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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Portland Community College is one of the community college which is located in the Portland of the United States while it is the largest community college situated at the Oregon. The Portland Community College has been mainly known by the name as PCC while it was established in the year of 1961. The current working president of the PCC is Jeremy Brown. The college has been serving the many residents which is about over one million residents in the five county areas from the state of Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas, Columbia and the Multnomah counties. The current students enrolled in the college are about 86,164 whereas the college admits over 83,000 students every year. At the beginning of the establishment of the college, it had the motive to conduct adult education program which was for the local public school system which was first named as Failing Elementary School in the year of 1959 and was later named to Portland Community College. In the year of 1968, the voters made an establishment of the self-governing district for the college. In 1971 the Cascade Campus released in Northeast Portland, and the Rock Creek Campus in Washington County opened in 1976. The district overtook a $374 million bond assess in 2008. PCC's $25 million Willow Creek Center opened in 2009 and received a platinum LEED official recognition after that year. A new campus in Newberg, named Newberg Center was established in October 2011, replacing a provisional understanding in use for the 2010–11 school year, in which PCC classes were offered at the Chehalem Cultural Center. The new center's 13,000-square-foot (1,200 m2) building was accounted as being forecasted to receive platinum LEED official recognition.

PCC has been providing lifelong learning programs in the United States from the community education each year and is also one of the largest programs which has got the offerings of more than 4000 non credit as well as educational courses while there are 30,000 students who gets enrolled in the courses.  Courses are presented in five all-purpose subject areas: Creative Arts, Home and Garden, Language and Culture, Recreation and Wellness, and Work and Life Balance. In adding together, the classes apprehended at PCC campuses and educational centers, PCC Community Education associates with neighboring schools, churches, business, community centers and parks to offer classes in neighborhoods throughout the PCC district. Hundreds of program are also apprehended online. Portland College has got wide varieties of programs offerings. The courses are given in an alphabetical order:

·         Accounting 

·         Alcohol and Drug Counseling

·         Anthropology 

·         Apprenticeship and Trades

·         Architectural Design and Drafting

·         Art 

·         Asian Studies

·         Auto Collision Repair

·         Automotive Service

·         Aviation Maintenance

·         Aviation Science (Professional Pilot)


·         Biology 

·         Biology and Management of Zoo Animals

·         Biomedical Engineering Technology - EET option

·         Bioscience Technology

·         Building Construction Technology

·         Building Inspection

·         Business Administration

·         Business Administration 


·         Chemistry 

·         Chicano/Latino Studies 

·         Chinese

·         Civil Engineering Technology

·         College Success and Career Guidance 

·         Communication Studies

·         Computed Tomography (CT)

·         Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

·         Computer Applications and Office Systems

·         Computer Information Systems

·         Computer Science 

·         Creative Writing 

·         Criminal Justice

·         Culinary Assistant Training


·         Dance 

·         Dealer Service Technology - ThinkBIG

·         Dental Assisting

·         Dental Hygiene

·         Dental Laboratory Technology

·         Diesel Service


·         Early Education and Family Studies

·         E-Commerce

·         Economics 

·         Education

·         Education (Teacher Transfer) 

·         Electrical Trades

·         Electronic Engineering Technology

·         Emergency Management

·         Emergency Medical Services (EMS/EMT)

·         Emergency TeleCommunicator (911)

·         English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 

·         Engineering 

·         Environmental Studies 


·         Facilities Maintenance (Industrial HVAC Systems)

·         Fire Protection Technology

·         Fitness Technology

·         Food & Nutrition

·         French 


·         General Science 

·         Geology 

·         Geography 

·         German 

·         Gerontology

·         Graphic Design 


·         Health Studies 

·         Health Informatics

·         Health Information Management

·         History 

·         Humanities 


·         Interior Design

·         International Business


·         Japanese 

·         Journalism 


·         Lactation Education and Consultant

·         Landscape Technology

·         Library Media Assistant

·         Literature 


·         Machine Manufacturing Technology

·         Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology

·         Management

·         Management and Supervisory Development

·         Marketing

·         Mathematics 

·         Mechanical Engineering Technology

·         Medical Assisting

·         Medical Imaging

·         Medical Laboratory Technology

·         Microelectronics Technology

·         Multimedia

·         Music 

·         Music, Professional


·         Nonprofit Studies

·         Nursing 


·         Occupational Skills Training (Worker Retraining)

·         Ophthalmic Medical Technology


·         Paraeducation / Instructional Assisting

·         Paralegal

·         Parent Education (non-degree)

·         Peace and Conflict Studies 

·         Philosophy 

·         Physical Education and Fitness 

·         Physics 

·         Political Science 

·         Psychology 


·         Radiography

·         Real Estate

·         Renewable Energy Systems - EET Option

·         Retail Management

·         Russian 


·         Science

·         Sign Language Interpretation

·         Sign Language Studies

·         Sociology 

·         Solar Voltaic Manufacturing

·         Spanish 

·         Sustainability


·         Theatre Arts 


·         Veterinary Technology

·         Video Production

·         Virtual Assistant


·         Website Development

·         Welding

·         Wireless & Data Communication Engineering Technology

·         Writing 

·         Women's Studies 

The subject offerings which are provided by the Portland Community also has got the transfer option available. More than half of the major courses has got the transfer facility. The facility provided by the PCC has been benefitted by the students enrolled at the college. Apart from the course offerings, PCC also advances the students for the job placement along with different tests along with several orientation.