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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Florida Gulf Coast University is a public educational institution established in the year 1991. The prestigious university holds the geographic location in Lee County, Florida, United states and is currently functioning under the presidency of Wilson G. Bradshaw. Ronald Toll is the provost of the university and the Florida Gulf Coast University functions with an endowment of $55.5 million. The college shelters 599 academic staffs, which includes 336 instructional and administrative departments and 164 adjunct departments (2006). 681 administrative staff, with 14,099 students is the part of Florida Gulf Coast University. 12,793 undergraduate and 989 postgraduates and 317 other students is sheltered by the university.

In the long years of it success, the university has been functioning holding a motto “Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom”. The Florida Gulf Coast University is nicknamed as Eagles. The university is a part of 12-colleges State University of Florida. Florida Gulf Coast University takes part in Atlantic Sun Conference in NCAA Division/Sports.  The prestigious university is affiliated by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and serves 51 varieties of bachelor’s, 29 masters and 6 different kinds of doctoral degrees.

The credit of establishing the Florida Gulf Coast University goes to former governor Lawton Chiles. The school’s existence was sketched for the very first time in the year 1991. The school’s first classes were introduced in 1997. Roy McTarnaghan stands as the very first president of the school. On May, 1991 Roy McTarnaghan resigned the post of Florida Gulf Coast University. The growth of the university caught its speed under the next president William C. Merwin. He was appointed as the president of Florida Gulf Coast University in July 1999. New curriculum and programs were introduced in the college under his presidency. He planned a old-style four year university but was based on modern technology and learning. New apartments were built, and the college was chasing the path of success in great speed. Wilson G.Bradshaw was appointed as the new president of Florida Gulf Coast University in 2007. The university saw the great expansion in curriculum and programs after this period. Four new halls were introduced.  The Florida Gulf Coast University also shelters a library in Fort Myres.

The college expanded its working horizon, challenging its own abilities and capabilities. The Florida Gulf Coast University presently shelter following college and schools under its management.

-College of Arts and Sciences was founded in the year 1995.

-College of Health and Professions was founded in the year 1997.

-College of Professional Studies was founded in 1997.

-College of Education was established in 2001.

-U.A Whitaker School of Engineering was established in the year 2005.

-Lutgert College of Business was established in the year 2008.

FGCU shelters several athletic teams.

·         Men's and Women's Golf

·         Men's and Women's Tennis

·         Men's and Women's Basketball

·         Women's Softball

·         Men's Baseball

·         Men's and Women's Cross Country

·         Women's Volleyball

·         Men's and Women's Soccer

·         Women's Swimming and Diving


The university has produced various renowned individual in various fields. Some of the notable alumni of the university:

·         Matt Caldwell: Florida state representative

·         Don Carman: Retired Major League Baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies

·         Casey Coleman: Professional baseball player 

·         Courtney Jolly: Professional monster truck driver

·         Sherwood Brown: Professional basketball player

·         Derek Lamely: Professional golfer

·         Chris Sale: Professional baseball player

·         Priscila Navarro: World-Class Peruvian Pianis

Various programs and curriculum are prepared by the university to meet the taste and preference of the students and the society which shelters them. The curriculums are diversified in such a way that it touches every possible field. The university believes that the light of education should remain in the reach of everyone who wills to tear the darkness of illiteracy.

Programs and curriculum:

-Accounting (B.S.)

-Anthropology (B.A)

-Athletic Training (B.S.AT)

- Biology-Accelerated (B.S.)

- Clinical Laboratory (B.S)

- Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

- Environmental Engineering (B.S.Env.E.)

- Resort and Hospitality Managemnt

- Secondary Biology Education (B.A.)

- Secondary Mathematics Education

- Secondary Social Science Education (B.A.)

- Community Health (B.S)

- Biology-Accelerated (B.S.)

- Software Engineering (B.S)

- Special Education (B.A.)

- Sociology (B.A.)

-Criminal Justice

- Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)

- Elementary Education (B.A.)

- Chemistry (B.A.)

- Communication (B.A.)

- Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

- Forensic Studies (B.S.)

Florida Gulf Coast University has sketched an irreplaceable space among the thousands of educational institution existing all around the world. The qualitative and effective education system of the university has not only attracted the students of the United States but also the students of countries all around the world. The students all around the world have trusted Florida Gulf Coast University as an effective means to guide them towards their destiny. Florida Gulf Coast University is the home of the students from various countries and various states of America. The determination and hard work of years have established this university among the best universities in the world. The university has defined excellence through its effort to serve effective education to its students.

The university has expanded its working area expanding the horizon of its programs. Challenging its own abilities and capabilities the university has been able to sketch the glorious history it holds today. It has not only attracted the students inside the United States by it qualitative, unique and effective education system but also the students around the world believe the university as a place to be who search bright future and successful career through the means of qualitative education. The well experienced and educated instructor of the university guides their students toward better future.