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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Drexel University is one of the private research university in the state of California. The university has got three of its campuses which is situated in Philadelphia while one of the campus is located in Sacramento which is in the state of California. The University was founded in the year of 1891 by Anthony J. Drexel who was a philanthropist and also a financier. The private university has got the motto as Scientiae, Industria, Arte which means Science, Industry and Art in English. The current working president of the University is John Anderson Fry while the provost is Dr. Mark Greenberg. The Drexel University has got working academic staffs of 2,396 while the administration staffs are about 1400 and above. The University has got about 25,500 students enrolled. Drexel University has got the offering of more than 70 undergraduate programs which are provided full time and also has got accelerated degrees. The university also has got course offerings of more than 100 masters, graduate levels and also professional programs. The programs have been included for the full time and also for the part time. The course and the learning are provided on the online basis too.

The Drexel University has got associations with several colleges and schools too. Some of the educational institutions are:

  • Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design
  • Bennett S. LeBow College of Business
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Computing and Informatics
  • College of Nursing and Health Professional Studies
  • Goodwin College of Professional Studies
  • Pennoni Honors College

The most prolific colleges which are associated with the Drexel University are the College of Computing and Informatics and also the College of Arts and Sciences. Another best known college of the Drexel University is the Drexel University College of the Engineering. The college also has got the work offerings which is in the Goodwin College of Professional Studies which helps for the graduation and also for the students of the high schools and also the colleges.


The Drexel University also has got several researchers and also scholars which is also available as the community. Some of the fields which are available for the Research Centers and the Institutes in the Drexel University are:


  • Arts and Sciences
    • Center for Interdisciplinary Programs
    • Center for Public Policy
    • Mobilities and Research Policy
  • Education
    • The Center for Labor Markets and Policy
    • The Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence
    • The Math Forum
  • Information Science
    • Data Mining & Bioinformatics Lab
    • Geographic Information Systems & Spatial Analysis Lab
    • Institute for Healthcare Informatics
  • Media Arts & Design
    • Kal and Lucille Rudman Institute for Entertainment Industry Studies
    • The RePlay Lab
  • Business and Leadership
    • Laurence A. Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship
    • Center for Corporate Governance
    • Sovereign Institute for Strategic Leadership
    • Center for Corporate Reputation Management
  • Engineering
    • A.J. Drexel Plasma Institute
    • A.J. Drexel Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) Institute
    • A. J. Drexel Institute of Basic and Applied Protein Science
    • A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute (DNI)
    • Ben Franklin Technology Partners' Nanotechnology Institute
    • Center for Electric Power Engineering
    • Center for Telecommunications and Information Networking
    • Centralized Research Facilities (CRF)
  • Public Health
    • Autism Public Health Research Institute
    • Center for Health Equality (CHE)
    • Center for Public Health Readiness and Communication (CPHRC)
    • Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice
    • National Resource Center on Advancing Emergency Preparedness
    • Center for Public Health Practice

Drexel University commenced its first Internet-based education curriculum, a master’s degree in Library & Information Science, in the year of 1996. In 2001, Drexel formed its completely owned, for-profit online education supplementary which was known as Drexel e-Learning, Inc., better known as Drexel University Online. It was proclaimed in October 2013 that Drexel University Online would no longer be a for-profit business enterprise, but rather become a domestic division within the University to better serve its online student residents. Drexel Online maintains the same level of official approval by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; other colleges qualified by this body include Cornell, Penn, and NYU. Although headquartered in Philadelphia, Drexel announced a new Washington, D.C. setting in December 2012 to serve as both an educational and outreach center, catering towards the online student population.

In an effort to create greater awareness of distance education and to be acquainted with exceptional leaders and best practices in the field, Drexel University Online founded National Distance Learning Week, in combination with the United States Distance Learning Association, in 2007. In September 2010, Drexel University Online established the Sloan-C award for institution-wide excellence in online education representing that it had extraordinary programs of "demonstrably high quality" at the regional and national levels and across disciplines. Drexel University Online won the 2008 United States Distance Learning Association's Best Practices Awards for Distance Learning Programming. In 2007, the online education subsidiary had income of $40 million. In March 2013, Drexel Online had more than 7,000 exclusive students from all 50 states and more than 20 countries following a bachelor's, master's, or certificate. As of December 2013, Drexel University Online presents more than 100 fully recognized master's degrees, bachelor's degrees and certificate programs. Due to all of the prevailing features, the university was placed in the spot of 190th in the whole world while it got the 76th spot in the North America. The survey of the ranking had been done in the year of 2010. The Drexel University also has got its own publications. The newspaper which is titled as The Triangle has been the official newspaper of the Drexel University since the year of 1926.