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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

A private and one reputed Christian University of Clinton, Mississippi, Mississippi College stands as one of the few colleges to have been Baptist-affiliated institutions and that in the States. Located to the west side of Jackson, the capital city, this college happens to be the oldest institutions in Mississippi. A state of the art college is the largest of the ones in the state with over 5,000 active students to its name. MC as the short-form of its name, it was founded in the year of 1826 which defines its stay in the States.

The foundation of MC is also one of interesting kind. The college was the recipient of its first character on the 24th of January, 1826, which was signed by the then government of David Holmes of Mississippi. The name Mississippi College was the second choice when Hampstead Academy was considered non-suiting to the institute and the year 1872 saw the inauguration and launch of the new named Mississippi Academy. The request forwarded by the Board of Trustees was also a key factor to the change of the institutional name of the MC. When the MC started to offer the degrees relating to various facvulties like arts, languages and sciences, it was considered appropriate to name the Academy, a College and hence Mississippi College was founded. As for the Church part, it had long time coming when churches relating to Methodist and Presbyterian were affiliated to the institute. Then the year 1850 brought the so-called Mississippi Baptist Convention to its aid and from there the institution was overseen by the Board of Trustees.

It was not easy fot thr MC to make it this far on easy basis. The hurdles were like the destined prospects to the MC and it had to pass each one to face the next. The hurdles appeared in various forms, one of which being the Civil War. It was not easy fot the MC as it was as turbulent as it got when Civil Wars rattles the foundations of the MC. Its endowments, students and builddings all suffered the worst of the faith when they were destroyed, didbanded and deteriorated respectively. Either be a syudent, trustee or the townspeople, all were signing up to take up a rifle for themselves at the time of war. This left a struggling MC on its knees but the recovery, even if Half-century late, was made and with the funds being renewed and biuldoings renovated, MC was all set up to start afresh.

The after-war time was kind of fruitful for the MC when enrollment was reaching a never-before-seen height. The year 1943 saw MC as one of the 131 colleges to have been a part of the V-12 Navy College Training Program and that saw students flowing over to make way to get a part in the Navy Commission. The World War II also was a major part for the enrollment of the students in a good range of 550-600 when war veterans made their return from thwe war. This suddenincrease in the flow of students had the MC to renovate and build the buildings needed for the students to get into. This was the start to life of B.C. Rogers Student Center, Self Hall, Hederman Science Building and also some pairs of residence halls. When the increase in thr students of law was seem, it was without the doubt for the MC to get itself a former law school which came as Jackson School of Law. If law had a building of its own then it was obvious for the business division to ask one for itself and thus the School Of Business was formed. Again the yaer 1992 saw MC get its hand into one forced-closed Clarke College due to a desparate gap in enrollments All these renovations and re-building was an unknown and obvious step of MC slowly turnin into a university.

Then came the fresh and exciting yet one challenging step, the 21st Century. When the number of the enrolling International Students did get on the front foot, the college was now facing the increase in rate of students at 60%. The demands of the new technology based era were catching up to MC’s Board of Trustees which lead to the adding of the Physician Program, a degree so rare that it got the MC to be the first ever institution of Mississippi to offer it to the students. When that was accomplished, Mc was now offering degrees in doctorates for the subjects relating to the Educational leadership and also the field of Professional Counceling. Being in the state of war for some considerable time has lead MC to become a socially active institute which has performed in about 45,000 hours of public service whenever hosting the Summer or Centrifuge camps for the students.

The Mississippi College has its academics as its plus point when compared to its competitors. Its Education System includes one Department of Kinesiology, Department of Teacher Education and Leadership, and the infamous Dyslexia Center along with the Department of Psychology and Counseling. The active part of MC, the School of Business has mainly four major departments (management, accounting, marketing and finance,) at both the levels undergraduate or graduate; And then there is The School of Christian Studies along with the Arts have the Department of Art, the Department of Music, the Department of Christian Studies and Philosophy along with the Department of Communications to its name.