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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Running with the motto of Life, Sweetness and Hope runs a Catholic Research University named as the University of Notre Dame.  This university stands as one of the few research schools of the United States which has got its official name from the place of location i.e. Notre Dame. The exact location of the law school is in the state of Indiana in and near South Bend. Along with the main name, the college also has its meaning in French, as known in the places, as Notre Dame Du Lac which is the French meaning for ‘Our lady of the Lake’. The University of Notre Dame was established in the year of 1842 and is one of the private as well as co-educational institutions of the United States. The Bishop of Vincennes was the donor who has given the approval for the establishment of the university and its required land.  The college had landed the approval in the year of 1842 on the 26th of November as one all-male educational institution. The current working dean of the university is Father John I. After the college got the official approval then it also got to change its name to one reputed school of Catholic Character. The current enrollment has been detailed as 11733 while it has got 3362 students for the full time while 8371 students have enrolled for the part time. This university has been named after the reference to one Virgin Mary who was considered the most blessed and also an inspiration of the life of the university and is the latter’s patron saint. The University of Notre Dame has been the perfect reflection on its commitment towards its character of Cathoholism. Along with the work as a private as well as a coeducational institute active in the great outskirts of Notre Dame, this university also has been the on-looker for the struggling universities of the States.

The University of Notre Dame has got the provision for the graduation which helps the enrolled students for the Architect profession. Most of the enrolled students make the goal to have a architecture degree while it also has got the offerings for the Masters of Urban planning degree. The university has also got the partnership with other universities like NCAA’s Division I and also the NAICU. The partnership from the universities has got the provision for the joint degree programs in other courses like Masters of Business Administration (J.D/M.B.A) and in Master of Public Administration (J.D/M.P.A). The university also conducts different weekend programs and is the first catholic school having the Atlantic Coast Conference approval for conducting these programs. The organized programs from the University give the students up for various degrees and also attending the classes. The school has got different degree offerings of different departments which are as follows:

·         College of Arts and Letters

·         College of Science

·         School of Architecture

·         College of Engineering

·         Mendoza College of Business

·         LL.M. – Insurance Law

·         LL.M. – Intellectual Property

·         LL.M. – Self-Directed

·         LL.M. – Tax

·         LL.M. – U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys

Along with the degree course offerings, the University of Notre Dame also has got the different concentrations which has got special quota for the wanted study and the students also get different options. The course offerings along with the research are as follows:

·         General Practice

·         Science

·         Business Transactions

·         Administrative Law

·         Lobund Institute

·         Environmental Law

·         Constitutional Law and Civil Rights

·         Taxation

·         Humanities

·         European émigrés

Along with the degree offerings and the several concentrations, the University of Notre Dame also has got the provision for research studies which is outside of the United States. Along with the provided studies in the United States, the college also has got the foreign study credit which is also accredited by the founder’s affiliations. The credit has been given in the countries like Canada, Australia and also in New Zealand. Along with these foreign countries, the enrolled students also have got the chance to study the provided programs from the partnered school. The university has got the operating programs in London, England which is in its own name, University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame also has got the partnership for the legal study with various other famous institutes and majorly Mary which is located in the city of Florida. The University’s School has got the official approval and accreditation from the president as ‘one of the pre–eminent research institutions in the world’ and also was later accredited by The Higher Learning Commission in the year of 2001.

Finally along with the varieties of studies provided by the college, this university also has got the offerings for some of the clinical programs. The school has got the offerings for the externship which is in the United States which is over the 2600 approved externship sites. The students enrolled for the externship work under the supervision of several experienced attorneys along with the guidance from the full-time faculty. While the University of Notre Dame is currently in the race to become the executive of studies in and all over the States, its schools have got the facility of libraries as it has got a library at each of its five campuses. While going with the profile of the campus, it has got the motto which when written in its starting year has the students being related to the college with all their hearts. The motto means “The Lady of the Lake unites All” and has well united each and every one of the university.