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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Trident University International is a profit motivated university which gives the course offerings through online basis. The Trident University International is also known as TUI and was established in the year of 1998. The private university has got diversified subject offerings too. TUI has got the offerings for the Bachelors, Masters and also for the degrees in the Doctoral which associates several fields including the Informations Systems, Education, Business and also the Health Science. The current working president of the TUI is Andy Vaughn while he is the COO too. The college has currently got 8004 students enrolled while most of the learning are done through the online basis. TUI is also the former branch college of Touro College while in the late time it was taken in by the Summit Partners. In the beginning it was the branch college of Touro College and was established in the year of 1970 and after the Summit Partners purchased the college, it was named Trident University International. The university is currently located at Cypress, California in the United States. In July 2009, Kenneth J. Sobaski, previously of Capella University, was forenamed President as well as the CEO then in January 2011, TUI University announced most important amends in its emergence and deliverance, including a name adjust to Trident University International. Provisional president Nolan Miura made an announcement on December 12, 2011 the selection of Lucille Sansing as president and CEO. On November 10, 2013, Andy Vaughn was given the post of the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Going on with the academics of the Trident University, it has provided wide range of degree programs. It has given the choice for the undergraduates along with the programs of the graduate along with the level of doctoral degree. The offerings has been made focus for the main discipline from the Robust Learning Model (RLM). The courses for the bachelors degree has been divided in the five manners which has got the requirement of 120 and 124 credits. The fields are Health Science, IT Management, Business Administration, Computer Science along with the course offering of Human Resource Management. Apart from the Bachelors degree, TUI has also been engaged in the Master’s Degree for the different subjects which are offered to the students enrolled. It has also got the same manners as it also has got the requirement of 36 to 44 credits which is necessary for the completion of the degree. The subject offering has also been in the fields like Education, IT Management, Business Administration, Human Resources Management and also in the Health Sciences. Along with the Bachelors and the Masters degree, TUI also provides doctoral degrees which requires 52 and 56 core and in the fields of Educational Leadership, Business Administration and also in the Health Sciences.

Apart from that TUI also has the offerings to the military students as it provides Military Discount Program which is association from the Trident University. The program provided has the requirement where the service associates may earn up to 28 semester credits (7 courses) per economic year in the direction of a Bachelor degree at the University, at $250 per semester credit, when using complete Department of Defense training support. The Military Discount Program is accessible to military recruits under the following appropriate criterion and guiding principle:

  • standard military personnel
  • Drilling and vigorous duty reservists
  • Retired military human resources
  • Members of the nationwide Guard.

Under the Military Discount Program, free courses are offered for military students who straighten out their schooling by using the full quantity of the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance for the fiscal year (October - September) at Trident University. Military partners and military students not using Department of Defense Tuition help receive a tuition cut rate. Along with the major courses and other degrees, TUI has also got the provision for the degree in PhD.

Going on with the online degrees, it has got wide offerings for the Bachelors degree while it offers 6 degrees along with the 32 concentrations. The six manners of the courses offered by the Trident University are, Bachelors in Computer Science, Bachelor in Health Sciences, Bachelors in IT Management along with the Human Resource Management, Leadership and also a Bachelors in Business Administration. The requirement credits are from 120 to 124 credits and helps in the completition of the Bachelors degree. The courses has got the major courses along with the usual educational courses and for the distant education as well. The admission procedure also requires a degree of high school for the Bachelor’s degree. While for the international students, they must have the TOEFL score of 500/173/61. The major six competency fields for the Bachelors degree are in the College Mathematics, English Composition, Arts/Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences along with the Social & Behavioral Sciences.

While Trident also provides online degrees for the Masters degree and the PhD programs too. The online Masters degree has been applied in the major course in Education, Health Administration, Masters in Health Sciences, Emergency and Disaster Management, Masters in IT Management, Human Resource Management, in the Leadership and also in Masters in Business Administration. The course has also got the including of distant Masters degree programs while the requirements are Baccalaureate degree from a credited university or a University. The applicants must also have the GPA with minimum score of 2.5 in order to get enrolled for the Masters program while the international students must acquire TOEFL score of 525/197/71. Along with the Masters degrees in the Trident University, the college has also got the provision for the PhD degree which is based online.