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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Clarkson College is one of the private colleges which is established with a non-profit motive. The college was established in the year of 1888 and is currently situated in Omaha of the Nebraska state. The Clarkson College provides the courses in the college premises and also through online. The current working president of the Clarkson College is Dr. Louis Burgher. The Clarkson College has currently got 1200 students enrolled. The College has got several offerings which are for the undergraduates and also for the graduate degrees. The Clarkson College has got these degrees which are mainly with the health and the medical sciences. The different fields where the college focuses are in medical imaging, nursing, imaging informatics, Radiologic technology, and physical therapist assistant, health care business and also for the professional development. The Clarkson College has got the affiliation with the Nebraska Medical Center and also with the Episcopal Church. The above mentioned enrollment of the students has been in the year of 2012. At the time of the foundation of the college it was established at the Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital and had the offering for the two year nursing program then in the year of 1902 the college developed the program and enhanced it into three year nurses’ training school. The college had been closed in 1995 as it faced financial problems and then in the year of 1960 due to heavy donation amount, the college got to open again in the year of 1960. Then in the year of 1970, the college also started taking admissions for the male and after a decade it got the official approval from the North Central Association and also from the National league for Nursing. After that some several programs also had been added to the programs of the Clarkson College. The affiliations with other institutions are with Nebraska Medical Center which is located at The Episcopal Church and has got the approval from the The Higher Learning Commission which is from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Clarkson college has got its own mission and also different values. The College states that it has got the mission to prepare the students for the professionalism in the health care services and to provide it with high quality along with concerned and principled services. Along with the mission, Clarkson also has got its own learning values as it gives perfect learning experience to the enrolled students with a great dedication to the students. The college has got extraordinary quality and also provides unique performance level. The college also has got its own admission procedure as it has got the intakes in the fall, with the spring and also in the summer.

The Clarkson College has got various offerings for the courses and also provides online education. The online study services has given a great help to the distant learners and the students. Along with that the flexibility among the students also increase whereas the college also claims that 90 percent of the enrolled students at the Clarkson has been involved at one online course which is in each semester. Along with that the college also has got reliable online services where the students and the students are also well acknowledged and has got good interaction. There is also a policy to the instructors for the online services. The instructors need to respond to the students within 2 days but most of the students get their answers in a day whereas the online services has got its own updates and several programs too. The technical support and the new features from the online study service has given the students to be compatible with the learning and the courses too.

The nursing program in the Clarkson College has got the offerings for the practical nursing program which is a nursing diploma, along with the Bachelors of science in Nursing (BSN) and also the Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN). The nursing course also gives the option for the Doctor of Nursing Practice and also for the Post-Master’s certificate. The Practical Nursing program which is in the part time basis gives the students to acquire diploma and also provides the eligibility to the students to take the PN licensure exam (NCLEX-PN). The Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) has got five several options for the program which is for the graduations which are:

·         Family Nurse Practitioner

·         Adult–Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

·         Nursing Education

·         Nursing Health Care Administration

·         Nurse Anesthesia

The students who has already achieved the Master of science in nursing degree has got the option for other programs like Adult-Gerontology Primary Nurse practitioner, Family Nurse practitioner and also in the Nursing Education and the Nursing Health Care Administration. The program which is titled the Doctor of Nursing Practice has been formulated for the registered nurses in the Master’s degree for the delivery systems in the improvement of the health care. Along with the programs for the bachelors and the masters degree, it has also got the dual degree program. The enrolled students can carry on their study for the four year degree after the completion of the Associate’s degree program. Some of the dual programs provided by the Clarkson College is Bachelor of science degree in the Health Care Business which also has the majors ij the Health care services or in the management. The mentioned degree can only be picked after the students complete their Associate of the Science degree.