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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Johnson County Community College (JCCC) is a community college which is located in Overland Park, Kansas. The college is considered as the largest ‘undergraduate institution of higher education’ in the state of Kansas. Considering the emerging community college movement and rapidly growing population of ‘Johnson County, Kansas’, a committee was formed to examine the feasibility of establishing such an institution in 1963. In the year 1967, a ‘County-wide’ election was held and as a result of the voting the college was formally established. However, the college was established in 1969 after getting the approval from the Johnson County voters. The County voters approved total $12.9 million in bonds to acquire 200 acres of land in ‘Overland Park’. The construction process started in the year 1970. After two years of the construction, the classes and other operations were shifted to its new campus. In 2007, the college’s new buildings ‘the Regnier Center’ and ‘the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art’ was opened. An additional environmentally friendly building, ‘Galileo’s Pavislion’ was opened in 2012. This college is governed by seven member board of trustees who were elected from the community to four year terms.

JCCC is currently offering full range of ‘Undergraduate Credit Classes’. The students are also offered with an ‘Associate’s degrees’ which include the courses that are transferred into four year college or University. The Students enrolling in the college can get study the programs which help them to prepare for getting job in high employment fields. The class size of the college has the capacity of containing 25 to 30 students. This college also has over 100 transfer agreements with the regional colleges and Universities. The Universities and colleges assure the student’s admittance without losing time or credit. In the fall of 2011, more than 36% of the students enrolled in the college planned to transfer into another college or University. The college also provides over 51 and two year ‘Career degree’ and ‘Certificate programs’ which help students to prepare to get the job in the high employment fields. Currently, it has 1007 full time faculty and staff member. Most of the faculty members working in the college have ‘Masters Degrees’ and many of them also have earning doctorates. In fact, the faculty and staff members of the college have been awarded with many awards of excellence.

The large number of students visits this University from all over the United States each year to get admission. The college has open admissions policy. The students who want to get admission in the college should some follow process. Firstly, the students must file an application for admission and then they have to submit their official transcripts. The students are also required to complete an assessment process. The admission process for all the students is same. It doesn’t discriminate any of the students in getting admission in the college. Likewise, the college charges an affordable fee to all the students. The students are also benefited with some financial aid services, scholarships, grants and loans. Those students who want to apply for financial aid have to follow some steps. Firstly, the ‘federal processor’ will send a copy of ‘Student Aid Report (SAR)’ after applying for the financial aid. Then the students will receive an email to their stumail account from the college. After that they have to check their financial aid requirements. The students are also required to submit other documents.

JCCC is also famous for its well-managed library. In fact, the college is listed in the list of top 10 digitally sawy community colleges. Billington Library is the well-manage and well-facilitated library of the college. It provides sufficient resources to all the students. The students can also get the services like ‘Ask a Librarian’, ‘Interlibrary loan’, ‘Pay Library fines’, ‘Renew books’ and ‘Review my account’. Apart from its well-managed library, it also provides various technology services like ‘Student Computer Labs’, ‘Wireless Access’, ‘Printing fees’, ‘Create a Student Web Site’ and ‘Access Student Server Space’.

JCCC offers various sports like baseball, tennis, softball, cross country, golf, soccer and track. There are separate sports for both men and women. For women, there are various sports available like basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis, track and volleyball. The college’s athletic team ‘Johnson County Cavaliers’ participated in many sports event each year. Likewise, the college also serves as focal point for performing and visual arts entertainment. There are various performing arts like professional performance in which it include ‘Performing Arts Series’, ‘Performing Arts Series Arts Education’ and ‘Ruel Joyce and Jazz series’. The students can also enjoy from the music and theatre program. It also has academic visual arts like ‘Art History’, ‘Fine Arts’ and ‘Photography’.

The college provides various jobs and career services. For the students of the college, there is availability of Career Development Center. Through its career counseling, the students can find the way towards their goal. With its high quality education and various beneficial features, it has been successful to establish its name as one of the best colleges of United States. It’s his good reputation and best academic programs which has attracted the large number of students to get admission in the college. Since its establishment, it has been growing its facilities and academic programs. Till date, the college has produced many renowned personalities in the world like Ashley Aull, Miss Kansas USA, Tony Harris, Kit Pellow, Kevin Rathbun and Ed WIldmberger.