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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in Upper Montclair section of Montclair, ‘Montclair State University’ is a public University which was established in 1903. Initially the University was named as ‘State Normal School’. After getting approval from the state for building school, it was named as ‘New Jersey State Normal School at Montclair’. The first building established was ‘College Hall’. At its initial period, it offered only two year programs. The campus covered 25 acres land and had total eight faculty members and 187 students. In the year 1924, the first person who held the responsibility of president was ‘Dr. Harry Sprague’. Soon after its establishment, the college added various extracurricular activities. The institution further changed its name as ‘Montclair State Teachers College’ in 1927. It added four year (Bachelor of Arts) program in pedagogy after changing the name of the institute. The institution became first teachers college which was accredited by the ‘Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools’ in the year 1937. The University merged with ‘Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene’ in 1958. After merging with the college, it became ‘Montclair State College’. In the year 1966, it became comprehensive multi-purpose institution. In 1994, the school became “Montclair State University” after the ‘Board of Higher Education’ designated the school as a teaching University. Since from the year 1932, it started offering ‘Master of Arts programs’. It further enhanced its academic programs by offering the Master Degrees in ‘Business Administration’, ‘Education’, ‘Science’ and ‘Fine Arts’ in the year 1981, 9185, 1992 and 1998 respectively. The college also started offering ‘Doctor of Education’ program from 1999. It added Doctoral degrees in ‘Environmental Management’ and ‘Science’ in 2003 and 2005.

The University contains total six colleges and schools. Each of the school and colleges has appointed its own Dean. The school and colleges organizes and conducts various academic programs like ‘Bachelor’s Degree Programs’, ‘Master’s Degree Programs’ and ‘Certificate Programs’. This University also offers ‘PhD’ in Environmental Management. It also became one of the few Universities in United States to offer ‘Doctoral degree’ in Environmental Management. The total six colleges of the University are named as: ‘The College of Education and Human Services (CEHS)’, ‘The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)’, ‘The College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM)’, ‘The College of the Arts (CART)’, ‘The School of Business (SBUS)’ and ‘School of Communication and Media (SCMA)’. All the six schools and colleges offer ‘Masters’ and ‘Doctoral Degrees’ in the various fields. Some of the graduate degrees it is offering include ‘Early Childhood Education’, ‘Educational Psychology’, ‘Teaching (Elementary, Middle and High School)’ and ‘Counseling’. In addition to this, it also offers four doctorate degrees. ‘College of Sciences and Mathematics’ offers many Master’s Degree Programs which include the subjects like ‘Mathematics’, ‘Biochemisty’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Physics’. ‘The School of Business’ provides graduate degree programs in the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Management’ and ‘International Business’.

The students have to follow some rules while applying in the University. Each year, the large number of students visits the University to get admission. The freshman students have to consider various factors like ‘the rigor of high school curriculum’, ‘overall grade point average (GPA)’, ‘standardized test scores’ and other additional factors. From the fall of 2014, the applicants who want to get admission in the University don’t have to submit SAT or ACT scores. All the freshman applicants have to complete some high school grades with satisfactory grades. They must have 4 units of English, 3 units of math, 2 units of the same foreign language, 2 units of lab sciences, 2 units of social sciences and 3 unites of academic electives. The students must have GPA of 3.0 or greater in required curriculum and combined SAT score of 1500 in math, critical reading and writing or they must have ACT composite score of 20.

The University has various residence facilities. It has ‘Blanton Hall’, ‘Bohn Hall’, ‘Hawk Crossings’, ‘Freeman Hall’, ‘Russ Hall’, ‘Stone Hall’, ‘The Village at Little Falls’, ‘Webster Hall’, ‘Sinatra Hall’ and ‘The Heights: Hillside and Rec Center Sites’. The students enrolled in the University can get enjoyment from the various sports like football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, swimming and diving, track and field, baseball, lacrosse and softball. There are separate sports available for different seasons. The University also offers club sports like ‘Men’s Ice Hockey’, ‘Men’s Rugby’, ‘Men’s Volleyball’ and ‘Baseball’. It is also facilitated with various sports fields and facilities like ‘Sprague Field’, ‘Panzer Gymnasium’, ‘Panzer Pool’, ‘MSU Soccer Park’, ‘Yogi Berra Stadium’, ‘MSU softball stadium’, ‘Floyd Hall Arena’ and ‘Student Recreation Center’.

With all its beneficial features and high quality education, it has been successful to attract all the students from all over the United States. Considering its high quality education, US News & World Report ranked MSU at 54th place for ‘Regional Universities North Rankings’. The University ranked as number one public institution by Forbes Magazine. To all the students who are in a search of academic excellence, this University surely stands as one of the best Universities of United States. The University has quite environment which is proving as beneficial point for all the students. Likewise, it is also providing various scholarships and financial aid services to the deserving students. It has well-managed library which contains with all the required materials. The students can read required materials from visiting the library. It doesn’t charge high tuition fees. All the students are charged with an affordable tuition fees. Without any doubt, Montclair State University definitely proves as best among best Universities of United States.