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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Berklee College of Music has been one of the largest self-governing music colleges in the world. It has been known for leading institute to study jazz and also the modern American music. The Berklee College is located in the Boston, Massachusetts in the United states. The college was established in the year of 1945 while the current working president of the college is Roger H. Brown. Berklee has the motto “Esse quam videri” which means “To be, rather than to appear to be” in English. The college has the course offer of different music styles including different genres like rock, reggae, salsa, flamenco, hip hop and bluegrass. From the year of 2012 it has also co-operated with a campus situated in Valencia, Spain. At the beginning Lawrence Berk founded Schillinger House which was then turned to Berklee School of Music. Berk was a MIT graduate, a composer, a pianist and also an arranger. At the establishment of the college it had first focused on the classical music and later in the year of 1970 the school became Berklee College of Music.

Students at Berklee are open to the elements to a range of instruments, musical styles, and career options, so they can walk around the potential and find their own career way. Toward that end, Berklee offers student musicians lessons of study in the direction of a fully attributed four-year baccalaureate degree or proficient diploma. Students may come together many of Berklee's 12 majors, depending on the character of the program. The dual major program have need of a five-year course of study and is offered to both degree and diploma candidates. Majors offered in Berklee are Composition, Contemporary Writing and Production, Electronic Production and Design, Film Scoring, Jazz Composition, Music Business/Management, Music Education which is only for the degree, Music Production and Engineering, Music Therapy which is for the degree, Performance, Professional Music as well as Songwriting. In descend of the year 2010, Berklee's Liberal Arts Department began new minor courses that Berklee students can follow to the side from their major courses. These minor courses include Acoustics and Electronics, Audio Design for Video Games, Conducting, Drama, English, History, Instrument Repair, Music and Society, Performance Studies in Latin Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Theory of Jazz and Popular Song, Video Game Scoring, Visual Culture and New Media Studies, and also Writing for TV and New Media. The students enrolled in Boston has also got the opportunity for studying abroad while the program is conductes in Valencia, Spain and also has got wide range of offerings from the music and its related technology too.

Berklee's admission process is very much lively. It has got the center of attention for the most part on the audition, the interview and also the applicant's preceding academic documentation. As part of the submission to the college, applicants are made compulsory to comprehend a live try-out and conference. A fundamental part of selecting the entering class is the try-out and interview understanding, premeditated to show applicants' potency while helping the school to evaluate applicants' talent and quality to succeed in Berklee's self-motivated environment. Even though there is a wide-ranging set-up for the audition and interview, each occurrence is only one of its kind. Berklee regard all applicants for both admission and education through the audition and interview procedure. Starting in 2014, the College will try-out some candidates online using high speed internet equipment. The intakes mainly falls during the spring and summer while the deadlines are on the first of November and the 15th of January for the fall semester. While for the spring semester the deadline is for the 1st of July as 1st December is for the summer semester.

Berklee in Valencia is the college’s first international campus, with a unique curriculum. With Valencia, the college offers a new way for musicians around the world to join the global music community—as performers, as practitioners, and as leaders.The new campus of Berklee is situated in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, an iconic construction designed for music and outfitted with state-of-the-art expertise, with an beyond compare faculty of stimulating educators and forward-looking industry professionals. Queen Sofía Palace of the Arts is the last construction built of a grand City of Arts and Sciences conception planned by the Valencia-born and globally known architect Santiago Calatrava, which embarked on in 1995 and it was opened on 8 October 2005. Students in Valencia also gain from a city where music is indispensable to its olden times and its people, and that offers revelation to a different cultures, audiences, and great musicians. Students are in straight link to some of the richest musical traditions in the world—including different continents like South America, the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa and Asia too.

The Berklee College also facilitates the students for the Master’s degree programs which mainly focuses on the following fields like Contemporary Performance; Music Technology Innovation; Global Entertainment and Music Business; and Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games. Berklee Boston undergraduates have the prospect to learn at the Valencia campus. The college is intended for students in music industry, presentation or music technology majors, the program proposes students admittance to services and a opportunity to practice the European music business. This center enlarges international prospects for Berklee students from a diversity of plans that take in internships for those applicants with the most aptitude and experience, and arranging occasions in the Valencia mark region of learning.