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sfc.edu | St. Francis College | Classes | Program

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

St. Francis College is one of the private educational collges in the Unites States of America which is located in the Brooklyn heights in the New York City. The college has got five buildings which are connected to each other and almost occupies half of the city block which is situated in the Downtown Brooklyn. The St. Francis College is known as St. Francis or SFC. SFC was established in the year 1859 from the Franciscan order and it is considered as the first private school in the Brooklyn. At the time of its establishment it had been started as the boys academy and then later got turned into a liberal arts college. SFC has got the offerings of 72 minor and major projects while the academic departments numbers to 19. The college has got the motto Deus Meus Et Omnia which is in Latin language and it has the meaning My God, My All which is in English. SFC has got the religious affiliation to Roman Catholic as it was the first private college in the Roman Catholic Diocese of the Brooklyn. Later after 25 years of its establishment the trustees of SFC got the permission from the state to enhance it as the literary college. After that the college got the students to get their degrees, honor and diploma. Then on the month of June in 1885 it got its confirmation for the Bachelor of Arts and in 1892 it got approval for the Bachelor of Science degree.

SFC  is also considered as “The Small College of Big Dreams”. SFC has also been ranked by different officials from the newspapers and the educational boards. The college has the offering for the Associate’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and also for the Master’s Degree. Along with the degrees it also has the certification for the teaching, nursing and also for the project management. SFC has got the affiliation agreement with several colleges. Some of them are New York University College of Dentistry, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens and also in New York College of Podiatric Medicine. These affiliations with the SFC promote the students enrolled in the college to carry on with their degree in the Radiologic Science, Occupational Therapy and also for the Physicain Assistant. The other colleges related to podiatry and the dentistry helps the students to acquire their baccalaureate degree. Along with the academic performances for the students and the undergraduates, SFC has also established the Duns Scotus Honor Society. St. Francis has got the Masters Degree only for the Accounting and the Business Law Department while the department in the biology has got the students who are most involved in Dentistry, radiology, podiatry and Medicine and graduates in the particular field.

SFC is mainly known for the liberal arts courses as it got its first approval in the arts field. The requirement for the courses in the liberal arts the students must take the classes which has got the option of communications, philosophy and sociology. The main courses have got about 13 classes which is equivalent to the 42 credits which provides the students their Baccalaureate Degree. The course study of the liberal arts enhances the students to be perfect for the area of the foundation they carry on. About the graduation program of the SFC, it has got 4 graduate programs which includes, a five year bachelors along with masters degree in Accounting and in Psychology, a two year Accounting program for the Master’s degree along with Graduate Certificate in the Project management. In the year of 2007 the program of the B.S and M.S has also been merged then later in the year of 2010 it also added another graduate degree which was a two year Master’s Degree in the Professional Accountancy. Later in the year 2012 the program for the Graduate Certificate in project management had been started along with a combination of B.S and M.S in the psychology which had the offering of two concentrations among which one is Applied Psychology and another is Psychology Research.

Apart from the academic courses and programs, SFC has also been one of the good colleges in the Athletics. The college has competed in the NCAA Northeast Conference. The students enrolled in the SFC have also participated for the 19 Division I where the men and women were both included. They’ve got the mascot of Terrier while they are also nicknamed as the Terriers. The SFC basketball team was started in the year 1896 and has been considered as the oldest team in the history of New York. Talking about the clubs and the organizations associated with the SFC, there are about 35 to 40 clubs and associations where the students are enrolled.

 SFC has also been listed by the Forbes in the different lists as it got the 6th position for the best school which was from 19 schools and along with that it was also ranked in the 282nd position for the category of colleges in New York City from 600 different colleges. Apart from that SFC also got different rankings for the academic performances while it was named as one of the top colleges which dealt with the Baccalaureate degrees. The survey was done by the U.S News & World Report and was ranked in the particular position in the year 2010. Then in the year of 2012, St. Francis College got to the spot of 26 which was out of 47 colleges and was under the Tier 1 Baccalaureate Colleges which was situated in the north side of the United States. The college has recently got the undergraduates around 2834 among the 2900 students enrolled in the college.