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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Montana State University (MSU) was established in 1983 in Bozeman, Montana, United States. The university has been running with glorious history of for more than a century, serving qualitative education to its students. Montana State University is a public university and is the state’s land grant university. The University provides baccalaureate degrees in 51 fields, master’s degree in 41 fields and 18 fields for doctoral degrees through nine colleges working under it.

Through its wide range of coverage, Montana State University shelters KUSM television, KGLT radio, and the Museum of the Rockies. MSU serves services to the citizen and communities throughout the state through eight Agricultural Experiment Stations and 60 county and reservation Extension Offices working under it.

MSU has been a home for the students all around the world who search perfection through hard work, determination and qualitative education. The University shelters 15,300 students and the faculty members, putting in department heads are 743 full-time and 411 part-time.

On November 8, 1889 Montana was declared as one of the states of America. Later Gallatin County rancher and businessman Nelson Story, Sr. agreed to donate about 160 acres for the site of the state capital which was turned over to the state for building new college.

              During the time of establishment of MSU in 1893, the college was named as Agricultural College of the State of Montana. The first class was held in rooms in county high school, with five male and three female students. Only two faculties were sheltered under the college in the opening day. Augustus M. Ryon, a coal mine owner, was named the first president of the college on April 17, 1893. In 1895 August Augustus was replaced by rev. Dr. James r. Reid.

Under the management of Dr. Reid, the college growth caught its speed and provided 10 long years of stability and harmony. After the rapid growth in the number of students extra building was rented ti meet the demand of the classroom and the high school building was completely taken over by the college. Agricultural Experiment Station and the Main Building were constructed in 1896. The year 1897 has been written in the pages of history of MSU as the year when the college graduated its first four students. University football tea was also established in the same year. The curriculum of civil and electrical engineering came into existence under MSU in 1898.

MSU has seen two great wars that shook the foundation of its existence. World War I and World War II came in as the crisis for the college as everything in the world was shaken by these historical wars. The prices of agricultural product increased, the number of students gradually decreased which was the major problem for Agricultural based University of Montana. But its determination and hard work lead it to continuation in its work and existence.

Even though the college was established as a agricultural based college, today the college has extended its working area in huge extend preparing programs and curriculum in various fields. The college is among the top ten institutions in the country for recipients of Goldwater Scholarships .Various college work under the management of Montana State University MSU and they are:


-College of Agriculture

-College of Arts and Architecture

-College of Business

- College of Education, Health and Human Development

-College of Engineering

-College of Letters and Science

-College of Nursing

-College of Graduate Studies

-Roland R. Renne Library

Academic Resources:

-Center for Biofilm Engineering

-Center for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials

-Center for Computational Biology

-Optical Technology Center

-Energy Research Institute

-Thermal Biology Institute


-Infectious Diseases and Immunology

-Western Transportation Institute

-Montana Institute on Ecosystems

-Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

-Montana Micro fabrication Facility

-Institute of Ecosystems

Since the year of its establishment various courses and programs has been prepared to meet the demand of the students. Concentrating on quality education for everyone from everywhere, the college has prepared following subjects in various level.

: Agriculture

-Agricultural Business

- Agricultural Education

- Animal Science

- Biotechnology

-Environment Horticulture

-Environment Science

-Financial Engineering

-Plant Science

-Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology

-Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems

: Arts and Architecture

-Architecture (Environmental Design)


-Film and Photography


-Music Education

-Music Technology

: Business

-Business Administration



-Entrepreneurship and Small Business Mgt.

-International Business




-Community Health

-Early Childhood Education and Child Services

-Elementary Education k-8

-Family and Consumer Sciences

-Food and Nutrition

-Health Enhancement K-12

-Health and Human Performance

-Secondary Education

-Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems

-Technology Education



-Chemical Engineering

-Civil Engineering


-Computer Engineering

-Computer Science

-Construction Engineering Technology

-Electrical Engineering

-Financial Engineering

-Industrial Engineering

-Mechanical Engineering

-Mechanical Engineering Technology


-American Studies                                      





-Liberal Studies

-Modern Languages and Literatures


-Political Science


-Political Science


-Religious Studies



-Biological Science (Ecology)

-Cell Biology and Neuroscience


-Earth Science





Montana State University has made an irreplaceable place in the field of education since the long years of its establishment. It has been serving qualitative education to its students. Students all around the world have taken Montana State University as an effective means to carry them to their destiny.  From the day of its establishment as the Agricultural College, the college has prepared itself as a best place to be for the quality education in various sectors.