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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public research University which is located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. The University was established in the year 1848 when Wisconsin achieved statehood. It is the flagship campus of the ‘University of Wisconsin System’. In fact, it was first established public University in ‘Wisconsin’. It still remains and considered as the largest public University of United State. In the year 1866, the University became a ‘Land-grant institution’. The main campus of the University occupies 933 acre land which also include four ‘National Historic Landmarks’. The University is currently operating its administrative function through its 20 schools and colleges. The total number of undergraduate students of the University is 29,504 whereas the total number of graduate students is 9,430. According to the data of 2012-2013, there are total 2,526 professional students, 6,494 bachelor’s students, 3,560 graduate and professional degree students. The University currently have more than 21, 727 faculty and staff members.

University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently offering 132 undergraduate majors along with 149 master degree programs and 120 doctoral degree programs. It is providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in ‘Agricultural and life sciences’, ‘business’, ‘education’, ‘engineering’, ‘human ecology’, ‘journalism and mass communication’, ‘letters and science’, ‘music’, ‘nursing’, ‘pharmacy’ and ‘social welfare’. In addition to this, it is also providing environmental studies, law, information studies, medicine, public heath, public affairs and veterinary medicine through its graduate and professional schools. It’s four year undergraduate instructional programs is classified by ‘Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’. The University is located partially on an ‘Isthmus’ between ‘Lake Mendota’ and ‘Lake Monona’. The main campus of the University occupies 933 acres land which includes research stations located throughout the state. In fact, UW Madison has its own ‘Police force’, ‘food Service’, ‘hospital’, ‘recreation facilities’, ‘botanical gardens’, ‘public artworks’, ‘power facilities’ and ‘on-campus diary plant’.

The UW-Madison has several halls: Bascom Hall, Music Hall, George L. Mosse Humanities Building, Van Hise Hall, Grainger Hall, The Wisconsin Union and Dejope Hall. The University is also known for its library. In fact, it has the 12th largest ‘research library collection’ in North America. It includes more than 8.3 million volumes of collections which represents the human inquiry through all of the history. In addition to its large library collection, it also has over 101, 000 serial titles, 6.4 microform items and more than 8.2 million items in other formats like government documents, musical scores, maps and audiovisual materials. The library of the University is the largest library in all over the United State with more than 3.5 million volumes. ‘Steenbock Memorial Library’ is serving as the primary library for the ‘College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’, ‘School of Human Ecology’, ‘School of Veterinary Medicine’, ‘UW-Extension and Cooperative Extension’ and ‘Zoology and Botany Departments’. The library has sufficient materials that are required for the students. Likewise, ‘The Kurt F. Wendt Library’ serves as the primary library for the ‘College of Engineering’, ‘Departments of Computer Sciences’, ‘Statistics’ and ‘Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences’. The University provides various books, journals and standards. ‘Ebling Library’ is serving primary library for the ‘Health Sciences’. It was opened in the year 2004.

The admission process of the University is very competitive as it serves as it is considered as a ‘World-class University’. The students who are in a search of an academic excellence can apply in the University. They can apply for the Undergraduate programs, graduate programs and professional programs. The large number of students frequently visits this University to get admission in this University. The students are benefited from its affordable fees. It doesn’t discriminate any of the students in term of races, religion, classes, nationality, and other factors.

The students enrolled in the University can get the enjoyment from participating in the various sports like football, basketball, Ice hockey and many more. There are separate sports available for the both men and women. The sports team of the University frequently took part in the NCAA’s ‘Division I-A’. The University organizes various sports programs each year. The women’s hockey team competes in the ‘Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA)’.

Each year, more than 750 student organization or clubs register with the “Center for Leadership and Involvement (CFLI)’ at University of Wisconsin-Madison. The University is the only University in the United States which offers two daily student newspapers. Likewise, it has own radio station ‘WSUM 91.7 FM’ The Snake on the Lake. Considering its high quality education and various beneficial features, the University was ranked at 37th place in the world according to QS World University Rankings in 2014. It was also ranked at 24th place among the world best Universities. Likewise, ‘The Times Higher Education Supplement’ ranked the University in 27th place in all over the world.

Through its high quality academic programs, it has been the central part of attraction to all of the students of United States and other countries. It has quite and friendly environment which is essential for all the students. The teacher and faculty member of the University is also very supportive. It provides various career services and financial aid services. According to the data of 2008, the University had produced total 387, 912 living alumni all around the world. The Universities alumni, faculty or former faculty members have gain 19 Nobel prizes and 34 Pulitzer prizes. Without any doubt, University of Wisconsin-Madison is considered as best among best University not only in United States but in all over the world.