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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix also known as UOPX is an American for-profit institution of Higher learning. The Headquarter of this University is based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The Founder of the “University of Phoenix” is John Sperling. The University started its operation in the year 1976. The first class consisted of only eight students. In the year 1989, it launched its online program. It was in the year 1994, when the ‘University of Phoenix’ made decision to take parent company ‘Apollo Group’ public. The total number of students reached to more than 100,000 after going in public. The enrollment of the students was growing with over 25% each year.

The University is currently offering various degree programs through its seven colleges and two schools. The name of the school and colleges are: ‘School of Advanced Studies’, ‘School of Business’, ‘College of Criminal Justice and Security’, ‘College of Education’, ‘College of Humanities’, ‘College of Information Systems and Technology’, ‘College of Natural Sciences’, ‘College of Nursing’ and ‘College of Social Sciences’. The University also offers ‘Continuing education courses’ for the teachers and practitioners, ‘Professional courses’ for the companies and ‘Specialized courses of study’ for the military personnel. The students can get Associate degrees in ‘Associate of Arts concentrations’. It includes the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Accounting Foundations’, ‘Accounting Fundamentals’, ‘Business Foundations’, ‘Foundations of Business’ and ‘Hospitality, Travel and Tourism’. The University has Bachelor degree programs like ‘Bachelor of Science in Accounting’, ‘Bachelor of Science in Business’, ‘Bachelor of Science in Management’ and ‘Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Manufacturing Sector’. Bachelor of Science in Business Concentrates in the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Administration’, ‘Finance’, ‘Global Management’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘Management’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Project Management’, ‘Public Sector’, ‘Service Sector’, ‘Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Sustainable Enterprise Management’. In addition to this, the University also provides ‘Associate StackTrack en route certificates’ like Accounting Fundamentals Certificate and Retail Management Certificate. The University of Phoenix also has graduate programs. The students are provided with Master’s degree in ‘Master of Business Administration (MBA)’, ‘Master of Management’ and ‘Master of Science in Accountancy’. Master of Business Administration focuses in the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘Energy Management’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Finance’, ‘Project Management’, ‘Global Management’, ‘Technology Management’ and ‘Health Care Management’. The University also offers Doctoral Programs like ‘Doctor of Business Administration’, ‘Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership’ and ‘Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership/ Information Systems and Technology’.

Each year, the large number of students frequently visits this University in a search of an academic excellence. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled to get admission in this University. It has open admission policy. The University started orientation program which was designed to lower ‘dropout’ and ‘default rates’. To be eligible to start their first credit/ cost bearing course, they must have successfully completed three week orientation workshop. Those students who do not complete the workshop orientation after two attempts have to wait six months. From the year 2010, the University has implemented certain changes in the recruitment process of the students. It provides various financial aid services to the students like ‘the Academic Competitiveness Grant’, ‘Federal Pell Grant’, ‘National Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant’, ‘Federal Direct Student Loan Program’, ‘Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant’, ‘Federal Direct PLUS Loans’, ‘Federal Perkins Loan’ and ‘the Wounded Warrior Project’. In the fiscal year 2008-2009, the University has received more Pell Grant money of $656.9 million than any other Universities.

This University was regionally accredited by the ‘Higher Learning Commission (HLC)’ in 1978. It is operating its administrative function as being a member of the ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA)’. The ‘School of Business’ is accredited by the ‘Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)’, the ‘College of Education’s Master of Education’ is accredited by the ‘Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC)’. Likewise, the College of Nursing’s ‘B.S.’ and ‘M.S. degree programs’ are accredited by the ‘Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)’ and the College of Social Science’s ‘the Master of Science in Counseling program in Community Counseling’, ‘the Master of Science in Counseling program in Mental Health Counseling’ and ‘the Master of Science in Counseling program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling’ are accredited by the “Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)”.

The University consists of approximately total 1500 core faculty members and 20000 associate faculty members. About 95% of the instructors of the University teach part-time as compared to an average of 47% in all over the nation. The total number of students consists of nearly 25% African American and around 13% Latino students. This University acknowledges with 16% graduation rates. It also publishes self-calculated graduation rate of 59% to account for University’s large population for ‘Non-traditional students’. Among the total faculty members of the University, 22000 faculty members consist of African-Americans and around 6% consist of Latino. Through its high quality education, it has produced many renowned personalities in the world. According to the data of March 2010, total 538,000 students have completed graduation from the University. The famous alumni of the government sector include the names of ‘Howard Scmidt’, ‘Mary Peters’ and ‘Brad Dee’. The popular military and law enforcement alumni include the name of ‘Admiral Kirkland H. Donald’, ‘Harod Hurtt’ and ‘Christina Brown’. With all its high quality education and best academic degrees, it has definitely proved as one of the best academic destination for all around the world.