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Parker University

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Parker University is a nonprofit university located in Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, Texas, Unites States and was founded on September 12, 1982 with a motive of offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in a number of health care-based programs.  The university is named under its founder Dr. James W. Parker who launched a series of postgraduate chiropractic seminars in 1951 that would become his seminars. The seminar is still active holding nearly 40,000 chiropractors, which is two-third of world’s doctor of chiropractic. The university was basically established as a College of Chiropractic, however it has widen its working field in today’s context.  In October 1978 Parker college received its non-profit IRS status. After its establishment in 1982, Parker College of Chiropractic graduated its first class of 27 students in 1985.  

For the first time since its establishment the enrollment reached more than 1000 students in 1993 after it moved to its Dallas Campus in 1989. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini was named president of Parker College of Chiropractic in 1999. Parker college have widen its horizon of working and have opened School of Massage Therapy in 2006 to serve the growing need of massage therapist within chiropractic and other health care professions.

After the decade long success, the Parker College was officially declared as Parker University in 2011. The university expanded degree programs both on campus and online, like Health Information Management, MBA with a focus on Health Care Management, Computer Information System and Radiologic Technology. Dr. Brain McAulay was appointed as a new president of the University in 2012 and new strategic plans and programs to develop new academic plan programs through 2017 was introduced in 2012.  Parker University have sketched an erasable contribution in the field of health care management and Chiropractic which seemed to be isolated from the main stream education system.

Parker University conducts Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management (Online),Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management (Online), Bachelor of Science with major in Health Information Management (Online), Bachelor of Science with major in Computer Information System (Online). Associate of Applied Science with a major in Radiologic Technology, Diagnostic Sonography (Online) and Health Information Technology (On Campus).

Parker University offers course work leading to the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (DC), which fundamental and clinical sciences as well as jurisprudence, office procedures, and business management. The course of study is a four year academic program condensed to 10 trimesters. Large number of chiropractic students at Parker University has previously attained BS, BA, or higher degree prior to make their way to this educational program.

Current Class Offerings

Live Classes under Parker University.

 : Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers Programs

:  Charrette Extremity Adjusting Protocols Certificate Programs

: Posture and Movement Certificate class

: Summer Relicensure 2014

: Examination Procedures, Coding, Treatment Planning and Documentation for Compliance

: Somata-Visceral Adjusting Techniques

: Functionally Progressive Rehab

: Animal Chiropractic Programs

: Functional Taping Seminar

: Basic 100 Hour and Advanced 200 Hour Acupuncture Certificate Programs

: Texas Mandatory Board Hours

: ICPA Pediatrics Certificate Programs

: Parker Seminar

Co- Sponsored Classes- these classes are not eligible for registration under University

Online: CA training Programs in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation- Dr. Bill Moreau, DC.

Online: Scoliosis Seminars Part I and II

Online: XRay Quality and safety- Dr. Susan Vlasuk

Online: Introduction to MRI- Dr. Susan Vlasuk                                                                                       

Online: Radiology Search and Rescue- Dr. Susan Vlasuk

Online: Topics in Nutrition- Dr. James Gerber

Online: 7 Module Anatomy and Regional Orthopedic Pathology-Gary Schweitzer and Chris Hagey

Online: Cervical, TMJ and Shoulder Volume 1 and 2- Nicole Barbary and David Magee.



Various Wellness Clinics run under Parker University.

Chiropractic And Massage Therapy Clinics provides chiropractic care and massage therapy to people. The senior interns of Parker University provide treatment to patients under the guideline of lincened doctors of chiropractic.    

The Parker University Animal Clinic.

The animal clinic which also located on the Dallas campus provides animal chiropractic care and veterinary services.  

Parker Seminar PSPS (Parker Seminar for Professional Success) was founded by Dr. James W. Parker who introduced his first chiropractic clinic in Texas in 1946. Dr. Parker served as many as 300 patients a day at affiliate clinics in Dallas, Texas and Meridian Texas just after 18 months of establishment of PSPS. Promoting and smoothing their technique, office procedures, business management methods, Dr. Parker and his clinic staffs worked to get more sick people, which played an important role in flourishing of PSPS and later the Parker University. The first official Parker seminar was held on December 13-16, 1951 in Orlando, Florida. Following the need for larger seminar accommodation Parker Seminar moved to Fort Worth, Texas, The Seminar moved to South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii in next seven years. Currently the Parker Seminar headquarters is in Dallas Texas, present home of Parker University. Parker Seminar hosts 3 seminars annually and has been established as the largest and longest – running chiropractic seminar series in the history.

Parker University is based on the study of chiropractic and health management which is not among the most flourished subjects in the world. The concept of this subject isn’t even introduced in various countries. So, the students of this University belong to first world countries like America, England, Australia, Germany etc. Students from developing countries are rarely to be seen as the subject have not been introduced in their countries

Parker College is equipped with qualitative educational system supported by well managed indoor and outdoor facilities, libraries, recreational activities and advanced education system. The University has made its own and strong place holding those subjects which have not been popularized in most of the part of the world yet.