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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Franklin University is a private, nonprofit University located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. This University is the third largest University of Ohio. It was founded in the year 1902 at Columbus YMCA as ‘YMCA School of Commerce’. Later it changed its name as ‘Franklin University’ in the year 1933. In 1969, the institution opened its first building ‘Frasch Hall’. The University was accredited by the ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ in 1976. It started offering its first graduate program “Master of Business Administration in 1993. Five years later, is created the ‘Community College Alliance (CCA)’ which was designed to make easy for all the community college students. The program was initiated to transfer the maximum number of ‘Community College credits’ toward achieving Bachelor’s degree at Franklin. In the year 2007, the University identified and articulated its ‘Four Cornerstones’ of educational philosophy: ‘Ensuring academic quality’, ‘Providing access to educational opportunities’, ‘adapting to the needs of students’ and ‘responding to changes in society, professions and business community’. The University offered its first location of Ohio based in Indianapolis. It started offering MBA at ‘Wroclaw School of Banking (WSB)’. After signing an agreement with WSB, the University entered into educational agreements with ‘Educational Institutions’ in other eight countries.

Franklin University is currently offering a broad range of ‘Undergraduate’ majors and ‘Graduate’ programs. The total number students enrolled in the University include over 300 international students from over 72 other countries. In fact, over 265 community colleges across the United States have partnered with the ‘Franklin University’ to make the way easy for all the Community college students. The University announced its new college named ‘College of Health and Public Administratoin (COHPA)’ in August 2011. Currently, the University has three colleges: ‘Arts, Science and Technology’, ‘Business’ and ‘COHPA’. The fastest growing college at the Franklin University is ‘The College of Health and Public Administration’. In the year 2011, it launched a new ‘Criminal Justice Administration’ and ‘RN to BSN’ undergraduate programs. Most recently, the University purchased ‘Urbana University’ based in Urbana, Ohio. The main campus of the University is situated in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It also has several campuses located in different cities of Dublin, Beavercreek, Delaware, Westerville and Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to this, it also offers several programs at two International locations through signing agreements with the affiliated Universities. The University is regionally accredited by the ‘Higher Learning Commission’. It is one of the members of ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’. The University has gained authorization by the ‘Ohio Board of Regents’. Its undergraduate and MBA programs are accredited by the ‘International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)’.

The University offers various degrees at ‘Associate’, ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Masters’ levels. In addition to this, it also includes joint BS/MS programs. Most of the programs in the University can be completed by online. The University has a unique ‘Coaching program’. The program allows both undergraduate and graduate students to be mentored toward reaching at ‘academic’, ‘professional’ and ‘personal goals’. The students are guided by the successful professionals who were appointed as Coaches by the University. Considering its high quality education, the University has been listed as one of the America’s ‘Top Military Friendly Colleges and Universities’ by the Military Advanced Education Magazine.

The admission process of the University is very competitive. Each year, the large number of students visits this University in a search of an academic excellence. There are some criteria that must be considered while applying in the University. The University charges an affordable tuition fees to all the students. For the undergraduate students, the University charges an initial processing fee of $25, standard tuition per credit hour of $464, tuition per credit hour of $511 for the courses in ‘Computer Science’, ‘Graphics’, ‘Information Security’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Management Information Sciences’ and ‘Web Development Courses’. Likewise, it charges tuition per credit hour for active servicemembers of $250, Franklin University proficiency examination per credit hour attempted of $40, College level examination program of $100 which includes CLEP examination fee of $80 and administration fee of $20. The students are also charged with DSST of $100, prior learning portfolio evaluation per credit hour of  $50, placement test retake of $5, deferred tuition application fee of $50, late payment fee for deferred tuition reimbursement plan of $100, graduation application fee of $65 and returned check processing fee of $25. Likewise, the graduate students are charged with an application fee of $30, standard tuition per credit hour of $625, tuition per credit hour for M.S. in Computer Science of $685, tuition per credit hour for M.S. in Instructional Design & Performance Technology of $625, graduation application fee of $85 and returned check processing fee of $25.

The students enrolled in this University are benefited with various types of scholarships and financial aid services. The students must fulfill some criteria to be eligible for financial aid. They must be U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen. The students must have valid social security number and they must have enrolled or accepted for the enrollment as a regular student in an ‘eligible degree’ or ‘certificate program’. The University provides merit based and need based scholarship. In addition to this, it also provides 1902 leadership circle scholarship, nationwide insurance corporate connections scholarship, alumni military scholarship and COHPA partnership scholarship. With all its high quality features and best academic programs, it surely stands as one of the best Universities of United States.