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capella university.edu

By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Capella University is one of the profit based college which is situated in Minneapolis in Minnesota. The University is widely recognized for the education they give through online while most of the degrees can also be done through the online process. The current president of the University is Scott Kinney while there are more than 1519 faculty administrators. The University is from the association of the Capella Education Company while it has got several major subjects offerings. At the beginning the Capella University as founded from the name of The Graduate School of America in the year of 1993. The University was established by Dr, Harold Abel along with Stephen Shank who is the former CEO of Tonka. Harold Abel was the first president of the Capella University. He was the former president of Castleton State College, Walden University and also Central Michigan University. Then in the year of 1997 it got its approval and was renamed to Capella University.

After the college was renamed to Capella University from Capella Education Company, in the year of 2000 it started to provide bachelor’s degree program. After that in the year of 2006 it got the certified approval from the NASDAQ:CPLA and was considered as a public traded company. Then after that in the year of 2007 it was also considered as one of the higher education institutions from the 86 other institutions from the United States which got the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) which was from the National Security Agency (NSA). The given designation is valid till 2012 which was from the year 2007. Then on the month of March in the year 2008 got to expand its office and the recently owned building was named Capella Tower.

About the enrollment of the Capella University it had made an open enrollment until the month of November in the year 2010 where the applicants could apply although they had got poor diploma from the high school. The enrollment was made for the scholar admission.  At present, undergraduate applicants who do not have any recognition qualified for transfer must successfully complete a university-approved assessment to be considered for admission. Capella's enrollment is collected mainly of graduate students as well as 45 percent MS/MBA students and 31 percent PhD/PsyDdoctoral students. The undergraduate residents of Capella makes up 23 percent of the student organization. Less than one percent are of the students are working on certificate programs. The average age of a Capella student is 40. Ninety-five percent of students are registered part-time,where 74 percent are female, and 54 percent are national minorities. The University also provides a certain number of credits from the learning program they get involved in and also provides the college credit which gives the students a learning with experience.

Apart from the subjects they offer, the Capella University also has the offerings for the advance course where they can get involved. According to the survey done to the Capella students it was revealed that 80 percent of the students felt that they had got good impact on their jobs from the academic achievement. Along with that, capella also gives the distance education as they provide doctoral degree for the candidates enrolled. Capella University has also been the institution which is considered as one of the leading academic institutions which offers distance PhD from the past 20 years. Currently Capella has got several subjects offerings and in the field of Business and Technology it has provided a great online experience for the students enrolled in the university. It has also been considered as the leading online university for 20 years. Talking about the bachelor’s program that Capella provides are in the field of Business, Psychology, Information Technology, Public Safety. Health Care and also in Nursing. Whereas the doctorates and for acquiring the Master’s certificate the offerings are made in the majors like Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, Health Care, Business, Public safety, Counseling, P-12 and also in several courses.

Capella has also been listed in numerous categories while it has been in the 246th spot which was from the 277 colleges and universities in the U.S News and the World’s Report High School Counselor Rankings.  The study of high school analysts asked high school counselors to rank U.S. colleges on a range of one to five for their eminence of undergraduate education. It was mannered in spring 2011 and spring of 2012.Capella University ranked number 23 (out of 30) in Guide to Online Schools.com's 2012 Online College Rankings] The rankings evaluate admissions rates, maintenance rates, student reaction and cost of online colleges. According to the 2010 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Capella go beyond the national standard among colleges and universities in the level of academic confront offered to its students and also in providing a encouraging campus environment.

Capella University also faced some controversies as  the United States Department of Education, Office of the Inspector General (OIG) began a observance audit of Capella. OIG focused on the university's rules and dealings with reference to the return of Title IV funds as it was made essential by Federal Law for students who was unsuccessful to give official notice that they were moving back from the school. The OIG also figured that capella had done some accounting errors in calculating students fund and also included the failure of the returning of the funds. Capella, in a reply to the audit, says it distinguishes some past deficiencies in its accounting performance and has made changes to make sure that such blunders are not recurring.