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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The University of Northwestern Ohio has been one of the private universities which is situated in the Lima of the Ohio state. The University has been founded in the year of 1920 with the motive for a non profit institution. The University has got Dr. Jeffrey A. Jarvis as the current working president of the institution. There are about total of 149 working staffs while there is 244 administration staff. The college has got the association of the five colleges which are, College of Applied Technologies, College of Health Professions, College of Occupational Professions, College of Business and finally the Graduate College. The University recently has got 4500 students enrolled in different courses and major subjects.  The University of Northwestern Ohio is one of the institution which is a co-educational and has got the authorization from the Ohio Board of Regents and also from the Higher Learning Commission/ North Central Association for the offerings of the grant master’s degree, associate degrees and also from the baccalaureate degrees. The University of Northwestern Ohio has got the offerings of more than 60 programs which is in the courses like Business Medical, Legal, Travel, HVAC, IT, High Performance Motorsports, Agricultural, Alternate Fuels, Diesel, Automotive, Marketing and many other courses. When the University was established during the year of 1920, it was named as Northwestern School of Commerce which was situated in the North Elizabeth Street. The name prevailed till the year of 1970, and then in the year of 1972, the college got its name as Cable Road Campus. Then from the year of 1970 to the year of 1973 the university had the name as Northwestern Business College. Then later in the year of 1974 to the year of 1990 the college was renamed and upgraded as Northwestern Business College-Technical Center. Then from the year of 1990 to the year of 2000 the college was known as Northwestern College. Then on the 1st of August, the university got its final name as University of Northwestern Ohio.

Talking about the associated colleges of the Northwestern University of Ohio, the academics of the colleges are as follows,

The College of Business of the University of Northwestern Ohio offers Baccalaureate Degrees and Associate Degrees. Some programs have major course succession beginning fall section.

The College of Occupational Professions of the University of Northwestern Ohio offers Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificate programs. Majors courses include: Agribusiness, Information Technology, Legal, Office Management, Specialized Studies, Sports Marketing and Management, Travel, and Word Processing. Some programs have major course sequences which starts in the fall quarter.

The College of Health Professions of the University of Northwestern Ohio offers Baccalaureate Degrees, Associate Degrees, and Diplomas. Majors include: Health Care Administration, Medical Assistant Technology, and Medical Office Management. Some programs have major course sequences beginning summer and/or fall quarter.

The College of Applied Technologies offers Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificate programs. These programs take from 36 weeks to 2 years for the completion. Classes are held on the Monday through Thursday in the time schedule of morning, afternoon, evening, and early morning. Majors courses of the university include: Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, High Performance Motorsports, Alternate Fuels Technology, Agricultural Equipment Technology, and HVAC/R Technology.The Graduate College of the University of Northwestern Ohio has got the offering of the Master of Business Administration program on the online basis or in a one night once in a week. Talking about the first for the University of the Northwestern Ohio are as follows:

·         1920 1st College in Lima

·         1973 1st Automotive Diesel Program in State of Ohio

·         1977 1st Medical Assisting Program in Lima

·         1984 1st Residential College/University in Lima

·         1976 1st Travel & Tourism Degree in Lima

·         1987 1st Paralegal Program in Area

·         1993 1st Virtual College and College without Walls in Lima

·         1995 1st Baccalaureate Degrees in Lima in Business Administration, Accounting and Health Care Administration

·         1995 1st Alternate Fuels Program in Ohio

·         1995 1st Agri Business Management Degree in Lima

·         2000 1st Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree in Lima

·         2001 1st Microsoft IT Academy in Lima

·         2002 1st Specialized Studies Degree in Area

Since the commence of the new student portal, mySirius, in June of the year 2006, the University of Northwestern Ohio information technology advancements maintain at a rapid speed. MyUNOH is the campus gateway to online student services. The improved customer examination for UNOH students has been a marvelous advantage. Students now can schedule and pay for classes through online, get their class timetable online, receive pecuniary aid award letters online, and order books for classes online through Barnes & Noble at UNOH. UNOH online degrees allow the enrolled students to earn their degree from anywhere in the world. In 2011, UNOH also initiated its 100% online MBA program, providing graduate students the selection to earn their MBA without having the presence in the campus

The university has also added Atomic Learning, Presidium, ProQuest, SMARTTHINKING, and OhioLINK to its online services. Atomic Learning offers online lessons for common applications for Microsoft Office products, Digital Imaging like Photoshop, and basic HTML tutorials. Presidium is a 24 x 7 technical support service which is provided to support students who need help with online campus services. ProQuest is an online investigate library allowing students to seek out through a vast selection of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as text from books. This influential research tool is a great foundation for assembling information students need to finish projects and papers. SMARTTHINKING provides live, person-to-person, tutoring over the Internet for help with path work at any time of day or night time. UNOH has also freshly joined OhioLINK, a association of libraries, which will give its students access to over 46 million possessions across the state of Ohio.