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Emory University is one of the private universities which is involved in the research activities. The University is located in Atlanta which is in the Druid Hills and in the section of Dekalb County, Georgia in the United States. Emory University was founded in the year 1836 which was in Oxford, Georgia and was named after the Methodist bishop John Emory. Then in the year of 1915, the president of Coca cola company, Asa Candler granted a land to the Emory university and was moved to the metropolitan of the Atlanta. The mission statement made by the college is “to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity.” The university has got many honors including different international awards and prizes which are credited from the faculty as well as the academic members. The university has got around 3000 working staffs and members. The known prize includes, Nobel prize, national Humanities Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Fellowship along with the membership in the American Academy of Arts & Science. Emory has also been in the National Academy of Sciences. Apart from that Emory has also been given the 20th spot for the national universities which was done by the U.S News & World report in the year 2014.

Emory has got different nine academic differences and is also divided as Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Gouizueta Business School, Oxford College, School of Medicine, School of Law, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Candler School of Theology and also Rollins School of Public Health. Along with those academic affiliations, Emory has got the religious affiliation with United Methodist Church. The recent reports has shown that Emory has got the undergraduates around 7836 and postgraduates of 6677. The Emory College of Arts and Science which was established in the year 1836 has the offering of five majors while the undergraduate students must have the general education and also requires perfection in various given topics which are humanities, physical and social science or the foreign language. Along with the majors the college also provides five year dual degree program which is in the subject of engineering and has got the association with the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Georgia University gives the Emory to enter the engineering classes. After the classes they attend, the student gets the degree from the Emory College and also an engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In the year 2012. Emory had got 17,493 applications and concluded with the acceptance of 26.5%. the average GPA from the applicants who gave their applications was 3.78 where they were entering Emory as a freshman. Among the applicants, the 87% entering the premises of Emory as a freshman was in the top ten from the graduation classes they attended. The Emory College has got 17,705 applications from the applications for the undergraduate class for the year 2017. The college has 26.5 percent rate for the acceptance of the application. The Oxford College has also got the acceptance for the undergraduates who want to apply for the Emory College of Arts and Science. The Oxford University which is situated with the Emory University has got 900 students. Generally the students enrolled in the Oxford graduate after they complete their four semesters and continue on their studies at Druid Hills campus. After the completion of their graduation they can still be in the Emory University as the juniors and then apply for the Goizueta School of Business or they can also choose Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

Goizueta Business School was named in the year 1990 by the Emory University. The business school has got the offering for the undergraduates for the Bachelor of Business Administration program and also for the Masters in the Business Administration. The College has also provided for the choice of PhD. In the year of 2012 there were 717 undergraduate students who were active in the Goizueta school along with 795 graduate students. The MBA graduates in the year had ninety eight percent of job offers where ninety six percent of the graduated students took the job offer. Emory University has also provided Doctor of Law Degree in the Emory University of Law. The University has also provided Doctoral of Juridical Science which is one of the double degrees. In the year of 2012 there were 889 students who had been enrolled in the School of law. There were 3944 applications for the year of 2015 and among them 253 applicants got enrolled in the school of Law. The average GPA of the applicants was 3.7 where as the LSAT score was 165. Emory University School of Medicine has also developed the courses for the medicine which is for the James B. Williams Medical Education Building. The School of Medicine had been opened in the year 2007.

Along with the academic functions in the Emory University, the University has been one of the top school which was ranked in the U.S News & World Report. The varsity team of Emory University are also the members of the NCAA’s Division III University Athletic Association. However the University does not has its own football team. The Emory University has also got numbers of club sports and different associations while it conducts different recreational activities for the students enrolled in the University. The Emory University has also been associated with Carter center. The Carter center is a non-profit organization which was formed by the former president of U.S Jimmy Carter. The current president of the Emory University is James W. Wagner.