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University of Richmond

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Out of thousands private universities, University of Richmond is considered as America’s one of the best colleges in the United States of America. The University is located on the sub line of the city of Richmond and also in Henrico County, Virginia. The University which is also known by UR of U of R was founded in the year 1830 by the Virginia Baptists. During the time of its establishment, it was considered as the institution for the men who wanted to become ministers. Later during the American Civil War, most of the students enrolled in the university went to join the troops while the Richmond’s College building had been used as barracks and also hospitals. After the war, the college was left bankrupt as all the investments had been made for the war bonds and in the year of 1866 the college was reopened as James Thomas donated for the college. In the present stage, Richmond University is one of the residential universities for the undergraduate students which are about 4,350 while it also co-operates the graduate students from five of the schools which are, the School of Arts and Science. The E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, the University Of Richmond School Of Law and finally the School of Professional & Continuing Studies. The Richmond University has its motto” Verbum Vitae et Lumen Scientiae” which is in Latin while it means “Word of life and light of knowledge” in English.

Talking about the schools of Richmond College, first all the undergraduate students get along with the studies by beginning their course in the School of Arts & Science. The school provides the undergraduate 38 major courses along with 10 concentrations in the subject courses like arts, sciences, humanities and also in social sciences. The course is studied for one year and after that the students can continue their studies in the Arts & Science or they can carry on other major subjects from other schools for the undergraduates.

The academic courses for the undergraduates must have some requirements which includes the completion of freshman seminar for the students in the first year while other common conditions include foreign language, well writing and also one class from the six fields of the courses offered. Apart from that Richmond University propose more than 100 major courses while it gives offerings for the undergraduates in the five schools associated with the University. The current working president of the University is Edward L. Ayers. He was given the position in the year 2007 while on the month of February in 2014 he announced to the members of the board that he would be resigning which would be effective from the date of June 30, 2015. Although he would be leaving the role as a president for the University, he would still be working as one of the member in the Richmond University. The Richmond University recently has got 4361 students enrolled in the College where the undergraduates are 3,400 and the postgraduates are 961. From the undergraduates 3109 students pursue their full time study while 291 students do the part time whereas the postgraduates has got 552 students full time and 409 as the part time students. The University has got 637 working Academic staffs and from them 396 do the full time work while the 241 academic staffs has got the part time work.

Talking about the admissions in the college, the University of Richmond enrolled 32 percent of students for the year of 2015 who had given their applications. The students for the year 2015 has got 788 members in the class while they have got average SAT rankings which is from 1930- 2140. Recently the college has got the enrolled students from 46 states from the U.S, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Washington D.C.  Apart from the U.S, it has also enrolled students from 74 different countries. Among the undergraduates 12 percent of them are from international countries, 18 percent from the state of Virginia, 23 percents are American. And among the undergraduates in the Richmond University, 87 percent of the undergraduates enrolled live on Campus. The University has also got 180 student organization where there are 28 sports club, 14 fraternities and sororities, 6 honorary socities, 16 religious groups. Apart from the groups and clubs, the University has also got its own student newspaper and also a radio station.

Apart from the Academic and its other activities, the University of Richmond also provides financial aid and scholarships. The grants from different institution and the scholarship are provided to 65 percent of the students while it provides full scholarship to the Virginian family whose income is less than $40,000. The committee has decided to increase the amount line to $60,000 from the fall of 2014. The University has got 350 acres of land and is also one of the best campuses in the Athletics. It won its first NCAA national championship in the year 2008 on 19th December while it also associates with the Atlantic 10 Conference. The students enrolled in the University are given the name as Spiders which is also used during the play in the fields.  The Richmond University was ranked as no. 1 in the year 2011 by the international business education in the Bloomberg Businessweek while it got the 25th position in the America’s Best Colleges 2014 which was issued by U.S. News and World Report. The Richmond University is well known as for the liberal arts university and got the 9th spot among the national arts colleges. University of Richmond mainly has the students from the state of Virginia while the undergraduates from the UR are only 15 percent. It mainly attracts the students from the mid regions of America and from the New England but also enrolls from the abroad.