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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in San Antonio, Texas, United States, ‘Our Lady of the Lake University’ better known as OLLU is one of the reputed Universities of United States. It was established in the year 1895 by the sisters of ‘Congregation of Divine Providence’. It is a religious Institute which is located in Lorraine, France during 18th Century. The construction of the main campus of the college started in 1895. By the year 1896, the high school educational programs were implemented. The first program started as a ‘two-year Curriculum for Women’ in the year 1911. After eight years, it was expanded to four years. Soon after its expansion, the college was admitted in ‘Texas Association of Colleges’. It was in 1942, when the college initiated its graduation program. The college changed its name from ‘Our Lady of the Lake College’ to ‘Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio’ in 1975. In fact, it became the first San Antonio institution to receive regional accreditation. The college was accredited by ‘Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ in 1923. After four years of its accreditation, it became third Texas school to get approval from ‘American Association of Universities’.

OLLU has a mission of providing quality education to those with limited access. It also has a mission of fostering ‘Spiritual, Professional and Personal growth’ and preparing all the students for toward successful career. In the year 1978, it introduced the new ‘Weekend College’ concept at San Antonio campus. The college started to offer ‘Weekend Degree’ programs in Houston from the year 1986. The current working President of this college is ‘Sr. Jane Ann Slater’.

OLLU is currently offering various major subjects in Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Degrees. There are various subjects included in the Bachelor’s Degree programs like ‘Accounting’, ‘Art’, ‘Biology’, ‘Business’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Communication and Learning’, ‘Disorders’, ‘Computer Information Systems and Security’, ‘Criminology and Criminal’, ‘Justice’, ‘Drama’, ‘Education’, ‘English’,’ Finance’, ‘History’, ‘Human Resources’, ‘Management’, ‘Human Sciences’, ‘International Business’, ‘Liberal Studies’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Mass Communication’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Nursing’, Political Science’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Religious Studies and Theology’, ‘Social Work’, ‘Social Studies’, ‘Sociology’ and ‘Spanish’. Likewise the programs included in Master’s Degrees are ‘Accounting’, ‘Business Administration’, ‘Communication and Learning’, ‘Disorders’, ‘Education’, ‘MEd Curriculum and Instruction’, ‘MEd Principal’, ‘MA Special Education’, ‘MA Teaching’, ‘English’, ‘Human Sciences’, ‘Information Systems and Security’, ‘Nursing’, ‘Organizational’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Psychotherapy’ and ‘Social Work’. The students are offered four programs under Doctoral Degrees which include ‘Counseling’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Studies’. In addition to its major programs in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, the college also offers minor programs like ‘Forensic Science’, ‘Organizational Leadership’ and ‘Philosophy’.

The college’s academic areas are divided into three divisions: ‘College of Arts and Sciences’, ‘School of Business and Leadership’ and ‘School of Professional Studies and the Wodern School of Social Service’. The ‘College of Arts and Sciences’ offers the programs of ‘Bachelor of Arts’, ‘Bachelor of Science’ and ‘Bachelor of Applied Studies in Traditional Liberal Arts and Sciences disciplines’. The dean of the college is ‘Michael J. Laney’. Likewise, ‘School of Business and Leadership’ offer various undergraduate and graduate programs. All the programs under this school are accredited by ‘Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs’. The dean of this college is ‘Dwayne A. Banks’. The third academic department of the college ‘School of Professional Studies’ is comprised of five departments ‘Applied Social and Cultural Sciences’, ‘Education’, ‘Communication Disorders’, ‘Nursing’ and ‘Psychology’. This school offers ‘Bachelor of Arts’, ‘Bachelor of Science’, ‘Bachelor of Science in Nursing’ and ‘Bachelor of Applied Studies degrees’. Likewise, ‘The Worden School of Social Service’ offers various Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees accredited by ‘Council on Social Work Education’.

In addition its various academic programs, this University is also facilitated with well-managed library system. The ‘SUELTENFUSS’ library is a central part of attraction to all the students. The library provides all the required materials. In fact, the library has set some goals to provide beneficial facilities to the students. It has a goal of instructing students in finding, evaluating, accessing appropriate resources through applying various methods. Likewise, it has a goal of providing streamlined access to library’s collections and providing sufficient space, technology and furnishings for writing, discussion, reading and study.

The admission process in this University is very simple. For the new freshman, they can apply to get admission in this college. But the freshman must have official high school transcript with minimum 2.00 high school grade Point Average. The freshman also required to have ACT or SAT scores. They must have secured minimum 800 marks on Critical reading and mathematics sections of SAT examination. The University charges an affordable fee to the students. OLLU charges total $11,934 per semester for the full time undergraduate students. The students who are paying on the basis of per hour system have to pay total $76 for part time undergraduate program. Likewise, the students enrolling in Master’s degree program have to pay $775 per hour. The University charges $857 per hour to study Doctoral program.

 The students enrolling in this University are also benefited with some financial aid and scholarships. In fact, 90% of the undergraduate students are receiving financial assistance in the form of ‘Merit-based Scholarships’ and ‘Need-based Financial Aid’. In addition to its several financial aid and scholarship programs, the students can get enjoyment from the various sports like Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Outdoor Track & Field and many more. With all its facilities and quality education, OLLU stands as the perfect destination to all the students who are in search of academic excellence and quality features.