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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Huston Community College System is a community college system whose establishment was established in the year 1971. Located in Huston, Texas, United States, the prestigious Huston Community College System shelters six commuter educational institutions. Dr. Cesar Maldonado stands as the chancellor of the college which shelters 2,513 academic staffs and 945 administration staffs. The college is home for 57,364 students all across the United States. Nicknamed as HCCS the college is affiliated by SACS.

Officially the following educational institutions functions under the effective management of the prestigious Huston Community College System.

·         the Houston Independent School District,

·         the Stafford Municipal School District,

·         the Spring Branch Independent School District

·         the Alief Independent School District,

·         the North Forest Independent School District,

·         the portion of the Fort Bend Independent School District located within the territory of Missouri City.

The central campus of HCCS is located in Midtown Huston. The college has made a recognizable place in the fields of sports. The sports team of the college has sketched a considerable place in various competitions. Sports offered by the Huston Community College System.


·         Soccer (Men & Women)

·         Basketball (Men & Women)

·         Volleyball (Women)

·         Flag Football (Men)

·         Team Handball (Men & Women)

·         Golf (Men & Women)

·         Tennis (Men & Women)

·         Fitness (Men & Women)


The college has prepared a wide range of variation in its programs and curriculum. The programs of the Huston Community College System touch every possible field. Curriculum focuses the taste of the students and the society which shelters them. Huston Community College System believes that the quality education should be made available to everyone who wills to have it despite the various social, cultural, religious, geographical, ethnical and racial backgrounds.



A+ Certification - Certificate

Accounting - AAS

Accounting – Certificate

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician - Certificate

Advanced Welding - Certificate

Air Conditioning Technician I & II - Certificate

Allied Health/ Medical Assistant Track - AAS

Allied Health/Dental Assisting Track - AAS

Allied Health/PharmacyTechnicianTrack - AAS

Allied Health/Surgical Technology Track - AAS

Allied Health/Vocational Nursing Track - AAS

Applications Development - Microsoft C# Specialization - AAS

Applications Development - Visual Basic .NET Specialization - AAS

Applications Development-Java Specialization - AAS

Applications Development-Microsoft C++ Specialization - AAS

Associate in Arts - AA

Associate in Science - AS

Associate of Arts Anthropology - AA

Associate of Arts in Business - AA

Associate of Arts in English - AA

Associate of Arts in Teaching - AAT

Associate of Science Engineering Science - (ASES)

Atmospheric Corrosion - Certificate

Audio Recording Technology - AAS

Audio Recording Technology - Certificate

Auto body/Collision Repair Technician - Certificate

AutoCAD, I & II - Certificate

Automotive Technician - AAS

Automotive Technician - Certificate

Baker - Certificate

Baking and Pastry - AAS

Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - Certificate

Basic Electronics - Certificate

Basic Firefighter - Certificate

Basic Machining Technology - Certificate

Basic Peace Officer Licensing - Certificate Level I

Basic Peace Officer Licensing - Certificate Level II

Basic Welding Helper - Certificate

Bilingual Business Technology - Certificate

Bilingual Residential Wiring (Spanish And English) - Certificate

Biomedical Electronics Specialization - AAS

Biosafety - Certificate

Business Management - AAS

Business Management - Certificate

Business Management Entrepreneurship - Certificate

CCNA-CISCO Certified network associate - Certificate

CCNP-CISCO Certified network Professional - Certificate

Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM)) - Certificate

Certified Global Business Specialist - Marketable Skills Achievement Award

Child Development Administration - Certificate

Child Development Associate Training - Marketable Skills Achievement Award

CompTIA A+ Certification Training - Certificate

Computer-Aided Drafting - Piping Design Specialization - Certificate

Computer-Aided Drafting-Architectural Drafting Specialization - Certificate

Cosmetology Operator - Level II Certificate

Craft Management Specialization - AAS

Database Administration - Marketable Skills Achievement Award

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Advanced technical certificate

Diesel Preventative Maintenance - Marketable Skills Achievement Award

Digital Communication-Animation and Special Effects - Certificate

Digital Communication-Simulation and Animation Specialization Level II certificate

Drafting and Design Engineering Technology - Piping Design Specialization - AAS

Early Childhood - Certificate

Engineering Technology - Sustainable and Renewable Energy - Certificate

Fashion Merchandising - AAS

Filmmaking - Film/Video and Special Effects Specialization - AAS

Filmmaking - Film/Video and Special Effects Specialization - Level II Certificate


Various programs and courses are made available by the prestigious Huston Community College System which can be further and briefly analyzed in its official website.


The prestigious and historical Huston Community College System has sketches an irreplaceable place among the thousands of educational institutions existing all around the world. Emphasizing on quality education, the colleges under this educational system believes that the better future is possible through better education and has been serving qualitative and effective education to its students through educated, qualified and experienced teachers. Through the dedication and effort of long years the Huston Community College System has defined excellence. This prestigious educational institution has not only attracted students of the United States but also from various part of the world. The students all-round the world has believed in this institution as an effective and reliable means to guide them towards their goal.

Standing as the prefect reflection of stability and success, the Huston Community College System has expanded its working area stepping over the boundary of its establishment reasons. Huston Community College System has been contributing the world of education from the very first day of its establishment. The college system has sheltered the students who seek successful career through the means of effective and qualitative educational systems. The historical Huston Community College System stands at the peak of success and through its dedication of years.