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Texas Christian University

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Texas Christian University (TCU) is one of the best quality education providing university of the United States. It is a private and coeducational university which is situated in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. This University was founded by the East Texas brothers ‘Addison & Randolph Clark’ along with the support of their father ‘Joseph A. Clark’. They were the scholar-preacher/ teachers who were associated with Restoration Movement. These two brothers ‘Addison and Randolph’ established a children’s preparatory school in Fort Worth which runs from the year 1869 to 1874. With the purpose of providing higher education, they bought five blocks land in downtown Fort Worth in the year 1869. But the area around the property which they bought became the town’s vice district which later was filled with unrelieved stretch of saloons, gambling halls, bawdy houses and dance parlors. After that, they moved to South and founded AddRan Male & Female College in 1873. The subsequent year when they founded this college became the founding year of TCU. This college was one of the first coeducational institutions which provide higher education to the west of the Mississippi River. Initially, it only has 13 students which later rose to 123 by the end of its first term. The number of students started to increase as it began to create positive impact with its quality education. AddRan appointed prestigious professors from all over the South. Later it formed an official partnership with the Christian Church (Desciples of Christ’ in 1889 and soon after that year, the Clarrk brothers handed over all land, building and assets to operate as a private institution. The university was renamed as ‘AddRan Christian University’ in 1889.

After establishing with a new name in 1889, it started to operate its operation in new systems. In the year 1895, it was relocated to Waco from Thorp Spring. The university changes its name to ‘Texas Christian University’ in 1902. Unfortunately, it was also destroyed by the fire and was forced to relocate its place again to Fort Worth. In 1910, the campus has four buildings, among the four two buildings ‘Reed Hall (Main Administration building’ and ‘Jarvis Hall’ still remains the same in the recent time.

TCU has a beautiful environment for all the students which sits on 272 acres of developed campus located three miles from the downtown Fort Worth. it is mainly divided into three areas residential, academic area and Worth Hill. Half of the undergraduate students live on campus. All the students feel comfortable to enjoy the environment around the campus. This campus is regionally acrredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In the year 2011, it received over 19,000 applications for 1500 to 1800 admission slots. To get admission in TCU is not easy. The students must perform well in their academic test. TCU offers total 118 undergraduate majors, 56 master’s programs and 21 doctoral programs. Among these programs, students seem interested in Business programs which accounts of 25% of TCU undergraduates. Besides these subjects, students also prefer Journalism/ Strategic Communications, Nursing and Education. Considering its good quality education in Business programs, it was ranked as No. 28 best undergraduate business school in the whole nation by the Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

The major population in this university in the year 2013-14 was 8456 undergraduates and 1269 graduate students. From all these students, it also included several hundred TCU students who came from all around the world. The students reading in this university is mostly white but the number of minority students has also increased over the past few years. Without any racial discrimination, it is providing its quality education to all the students. The number of students is continuously rising within each year. It has several institutions under which it is spreading its light of quality education. The institutions names are College of Liberal Arts, Brite Divinity School, M. J. Neeley School of Business, College of Communication, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Schieffer School of Journalism, College of Science & Engineering, John V. Roach Honors College and School of Ranch Management.

TCU has sponsored more than 200 official student organizations which include Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, Invisible Children, the Gay-Straight Alliance and others. The University organizes several events in each fall semester. The students are free to participate in each event. This campus has six museums which consist of three art galleries the Amon Carter Museum, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Kimbell Art Museum. The students can also enjoy the movies in the three performance theatres ‘the Scott’, ‘Casa Manana’ and ‘the Sanders’. The campus has made availability of magazines and newspaper to the students through the ‘The Schieffer School of Journalism’. TCU has its own student magazine and radio station ‘KTCU-FM 88.7. It has launched the campaign named ‘Think Purple, Live Green’ which has been moderately success with more than 1800 to ‘TCU Live Green Pledge’. TCU frequently participates in NCAA athletics as a member of Division I Big 12 Conferences. Prior competing in Big XII, it competed in the WAC for 5 years from the year 1996 to 2001. It has various sports like baseball, football, basketball, swimming & diving, track and field, soccer, rifle, equestrian and tennis. The popular football team of the TCU The Horned Frogs has won two national championships. Many of the TCU players are playing in the NFL.

TCU has produced brilliant students which are very popular name in the recent world. Till date it has roughly 75000 living alumini. Some of the popular alumini are David Beebe, Sal Espino, Jordan Richardson, Angela Standford. It is estimated that it has total endownment of $1.2 billion as of the year 2011. TCU is undoubtedly, one of the best educational universities of the United States of America which is providing quality education and better way of living to all the students.