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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

East Los Angeles College, widely known as ‘ELAC’ is one of the best community colleges of the United States. It is located in Los Angeles Community College District in Los Angeles suburb of ‘Monterey Park’. ELAC has enrollment of total 34, 697 students. In fact, this college is largest campus based in Los Angeles Community College District. The college is two-year College which offers ‘Associate degree’ programs in more than 25 fields. It also offers Occupational programs and academic transfer courses which helps to prepare students for the admission to ‘University of California’ and ‘California State University’ systems.

ELAC was established in the year 1945. The current working president of this college is ‘Marvin Martinez’. It has mission of providing quality education to help students to achieve their educational goals and to expand their individual potentiality. To fulfill the college mission, this college has developed four important goals. The first of the college is to increase student’s academic excellence and success through student centered instruction, student centered support services and through dynamic technologies. The second goal is to increase equity in the successful outcomes by analyzing the gaps in student achievement and using that gap in identifying and implementing effective models and programs to fill those gaps. Likewise the third goal of this college is to sustain community centered access by participating and preparing the students that would ultimately help the college’s presence in Community. The last and important goal it has set is to ensure the institutional effectiveness and accountability through the data-driven decision making and evaluating and improving college programs and Governance structures. This college is accredited by ‘Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)’ and ‘Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)’.

There is long list of cabinet members of this college. The current president of the college is Marvin Martinez. The vice president of ‘Workforce Education and Economic Development’ is Laura M. Ramirez. Dr. Richard Moyer is holding the responsibility as Vice President of ‘Academic Affairs’. Likewise, the Vice President of ‘Student Services/ Special Programs’ is Oscar Valeriano and the Interim Vice President of ‘Administrative Services’ is Erlinda De Ocampo. The college is offering various programs to the students. Among the various programs, one of the popular program of this college is ‘CalWORKs’ (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids’. It is a program made in a motive of providing training and support services to all the students who are receiving ‘Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)’. The students are benefited with various services with these programs. They are getting the services like ‘Information’, ‘Vocational Training’, ‘Liaison with Department of Public Social Services (DPSS)’, ‘Childcare Care Assistance & Referrals’, ‘Work Study Assignments’, ‘Job Development services which include employment skills, Interview skills, resumes and Job opportunities’ and ‘Learning Assistance and Tutorial Coursework’.

ELAC is also famous for its Career Technical Education program which helped students to provide ‘Industry’ linked programs and services. The students can reach to their goals by achieving self-sufficiency and competing in global marketplace. The program proves helpful for all the students who want to engage in high quality and relevant educational programs. It is providing various certificates, skills certificates, degrees and disciplines. There are various departments functioning in this college. Some of the department names are: ‘Administration of Justice: Admin of Justice’, ‘Administration of Justice: Fire Technology’, ‘Anthropology, Geology, Geography: Anthropology’, ‘Anthropology, Geology, Geography: Earth Science’, ‘Anthropology, Geology, Geography: Environmental Science’, ‘Anthropology, Geology, Geography: Geography’, ‘Angthropology, Geology, Geography: International Business’, Anthropology, Geology, Geography: Oceanography’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Arts: Animation’, ‘Arts: Art’, ‘Automobile Technology’, ‘Business Administration: Accounting, Business, CSIT, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, Real Estate and Supervision’, ‘music’, ‘psychology’, ‘physics, ‘mathematics’, social science and many more.

This college is also providing community services to the department people. Through these services, they can get knowledge about new skills, develop hobbies and meet new friends. They can also take participation in the recreational and special interest classes. There are several programs like ‘Arts and Crafts’, ‘music’, ‘Dance’, ‘Fitness’, ‘Sports’, ‘Educational and Career Development’. The classes are offered to all the age group people. The service classes are short-tem, not-for-credit and fee based. Besides these services, it also offers various credit or non-credit transfer workshops to meet the needs of ‘Business and Industry’. In fact, the program is dedicated to provide students with highest quality of ‘Customized workforce education’ and ‘Credit Courses’. In addition to its quality education, it is also providing superior adult education and various community service programs for the specific populations. Likewise, the college also has ‘Noncredit Department’ which has a mission of providing greater proficiency in English Language and ‘Basic Skills’.

The large number of students visits this college each year to get admission in this college. The students have to fulfill some criteria to get admitted in the college. After the fulfillment of all criteria and requirements, the students are considered to be eligible to gain knowledge through this college. The college offers various types of scholarships to the students. They can get the benefit of the scholarships like ‘Fall Award Scholarships’, ‘Spring Award Scholarships’, ‘Osher Scholarship’, ‘ELAC Spring Award Scholarship’, ‘Blanca Flanagan Rios Scholarship Award’, ‘CARLOS ALMARAZ MEMORIAL Scholarship Award’, ‘EDISON STEM Scholarship Award’, ‘Helen Miller Bailey Memorial Scholarship Award’, ‘Rosalie Hilger Achievement Scholarship Award’ and ‘Whittier Narrows Nature Center Associates or Grace Holtz Memorial Scholarship Award’.

ELAC has produced many renowned personalities like ‘Antonio Villaraigosa’, ‘Leroy D. Baca’, ‘Gloria Molina’, ‘Kent Twitchell’, ‘Clarence Davis’ and many more. With all its quality features, this college surely stands as one of the best colleges of United States.