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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (BPI) stands as a public higher secondary school who serves programs and curriculum in school level (9-12). The school was established in the year 1883 and holds a geographic location of 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane Baltimore, Maryland 21209. The urban school is currently functioning with an enrollment of 1,481 students. Mrs. Jacqueline Williams is the current principal of prestigious and historical Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. During the time of its establishment the college was all-male trade school but now it stands as a polytechnic. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute includes mathematics, sciences and engineering in its curriculum. Western High School stands as a sister school of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and is situated at the same place of BPI sharing various facilities together.

The year 1883 is written in the pages of history as a year of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute establishment. When Joshua Plaskitt appealed the Baltimore City official to create a school based in engineering programs. At its very earlier days, the school was known as Baltimore Manual Training School which held its first classes with an appearance of sixty male students. The school was renamed as Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in the year 1890. Dr. Richard Grady, Lt. John d. Ford and William King were the first principal if this historical educational institution. The school’s development caught the speed of fire and various buildings were constructed to meet the demand of the students. Various new curriculum and programs were offered to the students. Holding a glorious and long history of nearly one and a half century, the school has proven the world that nothing can shake the foundation of an institution if it carries out its work with full determination, hard work, concentrating in nothing but success. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has made an irreplaceable space among the various educational institutions working throughout the world. The qualitative and effective education system of the college has not only attracted the students of the United States but also the students of countries all around the world. The students all around the world have believed Baltimore Polytechnic Institute as a reliable means to guide them towards their destiny. The determination and hard work of years have established this institute among the best institutions existing all around the world. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has defined excellence through its effort to serve effective education to its students. The institute has expanded its working area expanding the horizon of its programs.

Various individual serves as a principal of this glorious institute. A huge credit of expansion and continuation of this institute since the very first day goes to these people who served as the president of the institute. The school’s development was rapid during some period and some time it slowed down but these individual carried a significant role to build Baltimore Polytechnic Institute of today.

Principals of prestigious Baltimore Polytechnic Institute:

·         Dr. Richard Grady (1883–1886)

·         Lt. John D. Ford (1886–1890)

·         Lieutenant William King (1890–1921)

·         Dr. Wilmer Dehuff (1921–1958)

·         Claude Burkert (1958–1969)

·         William Gerardi (1969–1980)

·         Zeney Jacobs (1980–1984)

·         Gary Thrift (1984–1985)

·         John Dohler (1985–1990)

·         Barbara Stricklin (1990–1991)

·         Dr. Albert Strickland (1991–1994)

·         Ian Cohen (1994–2003)

·         Sharon Kanter (2003–2004)

·         Dr. Barney Wilson (2004–2010)

·         Matthew Woolston (2010–2011)

·         Jacqueline Williams (2011–present)



The college comprises various faculties and facilities to its students. The college believes that the overall development of its students is possible only through preparing diversified curriculums. This belief has guided the institute to the height of success it stands today.

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute has prepared a wide range of programs and curriculum available to its students. Programs are prepared in such a way that it remains in the reach of every individual belonging to various social, cultural, religious, ethical, geographical backgrounds. The college believes that the quality education should be made available to everyone who wants to have it. The course and programs touches various fields possible of study to meet the taste of the students.

Programs and Curriculum in Baltimore Polytechnic Institute:


Grade Nine:

English I

Algebra I or II

Biology I

World History

Modern Language

Semester Pairs:

Health/Phys. Education

Fundamentals of Engineering

Grade Ten:

English II

Algebra II or Probability-Statistics/Trig


American Government

Modern Language

Chemistry I

CAD/Physical Ed

Grade Eleven:

English III

U.S. History or A.P. U.S. History


Math Analysis/Calculus I or Pre- Calculus

Science, Technology, and Society (sem.)

Marine Biology or Architectural Drawing (sem.)

Fine Arts

Grade Twelve:

English IV (A.P. Available)

Calculus (Intro. Advanced, or A.P.)


Senior year only electives comprise: Material Processing, Economics, Discrete Mathematics, Lifeguarding, Publications (year course), or a "cross-over" from science or engineering, as space licenses. 

Grade Twelve Option Core:

Science Option:

Chemistry II/Organic Chemistry or A.P. Chemistry plus Biology (ii or A.P.) or A.P Physics

Advanced Physics (Electricity)

Environment Science, Genetics, Anatomy/Physiology, and Earth System or Science Research (replace 2)

Engineering Option:

Engineering Practicum

Electricity/Mechanics, Surveying, CAD, and Environmental Science Chemistry (II or A.P.) or A.P. Physics may be used to replace some of these.

Challenging its own abilities and capabilities the college has been able to sketch the glorious history it holds today. It has not only attracted the students inside the United States by it qualitative, unique and effective education system but also the students around the world believe the college as a place to be who search bright future and successful career through the means of qualitative education. The well experienced and educated instructor of the institute guides their students toward better future.