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Western Carolina University

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Western Carolina University (WCU) is one of the best universities of the United States. In a motive of providing quality education to all the students, it was established in the year 1989. It is a coeducational public university which is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, U.S. WCU is established under University of North Carolina (UNC) system. Initially, it focuses on educating the people of Western North Carolina mountains. Later it expanded its mission to serve the whole nation with quality education and preparing students to cope with the changing environment. It has also expanded its size creating a major cultural, scientific and educational force in the whole state and region. In the recent time, it is providing education to more than 10,000 students from 48 states of the nation and from other 35 countries.

To get enrolled with WCU, students have to visit the campus which is located in Jackson Country, Cullowhee, North Carolina. It’s main campus is situated in a valley of the Tuckasegee River between the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. It has nice environments for all the students to grow their learning capacity. WCU can get the benefits and enjoyments in all the four seasons due to its extreme temperatures surrounded by high peak mountains.

In its initial phase, it was established in terms of providing better school education to the whole community. The residence of Cullowhee required a better school education as they lack proper education system. With viewing the increasing demand of proper school education, there was formed a community school named ‘Cullowhee Academy’. It became semi-public secondary school in August 1989. In 1891, it raise to its next stage with becoming Cullowhee High School. WCU was founded by Robert Lee Madison who has motive of providing quality education to all young people in the region. He also focused on giving education by the trained teachers. In 1893, the representative from Jackson Country ‘Walter E. Moore’ following Madison’s footsteps gave an authorization to establish a normal department at the school. The main objective behind its establishment was to give training to the teachers of the school. WCU turned into a state institution which was named Cullowhee State Normal School in 1905. During that time, its main focus was to give training teachers for the North Carolina Public Schools. Within the mid period of 1920s, it produced more than two thousand trained teachers in the school. The school began to evolve in all sectors and department and as a result, in the year 1929 it became a four-year institution which was given a name of ‘Western Carolina Teachers College’. The person who took the initial step ‘Madison’ became the model for all other regional colleges in the state. Considering its growing demand for liberal arts and other educational programs, it expanded its offerings into Postgraduate studies and the Master of Arts in Education degree in 1951. It changed its name as ‘Western Carolina College’ in 1953. The institution became a regional university in 1967 with the authorization by the North Carolina General Assembly which gave the name ‘Western Carolina University’ (WCU). Soon after five years, it started to operate its educational system under University of North Carolina.

The current chancellor of the campus is David O. Belcher who is leading the university. With him, the chief administrative officer and several advisory groups also helping him to led the institution. The institution operates its all policies and provides guidance under the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University. The president of the University of North Carolina System, Thomas W. Ross also helping the institution to operates its administrative function in proper way.

WCU’s academic structure is made up with five undergraduate colleges with having undergraduate school, the Kimmel School, the Honors College and Graduate School. It has several interdisciplinary educational programs which operates under:

  1. College of Health and Human Sciences
  2. College of Arts and Sciences
  3. College of Fine and Performing Arts
  4. College of Business
  5. College of Education and Allied Professions
  6. The Kimmel School of Construction Management and Technology
  7. The Honors College
  8. The Graduate School

The main campus is located in Cullowhee which offers the most of the amenities including thirteen residence halls, full-service cafeteria, health services, counseling, library, bookstore, two indoor swimming pools, movie theatre and other facilities. It has separate residence buildings for the graduate students and married students. The university has several organizations under which it operates its administration function. It has WCU student Media and University Media which provides required information to all the students. In addition to its various beneficial services and educational information, it also participates in NCAA Division athletics. The students of the university have freedom to participate in the various athletics like football, basketball, baseball, women’s soccer, softball, golf, cross country running and tennis. WCU has formed the largest college marching band named ‘The Pride of the Mountains’. It has all together 380 members in the band which makes it the largest marching bands in the Unites States of America. The students of the University are free to join the band. This band was the number one college in the Unites States which frequently appears as special guest on the various main events. It was selected as one of the five best college marching bands in the United States by the College band Directors National Association. The band received an award of Sudler Trophy by the John Philip Sousa Foundation.

The University has qualified and trained instructors like Terrance Man who is well-known actor, director, singer, songwriter and dancer. Likewise, it also includes the name of Pen Faulkner award winning author of Serena, Ron Rash. The recipient of honors from American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Nancy Helm-Estabrook and first American Indian to Lead Western Writers of America, Robert J. Conley.

The students who join WCU will surely get success in their career. With having all benefits that requires for students, WCU has proved as the best university not only in United States of America but also in the whole world.