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San Jose City College

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

One reputed and a famous Community College of San Jose, California, San Jose City College stands strong as one of the few active colleges to have been a took-over institution and that of the States. Located to the Santa Clara County, the capital city, this college happens to be one of the old institutions of California which started as a state of the art San Jose Junior College, and which is the largest of the ones in the city with over thousand active students to its name. SJCC as the short-form of its name, it was founded in the year of 1921 which defines its prolonged stay in the States.

The foundation of SJCC is also one to be known about. The college was the first of its kind to be changed of its first character on the year 1953 and which was took-over by the then known San Jose Unified School District of California. The name San Jose State College was the second choice when San Jose Junior College was considered non-enticing to the institute and the year 1958 saw the inauguration and launch of operations of the new named San Jose City College. The request made by the Board Members of the Unified School District was also a key factor to the change of the institutional name of the SJCC. When the SJCC started to offer the degrees relating to various faculties like Two-year college degrees, Economic development and Adult non-credit courses, it was considered appropriate to name the Junior College, a City College and hence San Jose City College was founded. As for the City part, it had long time coming when state relating problems too were affiliated to the institute. Then the year 1958 brought the so-called City naming to its aid and from there the institution was overseen by the Board Members of the 2100 Moorpark Avenue of the Interstate 280.


It was not easy for the SJCC to make it this far on easy basis. The hurdles were like the destined prospects to the SJCC and it had to pass each one to face the next. But that did not head-back the SJCC from getting up-close and personal with its aim. The hurdles appeared in various forms, one of which being the Athletics Division. It was not at all easy for the SJCC as it was as good as it got when Jagsports rattled the foundations of the SJCC. Either be a student, coach or the any other member, all were signing up to take up a coaching class for themselves at the time of provided facility. This left a supportive SJCC on its peak as it was named one of the major training hubs for the Olympic Track and the Field Athletes. This was all due to the promotion of the SJCC to the athletic excellence through the provision of world-class facilities in coaching. One Bruce Jenner is a complete example of the SJCC’s excellence, Jenner was trained as a full-time athlete and as a result he won the 1976 Olympic Decathlon. Many known people have won considerable titles all to the courtesy of the excellence of the San Jose City College.

Not only this, the after-event time was kind of fruitful for the SJCC when the craze of the names of Hampton and Philips used by Jenner was reaching a never-before-seen height. The year 1984 saw SJCC as one of the few colleges to have been a host of the local and domestic championships and that saw students flowing over to make way to get a part in the events. The USA Track and Field Championships also was a major part for the SJCC and its students to show-off their hosting skills in a good range. This sudden but sustained increase in the flow of events had the SJCC to renovate and build the teams needed for the students to get into and improve. This was the start to life of major men and women teams of the interested sport. When the increase in the students of sports was seen, it was without the doubt for the SJCC to get itself a new and improved division of sports such as Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Soccer and the most wanted Baseball. If Basketball had a building of its own then it was obvious for the Football division to ask one for itself and thus the field for the sport was formed. All these renovations and re-building was an unknown and obvious step of SJCC slowly turning into a one classified college.

Then came the fresh and exciting yet one challenging step, the Study Part. When the number of the enrolling International Students did get on the front foot, the college was now facing the increase in rate of students at 30%. The demands of the new technology based era were catching up to SJCC’s Board Members which lead to the adding of the New Library, a one with so rare and excellent technology that it got the SJCC to be the first ever institution of California to offer it to the students. When that was accomplished, SJCC was now offering a whopping 63,000 books for the subjects relating to the educational needs of the students and also the 200 peroidical subscriptions. Being in the state-of-the-art era for some considerable time has lead SJCC to become a socially active institute which has performed in about thousands of periodical articles whenever in need for the students both on and off-campus.