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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Creighton University is located in Omaha Nebraska. University has been offering a top-ranked Jesuit Education to its student who wants to achieve something meaningful and worthy in their lives. The University provides supportive community which has been committed to Jesuit, Catholic values and traditions. The university had been founded in 1878 and is one of the best 28 Jesuit colleges in the U.S. there are more than 8,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students in Creighton University. The university is responsible for providing powerful education in different fields such as arts and sciences, law and business with health science programs in dentistry, and further many more. The university has been enlisted as most searched universities for effective studies and quality in education.

Turning back to its history, on September 2, 1878, only five Jesuits , two teachers and 120 students had taken the initiation credit of Creighton College. At present more than 8000 students are attending the University for qualitative Education. Creighton University is one of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S. Although it was established in 1878 as College of Arts and Sciences but still it’s the largest division at Creighton. The University is formally housed in the University’s original building, Creighton Hall which was formally known as the Administration Building.

Creighton University is one of the best colleges of America and probably the best place for its students. It has best environment required. This university is one of the top Midwest universities with an offer of best Jesuit education. It has been serving its members for quite long time. it has been carrying a mission to support intellectual, social and spiritual growth along with educational journey.  The college has been dedicated to offer excellence for its undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

Talking about its features in detail, being one of the best colleges of 2014 is itself a challenge for the university but it has achieved on the basis of tis mission and dedications on the way to enhance excellence. The university is responsible for providing powerful education in different fields such as arts and sciences, law and business with health science programs in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, occupational and physical therapy, public health and emergency medical services. Being one of the best kind Creighton offers educational goals seamlessly from prestigious undergraduate programs to esteemed graduate professional studies. This college is probably one of the best diverse campuses. This college has been on the top level of competition with other colleges on the matter of quality and effectiveness. After some research it has been concluded that there is no other combination with its excellence in entire country colleges.  The university is also providing online courses to its students and with different programs such as from minor to masters and doctors.

Enlisting its achievements till the date, the university has already collected numerous rankings in the history. Some of those appreciations are like

  • One of the best colleges of 2014
  • A college of distinction
  • America’s Best Colleges
  • Was selected as 2014 Goldwater Scholars
  • Has achieved President’s Award for Community Service
  • Achieved Fair Trade status as of Fair Trade Colleges and Universities

College members have been providing motivational environment for its students as they think students should know environment of skills in excellent way so that they can make different impact on world and remain happy throughout their lives.

Now talking about University principles which it has been following since 1878, the university education and facility has been valuing the demands of its students in dramatic manner. Faculty members conduct research to enhance teaching to contribute to the betterment of society and to discover new knowledge. Besides that faculty and staff are subjected to stimulate critical and creative thinking and provide effective ethical prospective for dealing with an increasing complex world. Creighton is a wonderful place for students, faculty and its staff to live and learn. Excellence is basic need of college and most probably primary requirement as well. Comprehensive and powerful education is main motive of the university to hand over to its students.

Now summarizing the entire college detail, Creighton University is one of best colleges for Jesuit. It has best environment for its students to study. It is enlisted as one of the most selective and searched universities till the date. It has been providing an advanced degree in very competitive environment. Basically the principle which the university has been holding since 1878 is very much promising and reliable. As the result students from various places come to this university to pursue their education thirst.

Creighton University is the only college which has won different appreciations from different sectors till the date. There are more than 17000 Jesuits serving around the world after completing degree from this college. It has been helping those students who wants to contribute something meaningful and worthy to the world. This the place where students and faculty staff thrive in a supportive community committed to Jesuit, catholic values and traditions. This is the place where students are taught to be a leader in their lives. They are taught to learn under friendly environment and explore themselves in every possible means.

In short, Creighton University is best place to choose for study. Once it is selected it will be the best decision ever made in life. Because time spent learning is most precious thing to achieve in our life. This place is full of miracle to be surprised on every single day.