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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Emily Griffith Technical College is a renowned college located in 1250 Welton Street, Denver County, Colorado, 80205, United States.  The college established in 1916 with the name “Opportunity School” has been serving qualitative education since then with the motto “Opportunities for All Who Wish to Learn”. The college was founded by Emily Griffith. Later in 19933, the college was renamed and named after her. Affiliated with Denver Public Schools, the college offers an alternative high school programs. Emily Griffith Technical College is the part of the Colorado Community College System.

Emily Griffith (1868-1947) with a dream of opening a school to serve the education to the people of all ages accomplished her dream in May 1916, when she received the condemned Longfellow School at 13th and Welton Streets from the Denver Board of Education and opened Opportunity School on September 9, 1916.

The college was crawling along the path of success, and by 1954 the college served 10,000 students annually holding more than 400,000 alumni. Public television in Denver, managed by Jim Case signed on January 30, 1956 from a studio in an auto body shop at the school. When the funding from Denver Public Schools caught the past of decrease, the schools was forced to begin charging Denver residents tuition in 1991.

To meet the demand and needs of the community, the college changed its courses adding more English as a Second Language and health care courses and closing programs in shoe repair, audio/visual electronics, and precision machining in the mid-1990s. The school’s aircraft mechanics programs were moved to Front Range Airport in 2003 after the closing of Stapleton International Airport where the programs were carried on previously.

The school’s campus is located in Colorado, and the auto shops, custodian training classrooms, tutoring labs and Emily’s Coffee are sheltered under Glenarm Building situated behind the main building.

Emily Griffith Foundation established in 1990 organized by board of directors, board members who were business and industry leaders, educators, and community representatives provided financial assistant to Emily Griffith Technical College.

Emily Griffith Technical College serving around 3,000 students a year is organized into nine different areas of study:  the Apprenticeships Training Division, the College of Business and Technology, the Corporate Training Division, the College of Design Industries, the Extended Learning Division, the Language Learning Center, and Emily Griffith High School. The Language Learning Center stands as the largest English as a Second Language program in Denver.

Emily Griffith Technical College serves programs and curriculum in the areas of apprenticeships, business, design, health, and trades, along with continuing education, GED, and English Classes to help their students to boost themselves to reach their destiny. 500 online classes are also served to the students available in the internet and find it convenient way to study.

Programs under Emily Griffith Technical College:

: Apprenticeship Training Division

-Bricklayer Apprenticeship

-Carpenter Apprenticeship

-Carpet and Tile Layer

-Certified Chef Apprenticeship

-Electrician Apprenticeship

-Glazier Apprenticeship

-Ironworker Apprenticeship

-Operating Engineering

- Apprenticeship

-Painter Apprenticeship

-Pipefitters Apprenticeship

-Plumber Apprenticeship

-Sheetmetal worker

- Apprenticeship

-Voice Data Video Technician

- Apprenticeship

: College of Business and Technology


-Computer Networking

-Desktop Support Technician

-Event Planning

-Geographic Information System

-Legal Office

-Office Administration

-Real Estate

-Video Production and Editing

: College of Creative Arts and Design



-Culinary Arts


-Professional Sewing and Fashion

-Professional Barking and Design

: College of Health Sciences

-Dental Assisting

-Medical Assisting

-Medical Clerical

-Nurse Assisting

-Pharmacy Technician


-Practical Nursing

: College of Trades and Industry

-Automotive Collision Repair

-Automotive Services Repair

-Automotive Service

-Building Trades Technology

-CAD-Building Information


-Custodian Maintenance


-Manufacturing Technology

-Water Quality Management


: Continuing Education

-Crafts/Hobbies/Creative Arts

-Health and Wellness

-Online Learning

-Professional Development for Teachers


Emily Griffith Technical College stands as Colorado’s most unique public college, which shelters a wide range of diversity in its programs.  It offers more than 500 courses. The college has assisted more than 1.6 million students since their establishment and has sketched a reputation for being one of the region’s most diverse learning institutions.

With glorious history of nearly a century the college has expanded the horizon of its success through its determination, hard work, and effort. Walking the path sketched by Emily Griffith serving every students of various ethnical, cultural and religious backgrounds. Emily Griffith Technical College has established itself at the best place to be for those who wish to learn and expand their horizons and chart their own course of success and abilities.

The college doesn’t charge for admissions applications. The following steps are to be followed to get the admission in the prestigious Emily Griffith Technical College.

Steps to Get Started:

Step 1- Complete Free Online Application

Step 2- Take Assessment

Step 3- Orientation

Step 4- Apply for Financial Aid

Step 5- Meet your Advisor

Step 6- Register for Classes

Step 7- Pay for Classes

Step 8- Buy Books and Tools

Students all around the world take Emily Griffith Technical College as one of the most effective means to guide them to their goals. The college not only shelters the students within the United States but also the college has been the center of attraction to the students all around the world. The students from counties like England, Germany, Australia, India, China, and many more are sheltered under the historical and prestigious Emily Griffith Technical College. The college also provides scholarships to the deserving students. The further information about the Emily Griffith Technical College can be found in its official website “emilygriffith.edu”.