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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Oklahoma City Community College better known as ‘OCCC’ is a coeducational community college which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The ‘South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce’ initiated the establishment process in March 1969. After the chamber petitioned the ‘Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’ to create local junior college, it was officially founded. The first day of the college was started in September 25, 1972 with the total number of students of 1049. In 1983, the college changed its name to ‘Oklahoma City Community College’. In the year 1996, the college added new library, ‘the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library’ and ‘the Robert P. Todd SEM Center’. The current working president of the college is Paul Sechrist.

The college is currently offering 36 ‘Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs’. Likewise, it is offering 24 Associate in ‘Applied Science degree programs’ and 18 Certificate of Mastery Programs. Most courses offered in the college are structured in semester wise or 16 weeks. The college has total eight academic divisions: ‘Arts’, ‘Business’, ‘Chemistry and Biological Sciences’, ‘English and Humanities’,’ Information Technology’, ‘Health Professions’, ‘Mathematics, Engineering, and Physical Science’ and ‘Social Sciences’. Currently, the students are provided with various academic programs like ‘Accounting’, ‘Administrative Office Technology’, ‘Advanced Manufacturing’, ‘Allied Health’, ‘Art’, ‘Automotive Technology’, ‘Aviation Maintenance Technology’, ‘Banking and Finance’, ‘Biology’, ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Broadcasting’, ‘Business’, ‘Business Management’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Child Development’,’ Clinical Research Program’,’ Computer Animation’, ‘Computer Networking Support’, ‘Computer Programming’, ‘Computer Science (OU/ UCO)’, ‘Computer Systems Support’, ‘Computer-Aided Design’, ‘Cyber/ Information Security’, ‘Database Management’, ‘Diagnostic Medical Sonography’, ‘Diesel Technology’, ‘Digital Media Design’, ‘Diversified Studies’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Emergency Medical Sciences’, ‘Engineering-Pre Engineering’, ‘Enterprise Communication Systems’, ‘Film and Video Production’, ‘Finance’, ‘French’, ‘Game Design’, ‘History’, ‘Humanities’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Journalism’, ‘Legal Office Procedures’, ‘Liberal Studies’, ‘Literature’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Medical Assistant’, ‘Medical Office Administration’, ‘Network Technology’, ‘Occupational Therapy Assistant’, ‘Philosophy’, ‘Physical Therapist Assistant’, ‘Physics’, ‘Pre-Baccalaureate Nursing’, ‘Pre-Education’, ‘Pre-Medicine’, ‘Precision Machining’, ‘Public Relations’, ’Respiratory Care Therapist’, ‘Sociology’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Speech’, ‘Surgical Technology’, ‘Technology’, ‘Theatre Arts’ and ‘Web Design and Development’. However, the most popular ‘OCCC’ degrees and certificate programs are ‘Nursing’, ‘Business’, ‘Psychology’, ‘Pre-Engineering’, ‘Pre-Medicine’ and ‘Physical Therapist Assistant’. This college has well-managed library which open nearly 90 hours a week for use. Likewise, it has ‘Learning labs’, ‘Accounting Lab’, ‘Biological Sciences Center’, ‘Student Computer Center’, ‘Communications Lab’, ‘Engineering Center’ and ‘Math Lab’. The admission process of this college is very easy and competitive. The college requires certain criteria for all the students who want to get admission in the college. It admitted the students who have successfully passed high school education with ACT/ SAT scores. For the adult students, they are not required to high school degree or GED. The transfer students must have official college or University transcripts. The students can get further information about its admission process through visiting official website. The college charges an affordable tuition fees to all the students. The resident students of the college are charged with $82.55 per credit hour, student activity fee of $7.15 per credit hour, facility use fee of $10.30 per credit hour, Student technology fee of $5.00 per credit hour, assessment fee of $1.00 per credit hour and library fee of $2.00 per credit hour. Likewise, the non-resident students have to tuition fee of $167.80 per credit hour, student activity fee of $7.15 per credit hour, facility use fee of $10.30 per credit hour, assessment fee of $1.00 per credit hour and library fee of $2.00 per credit hour. The students also have to pay some additional fees like on-campus exam/ advanced standing testing fee of $5.00 per credit hour, applied music lessons fee of $50.00 per credit hour, non-credit music lessons fee of $180.00, American college testing fee of $35.00, CLEP examinations fee of $70.00, new student application/ records processing fee of $25.00, electronic media fee of $12.00 and cooperative agreement credit fee of $8.00 per credit hour.

The students enrolled in the college are also benefited with some forms of financial aid and scholarships. The college also provides Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, OTAG Grants, Subsidized loans and Unsubsidized loans for the needy students. Likewise, it also provides various scholarships for the current and prospective students. Besides its quality education and various types of scholarships, it also provides various services like records and graduation services and student support services.The college organizes various cultural programs each year. It also celebrates Arts Festival Oklahoma which features with more than 125 of the best visual artist in ‘Southwest’. Likewise, it also organizes a free outdoor concert. The college also has the facility of ‘OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center Theater’ which offers various entertaining movies to the students.

With all its quality education and other beneficial features, it has been successful to attract all the students from all over the world. The students who are in a search of an academic excellence can surely join this college. It has quite and friendly environment and well-educated teachers. The students can get the required material by visiting its well-managed library. For the entertainment purpose, they are provided the facility of theatre. They can even participate in the various events and programs organized by the college. For the deserving students, it provides various scholarships and financial aids. Through its quality education, it has produced many renowned personalities like ‘Tony Arango’, ‘Steve Coulter’, ‘Robert Frantz, Jr., M.D’, ‘Lacey Lett’, ‘Sean Lynch’, ‘Jennifer Peters’, ‘David Puente’, ‘Patrick Rley’, ‘Mike Thompson’ and many more. Without any doubt, it surely stands as one of best colleges for all the students from all-around the world.