programs starts at the beginning of the each month. Full Sail was named as FAPSC/ School/ College of the Year by the FAPSC in the year 2008 and 2011. The University also received the award of New Media Consortium Center for Excellence in 2011. Full Sail started the course of its first online degree programs; Master’s degree in Entertainment business in the year 2007. Currently, the University is offering total 22 online degrees programs which include seven Master’s degrees, two graduate certificate programs and thirteen Bachelor’s Degree programs. The students of University utilizes the same software and creative tools as they use in campus-based programs.

The students enrolling in this University are benefited with numerous facilities. The college has a housing department which co-ordinates housing and roommate arrangements. The students of the college participated in 25 different clubs and organizations which focus on the entertainment and media industries. The clubs include student chapters of AES, Grammy U, AIGA, IGDA, DECA and MEISA. Besides this there are other clubs like the Entertainment Networking Society, International Film Society, Gay-Straight Alliance and Veterans Group.

Full Sail University has produced many famous personalities. Till date, this University has produced 36,000 alumni which includes the popular names like ‘Gary Rizzo’, ‘Sbestian Krys’, ‘Phil Tan’, ‘Darren Lynn Bousman’, ‘JD Harmeyer’ and others. Full Sail University will undoubtedly be one of the best Universities for all the students who want to pursue their career in better way.