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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Tallahassee Community College is a public educational institution established in the year 1966. The college is located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. With the motto “It’s For You” the college is currently functioning with an endowment of $ 30,380,094 under the effective presidency of Dr. Jim Murdaugh. The prestigious college shelters 170 academic staffs and 17,669 undergraduates (Fall 2009). The college is among the leading educational institutions in the world. The college is well0renowned for its athletic team as the Tallahassee Community College holds 4 major sports teams.The Tallahassee Community College is a fragment of Florida College System and assists Leon, Gadsen, and Wakulla counties.

The existence of Tallahassee Community College was sketched by prestigious Florida Legislature in the year 1966. The Tallahassee Community College is headquartered at 444 Appleyard Dr. Tallahassee, Florida 32304 The College is located near Florida State University and Florida A&M University. The Florida Public Safety Institute is situated at 75 College Dr. Havana, FL 32333.

The Tallahassee Community College shelters various administrative offices. To keep eye in every sectors effectively, various administrators play a vital role. The departments of Human Resources, Contracts & Grants, Financial Aid, Facilities, Planning & Construction, Plant Operations, and Budget & General Services have been made accessible to its students.

Student Affairs

·         Enrollment Services

·         Campus Life

Academic Affairs

·         Center for Teaching Excellence

·         Library Services

·         Internship Program Coordinator

·         Communications & Humanities

·         Science & Math

·         History & Social Sciences

·         Technology & Professional Programs

·         Health Care Professions

·         Academic Support

Workforce Development

·         Workforce Programs & Adult Education Operations

·         Grants and special projects

·         Business & Workforce development


In short but glorious history of Tallahassee Community College, various individual have served as the president. The dedication and hard work of these people has played a great role to guide the college towards the path of success.

·         Fred W. Turner: 1965–1979

·         Marm M. Harris: 1979–1982

·         Fred W. Turner (Interim:) 1982–1983

·         James H. Hinson, Jr.: 1983–1995

·         T.K. Wetherell: 1995–2001

·         Debra O. Austin (Acting): 2001–2002

·         William D. Law, Jr.: 2002–2010

·         Barbara Sloan (Interim): 2010

·         Jim Murdaugh: 2010–present

The college has prepared a diversified course to meet the need of the students and the society in which they live in. The college has made programs which are appropriable to the students belonging to various social, religious, cultural, ethnical, geographical backgrounds. The college believes the light of education shouldn’t be deprived to those who wants to light their life which the light of education.

Programs and curriculum available in Tallahassee Community College:

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Applied Welding Technologies, PSAV Program Certificate (5023)
  • Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing Certificate (6349)
  • Engineering Technologies Support Specialist Certificate (6350)

Building Construction Technology

  • Building Construction Specialist Certificate (6353)
  • Building Construction Management, A.S. (2160)

Business Management and Accounting

  • Accounting Technology Specialist Certificate (6331)
  • Accounting Technology Operations Certificate (6330) 
  • Accounting Technology Management Certificate (6329)
  • Business Management, A.S. (2109)

Computer Technology

  • Computer Programming Specialist Certificate (6338)
  • Computer Programming and Analysis Certificate (6302)
  • Computer Programming and Analysis-Computer Game Design & Logic, A.S. (2158)
  • Help Desk/Technical Support Certificate (6323)
  • Help Desk/Technical Support, A.S. (2137)
  • Web Technologies Certificate (6317)
  • Web Technologies, A.S. (2128) 

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

  • Criminal Justice Technology, A.S. (2138)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (Barry University), A.S. (2156)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (Florida Gulf Coast), A.S. (2157)
  • Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Certificate (5007)
  • Law Enforcement-Crossover Corrections to Law Enforcement Certificate (5006)
  • Law Enforcement-Crossover Correctional Probation Officer to Law Enforcement Certificate (5015)
  • Corrections Basic Recruit Certificate (5005) 
  • Corrections-Crossover Law Enforcement to Corrections Certificate (5008)
  • Corrections-Crossover Correctional Probation Officer to Corrections Certificate (5016) 
  • Correctional Probation Basic Recruit Certificate (5012)
  • Correctional Probation-Crossover Correctional Officer to Correctional Probation Officer (5014)
  • Correctional Probation-Crossover Law Enforcement to Correctional Probation Officer (5013)
  • Firefighter Certificate (5020)
  • Telecommunications Certificate (5011)
  • Unarmed Private Security Officer Certificate (5021)
  • Armed Private Security Officer Certificate (5021) 

Drafting and Design Technology

  • CAD Foundations Certificate (6354)
  • Drafting and Design Technology, Building Construction, A.S. (2135)
  • Drafting and Design Technology, Surveying/GIS Specialization, A.S. (2136)
  • Fire Sprinkler Design Technology Certificate (6351)


  • Early Childhood Development, Education and Management, A.S. (2123)

Graphic Design Technology

  • Graphic Design Support Certificate (6340)
  • Graphic Design Production Certificate (6339)
  • Graphic Design Technology, Graphic Design Track, A.S. (2125)

Health Information and Informatics Management

  • Health Informatics Specialist Certificate (6343)
  • Medical Coding and Billing Specialist Certificate (6352)
  • Health Information Technology, A.S. (2159)


  • Central Sterile Processing Technologist Certificate
  • Critical Care Transport for Nursing Certificate (4004)
  • Critical Care Transport for Respiratory Care Certificate (4005)
  • Critical Care Transport for Respiratory Care Certificate (4006)
  • Dental Assisting Certificate (5001)
  • Dental Hygiene, A.S. (2101)
  • Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (B312)
  • Endoscopy Technician Certificate
  • Paramedic Certificate (6309)
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Technology, A.S. (2104)
  • Nursing (R.N.), A.S. (2103)
  • Nursing Assistant, PSAV Certificate (5024)
  • Pharmacy Technician, PSAV Program Certificate (5022)
  • Radiologic Technology, A.S. (2149)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate (4002)
  • Respiratory Care, A.S. (2106)

Network Services Technology

  • Networking Services Technology, A.S. (2126)
  • Network Infrastructure Certificate
  • Network Support Technician Certificate
  • Network Virtualization Certificate

Office Administration

  • Office Support Certificate (6336)
  • Office Specialist Certificate (6335) 
  • Office Management Certificate (6334)
  • Small Business Management Certificate (6319)
  • Office Administration, A.S. (2107) 

Paralegal/Legal Studies

  • Paralegal/Legal Studies, A.S. (2112)

Recreation Management

  • Recreation Management, A.S. (2124)

Other Programs

  • Global Gateway Program
  • ROTC Programs

Tallahassee Community College has sketched an irreplaceable space among the thousands of educational institution existing all around the world. The qualitative and effective education system of the college has not only attracted the students of the United States but also the students of countries all around the world. The students all around the world have trusted Tallahassee Community College as an effective means to guide them towards their destiny. Tallahassee Community College is the home of the students from various countries and various states of America. The determination and hard work of years have established this college among the best colleges in the world. The college has defined excellence through its effort to serve effective education to its students.