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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

UC Davis Centennial, University of California has successfully completed a 100 years of service and has already stepped on its second century to make records. The university was officially established on 1868 as a Land-Grant University. On the following year construction of the university was initiated and Henry Durant became the first president of the University of California, he was the first person to introduce dairy course at the university in 1879. Since the day of its construction, the university has been gone through many developmental changes as for the result the university has successfully made its second pace on 2nd century.

The University of California has been serving since a very long time with greater effectiveness. The university has been providing different study lines to its students. According to the college statistics, the college has successfully enrolled 34,175 students at the beginning of 2013 and 221,914 students are still living alumni with degrees. The university has been providing 100 undergraduate majors, 90 graduate programs. There are 10 million number of items the university library patrons have access to, including journals, music, maps, etc. On the addition to it there are 23 intercollegiate sports both for men and women. The university has been collecting funding from over $754 million on according to the research made in 2012-13 and it has $149 million private support at the end of 2013-14. Additionally the university is receiving $807 million total help from UC Davis endowment.

The whole University has been divided in to 4 colleges which includes different sectors as like Agricultural and environmental sciences, biological sciences, Engineering, letters and Science. It has also 6 professional schools under its command.

The college has been providing 45000 small health care every year and over 6 million people have been served by the UC Davis health system in 33 different countries over 65,000 square miles.

The University is known for its commitment to sustainability, standout academics and unmatched school spirit. This university is known as a global university, UC Davis and its community of faculty, students and staffs are dispersed throughout the state, nation and world. It’s some of the primary locations are as follows:

  • Davis campus
  • UC Davis Health System
  • Bodega Marine Laboratory
  • UC Davis San Diego Veterinary Medical Center
  • Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center in Tulare
  • Natural Reserve System
  • UC Research and Extension Centers
  • Tahoe Environmental Research Center

UC Davis University has been ranked at No. 8th among the nation’s top public research universities. This university is one of 10 campuses in the University of California. The world’s pre-eminent public university system, UC Davis is known for its academic excellence and global impact since a 100 years of duration.

The university has been carrying a mission to advance the human condition through imrproving the quality of life for all.

The university was founded officially on 1905 but it was only 1908, when the first students were admitted. After getting huge success in its academic performance, the University covered more than 5,300 acres as it university boundaries. The University also shares membership with Association of American Universities since 1996.

The university has been providing hope to parents of autistic children or identifying ways to feed the planet more sustainably, UC Davis is a major public resource. Our faculty, students and staff are involved locally, throughout the nation and internationally.

Talking about its further features, the university has been providing large mass of education to its students. Students from multiple countries enter the university to get degree with the help of its effective excellence. Davis University has been one of the most selective university in the history. Many students have been shortlisted the following University as their place to pursue their future education. Due to its commitment and effectiveness in its performance, it has been collecting students are high amount on every beginning of the year.

The University is not only famous for its education quality but also for its envolvment in various sports and other creative sectors. Davis University has been on the favorite list of huge mass of people. As the fact is the student always requires excellence in quality of education they are about to pursue. Thus the university can be the best option for those students.

Main feature about the university is, it provides education to its students later on it also gives opportunity to work directly with the public by any means. Here student can have every thing under single roof. So as the result the university is a whole world in it self. It has been successful in training new and fresh minds of students with creative approaches. The university is has also collected excellence in its research in different line.

As to summarize the features of the university in few lines then the university is itself a perfect platform to develop mind of new students. The university is known for its methodology to teach its learning students and also help them with other creative qualifications. Once a student is out of the university, he can feel proud on himself for making a perfect decision on life. After coming out of the university with great knowledge base line, they feel their life has been brightened with a glory and they feel their rest of the life delighted with knowledge and passion in work. They are perfect to help the world in way possible way.  Hence the UC Davis University of California can be best option to choose in upcoming years and further more. UC Davis University of California can be definitely the best option for students all over the world.