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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

A senior college of the City University of New York based in the heart of United States, New York City ‘The John Jay College of Criminal Justice’ was established in the year 1964. Initially, the college was named ‘The College of Political Science (COPS) with a view to provide degree of political science. Soon after a year, the school renamed as ‘John Jay College of Criminal Justice’. John Jay was the first Chief Justice of United States Supreme Court. He is also renowned as one of the founding fathers of United States. John was a native of New York City and he had also been appointed as governor of the New York State. The first president appointed of the college was ‘Leonard E. Reisman’. He led the college as president from the year 1964 to 1970. From the year 1970, Donald Riddle took the responsibility of president.

The number of undergraduate students of the John Jay College was numbered to 2,600 in the year 1969. It started to increase slowly with increase in its facility. Total number of students rose to 8,600 in 1973. Between the period of 1970 to 1972, the size of faculty also increased to more than 200%. The college started to increase in tis facility and there came a sudden growth which helped to increase the number of students in the college. The curriculum also expanded into the liberal arts which includes he subjects like English, American Studies, Math and Chemistry. The president of the college ‘Riddle’ resigned from becoming the chancellor of University of Illinois at Chicago. From the year 1975, Gerald W. Lynch was appointed as acting president. The college operates its administrative function under The City University of New York (CUNY). Due to some fiscal crisis, City University Board of Trustees threatened to shut down the college in 1976. The faculty and administrative members of college came together to save the college. They decided to trim their budget to operate independently rather than merging with Baruch College. With the effort of President ‘Lynch’ established its first doctorate program which offers Ph.D. in the Criminal Justice. Just in the period of two decades, all the facilities and its curriculum started to evolve. In the year 1988, newly developed Haaren Hall was opened to all the students. John Jay became the victim of fiscal crisis during the year 1995. Due to the fiscal crisis, CUNY decided to cut down $162 million in state financing for the University. They decided to increase the tuition fees by $750 and offered retirement incentive plan for the faculty. During the unforgettable even of September 11, 2001 the college lost more than 60 alumni students. After that tragic event, they provided additional counseling for the students. The President ‘Lynch’ took retirement from the post of President in 2004. Jeremy Travis succeeded his position as a President. In September 2012, the college added ‘Macaulay College’ to advise on the programs for the top students. The college benefited with $5 million donation from the adjunct professor and alumnus ‘Dr. Andrew Shiva’.

John Jay college is specially known for its Criminal Justice Studies, forensic science programs and forensic psychology which is supported by liberal arts curriculum. This college has the ratio of 18:1 of the student and faculty. The retention rate of fresh students is 75.5% and there are total 865 faculty members employed in this college. Considering its quality education, U.S. News and Worlds Report ranked this college its Criminology graduate program at 10 in the whole nation and its Public Affairs graduate program at 59. There came a large a number of students each year to get admission in this college. However, in the recent time it is only admitting 47% applicants to its undergraduate programs. The students who got enrolled in the classes of this college include 97% from in-state and 3% from out-of-state. It also has four-year tuition scholarship which is considered as an academic gift to the students. This college is one of the members of selective Macaulay Honors College. There are numbers of research centers and institutes which focuses on the crime and justice. It has the research centers like Academy of Critical Incident Analysis, Center for Crime Prevention and Control, Center for Cybercrime Studies, Center on Media, Crime and Justice, Center on Terrorism, Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics and many more. The total number of undergraduate students and graduate students attending this college are 15,000 and 2000 respectively. It includes the students from Hispanic, African-American and other nationalities. The student’s body is governed by Student Council, faculty advisor, a Judicial Board and other voluntary student organizations. This college also participates in the athletics as one of the member of National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division III. It has separate sports for each season. The college students can enjoy the sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming, rifle, baseball and softball.

John Jay College gave awards of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees. This college has major subjects like Computer Information Systems in Criminal Justice and Public Administration, Correctional Studies, Criminal Justice Management(BS), Culture and Deviance Studies (BA), Economics, English, Forensic Psychology, Fire Science, Global History, Law and Society, Political Science and others. Likewise it has minor subjects Africa Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, Counseling, History, Mathematics, Sociology, Security Management and many more. The students can get the Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, International Crime and Justice, Protection Management, Forensic Science. John Jay college has six buildings: Haaren Hall, North Hall, Westport Building, BMW Building, 54th Street Annex and The New Building.

John Jay College has produced many renowned personal like Eric Adams, Edward Thomas Brady, Marcos Crespo, Eva Norvind, Ronald Rice, Kenneth P. Thompson, Dorothy Uhnak and others. This college will surely prove the best college for all the students who want to achieve their dream.