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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

The University of Colorado, Boulder which is widely known just for CU-Boulder is one of the research University for the Public which is situated in the Boulder of Colorado in United States. The university is the associate university of the University of Colorado system. The college was established in the year of 1876 and five months later, the state of Colorado had been admitted to the list of the union. The college was established in the past era and has got the motto in Greek sign. The motto has got the meaning in English language as Let Your Light Shine. The Public Ivies: America’s Flagship Universities has also considered the Colorado University as one of the Public Ivy League Schools among the thirty colleges. The chancellor of the Colorado University is Phil DiStefano while the current working president of the Colorado University is Bruce D. Benson. The university has got association with nine other colleges and also schools while it has got offerings for more than 150 programs related to the academics. Talking about the faculty members from the present and also the history, the university has affiliated 18 astronauts, nine MacArthur Fellows and also Eleven Laureates. Till the fall of the year 2013, the university of Colorado has got 31,702 students enrolled, while from the enrolled students, 25981 students were undergraduates and 5721 students were the postgraduates. The provost of the college is Russel Moore while the Chair of the Board of the Regents is Steve Bosley. The University currently has got 1,075 working academic staffs.

The university has been divided into several colleges and also schools among which the College of the Arts and the Sciences has been the largest among the associated college. The University of Colorado has also been associated with the College of Engineering along with the applied Science. Some other associated colleges and schools has been the school of Architecture and also Planning, Music, law, Education along with the Leeds School of Business. The associated colleges from the University of Colorado has also got the offerings of several masters programs as well as doctorate programs. The University has got the offerings for about 3,400 courses. The courses provided are in over 150 disciplines and which has got the associative of 85 major courses which is from the Accounting to the Women Studies. Talking about the University of Colorado, it is the smallest of the colleges which is also selective. Some other associated colleges of the Colorado University are Leeds School of Business. The Leeds School of Business has got the enrollment of 3,300 students which has got the offerings for the master’s  along with the Ph.D and also for the undergraduates. The program for the undergraduates has been listed in the position of the 39th in the United States. Along with that the undergraduate entrepreneurship program has been ranked on the 14th position while the MBA program has been on the 26th position. While the overall faculty has been ranked on the 26th position which is among the public universities. According to the Academy of Management Journal, the university has been ranked on the 38th position in the United States.

CU-Boulder agreed to an honor code in the year of 2000 subsequent on the increase concerns about educational deceitfulness on campus in the late 1990s. A copy of the code stating "On my reputation, as a University of Colorado Boulder student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work" is imprinted on a metal plate and positioned in every classroom on campus.

Undergraduates who look for an academic challenge may involve themselves in CU's Honors Program. Begun in 1931, the Honors Program at present consists of the top ten percent of homeward bound freshmen and participating undergraduates with a 3.3 GPA or greater (on a 4.0 scale). The program offers over 40 honors classes each semester taught by experienced professors and limited to class sizes of 15 students. Honors students also have the chance to graduate with honors, high honors, and highest honors, by writing and shielding a theory during their senior year. The program enlarges into the residence halls all the way through the Kittredge Honors Program. The Presidents Leadership Class is a line up for top intellectuals at the University of Colorado Boulder. Scholars play a part in a four-year leadership development program. The program makes opportunities available to the top fifty students at CU from every foremost course and authority.

One alternative for students living on campus is to join a inhabited educational program (RAP). Each RAP centers on a curricular theme, and present courses in the house hall itself. The programs also consist of educational activities. Aerospace engineering was positioned 16th, the entrepreneurship curriculum in the Leeds School of Business was attached for 18th, and the ecological manufacturing line up was ranked 18th among public undergraduate area of expertise programs in U.S. News & World Report's 2010 America's Best Colleges subject.

The Colorado University has also got many options for the sports as it has got the largest sports club department in the United States as it has got over 30 club teams which has got the sports service for both the men and also the women. The sports activities include the swimming and diving which is categorized as the ultimate sports. The Colorado University also has the facility for the men’s and the women’s lacrosse along with facilities for baseball, softball, ice hockey and also a union which is for the rugby. The Colorado University also organizes the Colorado University Triathlon and also has its own team.