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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Australian Tutoring Organization, commonly known as ATA, is one of its kind tutoring organization as well as educational tutor providers who are currently active in Australia. Taking the aim of representing a tutoring institution of and across Australia, it has considered taking on the responsibility of raising the standard of tutoring all over Australia. Founded and launched officially on the 7th of March, 2005, ATA is the organization responsible for the recognition and unification of tutoring industries in and around Australia. ATA is one of the active associations of tutors and tutoring institutions which are praised as lobby groups and have the raise in their standards.

When said to be representing a tutoring industry, ATA is what comes in mind for the people of Australia. This is just one of the premier and foremost aims of the institute. It has its members, all the tutors, to share the vision of having to helf every student with their relating problems. They stand commited to help everyone in need which infact are the student of the organization. There is the code of conduct that every active tutor has to abide by when helping a student in problem. The same code is there for everyone to have a look at and read it for any related questions on the associations activities. The main objective of the code is to help as well as protect clients, in this case the students, to ensure that the servise that they are receiving is of the required standard and account. There is full accountability of the members to any fault in the service provided by them. All this strict conduct of code has lead to the very successful first year for the organization in their operation and all has gone to rapidly help in the growth of the institute. When there is hard work, there is also high celebration. And that is the fruitful act of the ATA that they had the celebrations of their first year’s end in high fashion, one which consists of bringing together and the lobbying for the members and after the celebrations are done and out of the door, another of the ethical standards are set that in the tutoring sector. The standards were set in the fashion of launching the first ever Newsletter all and within the Tuition all of which were ethical enough to not let any of the hurdles to play one negative part in the running of institution.

It was all known then that the one of a kind association was an instant hit and the further procedures had to get on their way. Then on the determining date of 5th of December, 2006, the Australian Tutoring Association had went onto held its second in number Annual General Meeting in the outskirts of Croydon, NSW. Why was it determining? Because the ATA’s first ever Committee was elected at the very date. Then came another of its determining dates and the magical year 2008 when the company took another of its steps towards new heights when it became Company Limited when the active members voted on the Guarantee and that was just what was needed for the ATA to become what it is today.

The person responsible for the standing of this institution is the CEO and public Officer of ATA, Mohan Dhall. He is the person responsible to run the main center of the ATA which is Extension Centre located on the city of Croydon, Sydney. He currently was the co-director of one Mohannah Education, an educational publishing company. His passion towards the tutoring field led him to launch both the Global Tutoring Association (GTA) and the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). Mohan is one the people who are gifted with the grace of multi-tasking in large scale. He is a teacher in the local high school, a trainer of teachers at universities and not to miss the CEO of ATA. He is also an aspiring writer of books relating to Legal Studies, Economics and Business Studies. After him, there are the board of directors of the ATA who are the integral part of ATA’s foundation and infact people on whose shoulders the future of the ATA rests on. The current CEO of Kip McGrath Education Centres Limited, Storm McGrath is one the vital members of the board who is responsible for the presentation of the strategic decisions and directions along with the integration of technology needed for the company and all the systems in and around the company. Then there is Nam Hong Nguyen, who is the Asian-region distribution partner active for the NSW Department of Education and one very reliable member of the ATA who has the experience of over 16 years in the vast education industry. He also takes on the job of accrediting the online English Language programs for the ATA. There are other of the vital member sopf the ATA like Allan Menagh and Chin Chan both based on the relief of the ATA’s Scholarship schemes and funds and are the most supportive of their students inconsiderate of the level of the students.

It seems that being one of the kind in the education industry has let the Australian Tutoring Association to just carry on with its aim and objectives irrelevant of the consequences and the success behind their service. It is job well done for the ATA as the representation of the tutoring organizations and educational tutors all over Australia and across has led to the raise in the standards of the tutoring in  Australia.