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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Citrus College is one of the community colleges which is situated in the suburb area of Los Angeles which is exactly in the Glendora of the California state. The communities included in the college are from the Charter Oak, Azusa, Claremont, Monrovia, Duarte and also from Glendora. The support is granted to the Citrus Community College District. The Citrus College is also one of the oldest public community college which is located in the Los Angeles County of the California state. The Citrus college was established in the year of 1915. The college was founded by Floyd S. Hayden who was an educator. Till the year of 1961, the Citrus college had been associated with the Citrus Union High School District and was also responsible for the administration operations. The reports in the year of 2006 shows that the Citrus College has got more than 12000 students enrolled. The current working president of the Citrus College is Geraldine M. Perri. The Public Policy Institute of California has showed that the Citrus College has got about 632 students who got transferred to the universities which was in the academic year of 2005 to the year 2006. The Citrus College was ranked on the seventh spot in the area of the Glendora. The college also has got its own performances hall which is known as the Haugh Performing Arts Center (HPAC). The Haugh Performing Arts Center is a proscenium venue which has got over 1440 seat in the 100 acre land of the college. The Citrus College organizes most of the performances in the HPAC and the HPAC also hosts over 140 performances every year. The distance from the seat is only about 90 feet which is equivalent to 27 meter from the performing stage.

Talking about the features of the college, Citrus College is one of the attractive college in the state of California. Citrus College also has got its own herbarium. Citrus College also has got a fountain which is displayed on the front of the College. The movie which was in the year of 2010 titled, MILF was also filmed on the premises of the Citrus College. The scene was for the opening of the title sequence. The scene for the movie was filmed near the fountain and the Hayden library of the Citrus College. The Citrus College has got the official approval from the Western Association of Schools of Colleges which is also known as WASC. The Citrus College also reflects the associative relationship and the membership with AACC which is also known as American Association of Community Colleges and also Community College League of California which is known as CCLC. Citrus College is home to the highly praised Citrus Singers program. This program, started by Ben Bollinger back in the 60's, has provided groundwork for students to learn music and carry out. Many of its former students have gone on to be entertainers on Broadway and Television. This group is now under the course of Doug Austin who also is the instructor.

The Citrus College has got various subject preferences for the students and also accordance to their choice of the courses. The list below depicts the Academic Division, Subjects and also the departments of the Citrus College:

Curriculum, Career/Technical, Continuing Education · James Lancaster, dean

Cosmetology · COS 

Computer Information Systems 
Computer Information Systems · CIS 

Office Technology 
Office Technology and Computer Applications · OFF 

Public Services 
Energy Systems Technology · EST 
Public Works · PUB 
Water Technology · WATR

Technology and Engineering 
Architecture · ARCH 
Computer Science · CS 
Drafting Technology · DRAF 
Information Technology · IT 

Automotive Technology · AUTO 
Medium and Heavy Truck Technology · MTRK 

Continuing Education 
Community Education and Non-Credit


Counseling · Dr. Lucinda Over, dean

Counseling · COUN 
Disabled Student Programs · DSPS



Fine and Performing Arts · Robert Slack, dean

Fine Arts 
Art · ART 
Photography · PHTO

Performing Arts 
Dance · DANC 
Music · MUS 
Recording Technology · REC 
Theatre Arts · THEA


Kinesiology, Health and Athletics · Jody Wise, dean

Kinesiology (Physical Education) 
Kinesiology · KIN



Language Arts · Dr. Samuel Lee, dean

Foreign Languages 
Chinese · CHIN 
French · FREN
German · GER 
Japanese · JPN 
Spanish · SPAN

Language Arts 
Communications · COMM 
English · ENGL 
English as a Second Language · ESL 
Speech · SPCH


Mathematics, Business and Health Sciences · James McClain, dean

Business and Mathematics 
Accounting · ACCT 
Business · BUS 
Engineering · ENGR 
Mathematics · MATH 
Real Estate · REAL

Health Sciences 
Certified Nurse Assistant · CNA 
Dental Assisting · DENT 
Emergency Management · EMER 
Emergency Medical Technician · HEAL 
Health Sciences · HEAL 
Nursing, Registered (ADN) · RNRS 
Nursing, Vocational · VNRS


Natural and Physical Sciences and Library Services · Dr. Eric Rabitoy, dean

Biological Sciences 
Biology · BIOL 
Natural History · NAT 
Wildland Resources and Forestry · FOR

Physical Sciences 
Astronomy · ASTR 
Chemistry · CHEM 
Earth Science · ESCI 
Physics · PHYS


Social and Behavioral Sciences and Distance Education · Dr. Dana Hester, dean

Behavioral Sciences 
Administration of Justice · AJ 
Anthropology · ANTH 
Child Development · CHLD 
Ethnic Studies · ETHN 
Psychology · PSY 
Sociology · SOC 

Distance Education Program 
Distance Education  The distance education program is provided online through the website.

The Citrus College also provides the programs which are associated to the Arts degree along with the degree in the Science.

Behavioral Sciences 
Economics · ECON 
Geography-Cultural · GEOG 
History · HIST 
Humanities · HUM 
Leadership · LEAD 
Philosophy · PHIL 
Political Science · POLI