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Charter College is a post-secondary career college founded in Anchorage, Alaska. Charter College has campuses in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska, four campuses in California, and four campuses in Washington, as well as an online campus. The college was founded in 1985 by Doctor Milton Byrd, former Provost at Florida International University and President of Chicago State University. Charter College offers a broad range of career-focused education in the growing fields of Business, Criminal Justice, Health Care, Information Technology, and Construction Management. Not all campuses offer all the programs available.

Programs provided by the University are as follows:

  • Certificates Degree Programs
  • Associates Degree Programs
  • Bachelor Degree Programs

Students who achieve a cumulative G.P.A of 4.0 and Perfect Attendance in all subjects by the end of their program duration are awarded the bachelor's degree President's List. Those who achieve a cumulative G.P.A 4.0 and Perfect Attendance per module are awarded a Dean's List. And those who achieve a cumulative G.P.A 3.5 per module are awarded Associates Dean's List. Likewise those students achieve perfect attendance per module are awarded Perfect Attendance Certificates for the concerned module.

Charter College also awards on the Honors degree for Bachelor's students. To earn this degree, students must complete all the requirements for their Program, including taking a series of interviews. This distinction is coupled with a membership to Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Charter College's Student Success Department is an integral part of Student Life. Four parties are thrown each year for the students, including a Bowling Party, Christmas Party, LAN Party, and Picnic. Also, food is provided the first and last week of each Module and at the midpoint of each module. Environmental sustainability is an integral part of Charter College's future. All campuses are required to comply with the system wide "Green Initiative" which has many sections, including energy effiecient lighting, recycling programs, etc. Also, Charter College's Construction Management Department offers a course in Sustainability as part of the program and with this change will recommend that all Construction students become LEED AP.

Charter College strives to be a leader in private post-secondary, career-focused education, serving a diverse population in a student-centered and collaborative learning environment, while assisting graduates to advance, enrich, or change their careers.

Today, Charter College has eleven on ground campuses in Alaska, Washington and California. We offer 30 different career-focused programs in a variety of fast-growing sectors. You’ll find master degree, bachelor degree, associate degree and certificate programs in health care, business, information technology, criminal justice, the legal field, and select vocational programs. All programs are carefully developed to provide career growth and employment opportunity.

At Charter College, an education that is focused on growing career fields where trained professionals are in demand is provided. An accelerated program gets students out of the classroom and into the workplace faster, armed with the skills they need to be successful.

 An OPEID refers to a U.S. Department of Education assigned number that is used to identify a school. Importantly, an OPEID number may be used in reference to a single school or a family of schools. The program information listed here shows information for schools that share an OPEID number unless indicated otherwise.

The U.S. Department of Education requires all institutions of higher learning to publish an annual Campus Security and Drug-Free Campus/Workplace report to all students and employees. The report contains the following information:

·      Emergency Response Plan

·      Security & Access to facilities

·      Crime Awarness and Prevention

·      Disciplinary Referrals

·      Sex Offenders/ Sex Offenses

If you have a certificate or significant coursework in a business, health care, or trades program, you could be in a great position to advance your career with a degree completion program from Charter College. Each program applies credits you have already earned toward your degree so you can finish in as little as five months. Courses are taught online with the resources of a nearby land campus. This enables students to continue working and taking care of personal responsibilities with access to in-person support and resources when they need it.

Charter College has introduced an innovative new curriculum model that combines a hands-on classroom experience with online education.  With Charter College Blended Learning, students come to campus just two days a week, saving daily travel time and expenses and providing the flexibility to work and manage family life while attending school. The rest of their studies are completed online anywhere, anytime.

The blended learning model has been proven to be the most effective way for students to learn. A U.S. Department of Education study found that students who had a blended  curriculum performed better than students in traditional settings.

Charter College believes this is the model of the future for post-secondary education because it has the ability to meet the needs of a much broader group of students than traditional education. It is also proving to be a more effective way to prepare for a new career.

All programs with a hands-on learning component are offered in the Blended Learning format. These include: Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting, Registered Nursing, Medical Office Administration, Pharmacy Technician, Welding, HVAC/R, and Industrial Maintenenace Technician.

Charter College recognizes the financial challenges of pursuing a college education. To help current and former service members, and their spouses, more easily reach their education goals, Charter College offers a Military Tuition Discount.The 25% discount on tuition applies to military Veterans, active service members, and their spouses. Current and newly enrolled students may apply for the discount that will be applied to remaining unbilled tuition.