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Hinds Community College is a historically black, community college established in 1917. Hinds Community College sheltered in Raymond, Mississippi, United States is a prestigious educational institution of the United States. The Hinds Community College District puts in Hinds County, Claiborne County, which is fragment of Copiah County, Rankin County and Warren County. The College is the largest educational organization of the state sheltering nearly 32,000 students at its six different colleges. The college's glorious history is the combined effort of all the educational institutions working under it. All the academic and non-academic staffs has been contributing for the success of the Hinds Community College.

During the time of its establishment in 1917, the college was a small agricultural high school holding 117 students and eight faculty associates. When it was changed into junior college, it started college standard programs in 1922 and was attributed by the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools in the year 1926. The professional education program was offered by the college in the time of World War II and around fifteen years later in 1960, technical degree curriculum were put in by the college.

Branches were flourished in Jackson and Vicksburg in 1970s. The college moved a historical step when Utica Junior College (historically black college) was combined with Hinds Junior College in 1982 as fragment of a class action racial discrimination lawsuit.

The Pearl-Rankin Vocational/Career Center was established in Pearl in 1983 which served professional education along with college-level night courses, and now stands as Rankin Campus serving academic, technical, and career programs.

The College was expanding its branches and opened the Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center in the year 1984 which provided nursing, medical and dental courses. A Resource and Coordinating Unit for Economics Development (RCU) came in existence in 1988 in Raymond. In 1996 the Eagle Ridge Conference Center was established under the management of RCU.

Hinds Junior College was officially named as Hindus Community College in the year 1987. The college allied with two other educational institutions under the name Community College Network in 1994.

Hinds Community College provides various curriculum and programs to meet the need of the society and the taste of the students. Various colleges run under the management of Hinds Community College and they are:

-Academic /Technical Center, Jackson

-Nursing/Allied Health Center, Jackson

-Rankin Campus, Pearl

-Raymond Campus, Raymond

-Utica Campus, Utica

-Vicksburg-Warren Campus, Vicksburg

-Aviation Maintenance/Commercial Aviation, John Bell Williams Airport, Raymond

The college provides football, basketball, golf, track, tennis, and soccer programs for men and women are provided soccer, basketball, softball and tennis programs.

The college has widened the horizon of its working expanding its branches and preparing various plans and programs to make the education system effective and efficient.

Programs and Departments under Hinds Community College:

: Agriculture


-Academic Transfer Programs

-Agribusiness Mgmt. Tech.

-Veterinary Technology

-Meat Merchandising

-Organic Division


-Bull Test Station

-Livestock Judging Team

: Art

: Biology

: Business Administration

: Chemistry/Physics/Computer Science

: Education/Reading

: English/Modern Foreign Languages

: Health/Physical Education

: History/Philosophy/Political Science

: Family and Consumer Science

: Mathematics

: Music

: Psychology/Sociology/Criminal Science

: Speech/Dance/Theater

: Nursing

: Aviation

The students all around the world has chosen Hinds College as an effective and efficient means to guide their career toward success. The following steps are to be taken to get admission in the prestigious Hinds Community College.

-Complete a Hinds Community College Application for Admission.

-Submit an official high school transcript or GED transcript for academic and technical programs.

-Submit test scores.

-Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

-Complete an Application for Housing and submit it to the Housing Office address located on the application if you wish to get sheltered in the college.

-See a Hinds counselor to your first semester of enrollment.

-For getting admitted in a Nursing or Allied Health programs you are to contact that campus directly.

Thousands of students have been the part of Hinds Community College since the day of its establishment. It’s not an individual effort to guide the college through the path of success and build the glorious history it holds today. Among those thousands of students, some has been able to make an inerasable place in various fields.

Notable figure of Hinds Community College:

-John Bell Williams, former Governor of Mississippi

-Chad Bradford, MLB player

-Corey Bradford, NLF player

-Phil Bryant, 64th and current Governor of Mississippi

-John Copeland, NFL player

-Beasley Denson, former Tribal Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

-Faith Hill, Country music singer

-Grady Jackson, NFL player

-Earl Leggett, NFL player

-Leon Lett, Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl player

-Scott Mateer, former songwriter and radio disc jockey

-Ryan McBean, NFL player

-Michael Myers, NFL player

-Derek Newton, NFL player

-Greg Peterson, NFL player

-Trell Kimmons, Sprinter

-Fred Smoot, NFL player

-Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker book author.

The college holds the prestigious history of nearly a century. The college has established itself as one of the best educational institutions all around the world. Challenging owns capabilities and abilities the college has defined itself as a perfect example of success. The qualitative and effective education has dragged the students from various countries of the world. Students from countries like England, Germany, Japan, India, Australia, Spain, Mexico etc. have trusted this reliable educational institution as a best means to drive them toward their destiny. The college has prepared wide variation of programs and curriculum to meet the taste of every students and the educational system is managed in the way, that is within the reach of students belonging to various social, cultural and religion backgrounds. The college is a perfect definition of excellence and success, ant the evidence is its glorious history.