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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Wright State University stands as a public educational institution currently functioning under the effective presidency of David r. Hopkins, P.E.D. The university’s existence was sketched in the year 1967 and currently shelters 17,789 students. Located in Dayton (Fairborn), Ohio, U.S.A. the prestigious Wright State University is nicknamed as WHU. Holding the total endowment of around $76.97 million, the university holds 13,143 undergraduates in its main campus and 1,104 undergraduates in lake campus. Total 3,361 postgraduates are sheltered by the prestigious Wright State University. The university holds a branch campus on Grand Lake St. Marys with a Celina, Ohio, mailing address. In the year 2012 the university sheltered around 18,000 students.

Various schools and colleges functions under the effective management of Wright State University. The university holds eight colleges and three schools under its administration.

Colleges and Schools:


·         Education and Human Services

·         Engineering and Computer Science

·         Liberal Arts

·         Nursing and Health

·         Raj Soin College of Business

·         Science and Mathematic

·         University College

·         Lake Campus


·         Boonshoft School of Medicine

·         Graduate School

·         Professional Psychology

Wright State University was established in the year 1964 as the Dayton branch educational firm of Miami University and Ohio State University. During the very first days of its establishment the campus comprised one building named Allyn Hall and later the land for its exploration was granted by the United States Air Force. The act of Ohio General Assembly passed a bill that the Dayton Campus would stand as a four-year institution after the student’s number exceeds 5,000 in 1965.

Wright State University was named for the honor of Wright brothers who are the founder of the first aircrafts. Wright brothers were residents of Dayton. On October 1, 1967, the enrollment reached 5,000; a bill was passed to form a new university, which further lead to the establishment of Wright State University.

The prestigious Wright State University holds an accreditation of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools at the doctoral degree-serving level.

Student and Greek life in Wright State University:

IFC Fraternities

1.   Delta Tau Delta

2.   Phi Kappa Tau

3.   Phi Sigma Phi

4.   Sigma Phi Delta

5.   Sigma Phi Epsilon

Local Fraternities

1.   Beta Phi Omega

NPC Sororities

1.   Alpha Xi Delta

2.   Delta Zeta

3.   Kappa Delta

4.   Theta Phi Alpha

5.   Zeta Tau Alpha

6.   Phi Sigma Rho

Large numbers of students have been the part of the prestigious Wright State University and many of them has been able to sketch a considerable place in various fields.

Notable alumni:

·         Fakhar Abbas - wildlife biologist and conservationist

·         Javed Abidi - disability rights activist

·         David Albright - founder of Institute for Science and International Security

·         Brian Anderson - professional baseball player, assistant coach

·         J. Todd Anderson - film storyboard artist

·         Jim Baldridge - local news anchor

·         Siva S. Banda - aerospace engineer

·         Michael R. Barratt - astronaut

·         Joyce Beatty - member of the Ohio House of Representatives

·         Andrea Bendewald - actress

·         David S. Brown - historian and professor at Elizabethtown College

·         Iman Crosson - actor, Obama impersonator, Internet personality

·         Jennifer Crusie - romance novelist

·         Larry David - minister

·         Kevin DeWine - former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and former member of the Ohio House of Representatives

·         Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - author

·         Christopher Easton - artist

·         Bill Edwards - professional basketball player

·         John B. Ellington, Jr. - Air National Guard general

·         Dan Foley - politician

Notable faculty of Wright State University:

·         Siva S. Banda - aerospace engineer

·         Kenneth N. Beers - NASA physician

·         Nikolaos Bourbakis - computer scientist

·         Roger Brucker - cave explorer

·         William V. Chambers - psychologist

·         John Feldmeier - lawyer and political scientist

·         Andrew Ladis - art historian

·         Paul Leonard - former Ohio Lt. Gov, and Mayor of Dayton

·         Mary Ellen Mazey - President of Bowling Green State University

·         Alireza Marandi - physician

·         Robert Oelman - NCR President and founder of Wright State

·         Jonathan Reed Winkler - historian

·         Charles H. Roadman II - Air Force Surgeon General


The college has prepared a wide range of variation in its programs and curriculum. The programs of the Wright State University touch every possible field. Curriculum focuses the taste of the students and the society which shelters them. Wright State University believes that the quality education should be made available to everyone who wills to have it despite the variation in social, cultural, religious, geographical, ethnical and racial backgrounds.

Wright State University serves 91 baccalaureate degrees in various colleges which include:

 Raj Soin College of Business, the College of Education and Human Services, the College, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Nursing and Health, and the College of Science and Mathematics.

Wright State University serves 88 graduate, doctoral and professional curriculums via following educational institutions under its management:

Wright State University Graduate School, the Boonshoft School of Medicine, and the School of Professional Psychology. The Lake Campus serves a few numbers of graduate programs.


 The prestigious and historical Wright State University has sketches an irreplaceable place among the thousands of educational institutions existing all around the world. Emphasizing on quality education, the university believes that the better future is possible through better education and has been serving qualitative and effective education to its students through educated, qualified and experienced teachers. Through the dedication and effort of long years the Wright State University has defined excellence. This prestigious educational institution has not only attracted students of the United States but also from various part of the world. The historical Wright State University has been walking the path of success expanding its horizon of working.