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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

One of the renowned Universities of United States, ‘Biola University’ is a private, evangelical Christian University which is located in La Mirada, U.S. The University was founded as the ‘Bible Institute of Los Angeles’ by Lyman Stewart, Thomas C. Horton and Augustus B. Prichard in the year 1908. The school appointed ‘R.A. Torrey as a dean in the year 1912. After a year, the school started construction of a new building at the corner of Sixth and Hope St. based in downtown Los Angeles. The building included 3,500 seat auditorium and two large neon signs on the top of building. The institute started to offer a diploma course after the completion of two year curriculum. In 1949, the institution changed its name as ‘Biola College’. After operating with the name of ‘Biola College’ for 32 years, the institute finally changed its name to ‘Biola University’. In September 28, 1923, one of the founders of the institute, ‘Lyman Stewart’ died. After ten months, Reuben Torrey gave his resignation from the post of dean. Joseph Irvine held the responsibility of president after Reuben Torrey resigned from the post of president. On April 3, 1925, John Murdoch Maclnnis was appointed as school’s second dean. Maclnnis was force to resign from the post of dean on December 31, 1928. The institution suffered from serious financial difficulties during the period of ‘Great Depression’. After two decades, Biola University added various academic programs. As a result, ‘Talbot Theological Seminary’ became its first graduate school. In the year 1983, it further added a ‘School of Intercultural Studies’. Two more schools were established ‘School of Business’ in 1993 and ‘School of Education’ in the year 2007.

Biola University is currently offering 40 undergraduate majors. In addition to undergraduate programs, it also offers 145 professional fields of study and master’s, doctoral and professional degrees. The University is offering various degrees like ‘B.A’, ‘B.S’, ‘B.M’, ‘B.F.A’, ‘M.A’, ‘M.B.A’, ‘M.Div’, ‘Th. M’, ‘D.Min’, ‘Psy.D’, ‘Ed.D’ and ‘Ph.D’. There are total six schools which are offering various degrees. The schools name are: ‘Crowell School of Business’, ‘Rosemead School of Psychology’, ‘School of Arts and Sciences’, ‘School of Education’, ‘Cook School of Intercultural Studies’ and ‘Talbot School of Theology’. The first school of this University, Crowell School of Business is nationally accredited by the ‘Accreditation Council for Business Schools’. It offers the ‘Bachelor of Science in Business Administration’ degree with concentrating in the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘International Business’, ‘Management’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Marketing-Management’. It also offers MBA program besides offering ‘Undergraduate program’. The program is accredited by the ‘Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs’. Likewise, Rosemead school of psychology offers Ph.D. and Psy.D. degree in ‘Clinical Psychology’. The third school ‘School of Arts and Sciences’ offers various programs like ‘Fine Arts and Communications’, ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ and Sciences’. School of Education offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The fifth school ‘Cook School of Intercultural Studies’ offers the programs like ‘Anthropology’ and ‘Doctoral Programs’. The sixth and last school of the University ‘Talbot School of Theology’ offers Master’s programs in ‘Master of Arts’, ‘Master of Arts in Christian Education’, ‘Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership’, ‘Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care’, ‘Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and ‘Master of Theology (Th.M.). It also offers ‘Doctoral Programs’ in ‘Doctor of Ministry’, ‘Ed. D in Educational Studies’ and ‘Ph.D. in Education Studies’. The students are also offered certificate programs in ‘Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies’, ‘Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies’, ‘Certificate in Spiritual Formation’ and ‘Certificate in Theology’.

Each year, the large numbers of students visit this University in a search of an academic excellence. The admission process and tuition fees are different in each school. The students are charged with an affordable tuition fees. The Master’s Programs and Specials students of ‘Tablot School of Theology’ have to pay $538 per unit and audit fee of $50 per unit. Likewise, for Doctoral programs-Education, they have to pay $997 per unit and audit fee of $997 per unit. For Doctor of Ministry degree, the students have to pay $2,301 per semester. The estimated total cost of Master’s Degree Programs students of ‘Tablot School of Theology’ is $26,259. To acquire Ph.D/ Ed.D degree, they have to pay total amount of $34,521.

To get admission in ‘Rosemead School of Psychology’, the students must possesses baccalaureate degree from an ‘Accredited college or University’ with an average grade of B for Junior and senior years. They also have to present an ‘Undergraduate program’ with either majoring in ‘psychology’ or its functional equivalent. It must include one course in ‘General Psychology’, ‘Statistical Methods’, ‘Experimental Psychology’, ‘Abnormal Psychology’, ‘Theories of Personality’ or ‘Learning (Cognitive Psychology)’. The students enrolled in this University are also benefited with various forms of scholarships and financial aid.

Besides its various academic programs, the students can get the enjoyment from its various athletic programs. The University has various sports like Soccer, Volleyball, baseball, basketball, golf, swimming, tennis and track & field, swimming, cross country and softball. There are separate sports available for both men and women. The University’s athletic team ‘Biola University Eagles’ is competes in various sport events. It is primarily competing in ‘Golden State Athletic Conference’. Through its high quality education and various beneficial features, it has produced many renowned personalities in the world like ‘Sikhanyiso Dlamini, Tim Worrell, Todd Worrell, Josh McDowell, Wess Stafford, John Thune, Steve Bridges, Scott Derrickson, and many more. Without any doubt, Biole University definitely stands as the one of the best University of United States.