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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, “Bentley University” is a private co-educational University which mainly focused on business. The University was established as the ‘Bentley School of Accounting and Finance’ by Harry C. Bentley in the year 1917. Harry C. Bentley was appointed as the Universities first president. He held the responsibility of president under 1953. The college gained accreditation to confer ‘four year Bachelor of Science degrees’ under President Morison. Morison shifted the college location from Boylston Street address in Boston to Waltham, Massachusetts. In the year 1970, Gregory H. Adamian was appointed as fourth president of the college. He proved to be a major driving force in colleges overall development. The college was accredited to grant ‘four year Bachelor of Arts degrees’ in the year 1971. It further started offering ‘Graduate degrees’ in 1973. The college changed its name to ‘Bentley College’ at that time. In the year 2002, the college opened a campus in ‘Middle Eastern Country of Bahrain’ in collaboration with the ‘Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance’. Three years later, it was accredited to grant its first doctoral degrees in ‘Business and Accountancy’. In 2007, a former state and federal government official ‘Gloria Cordes Larson’ was appointed as a president of the college. She became the first female president of the college. Finally, in the year 2008 the college changed its name as ‘Bentley University’ after getting authorization from the ‘State board of Higher Education’.

As the number of student increases, the University moved its place from downtown Boston to Waltham, Massachusetts. The first building of Waltham Campus was established between 1965 and 1968. The campus occupies 163 acres of lance which is accessible by the ‘MBTA 554 Bus’. The Upper Campus of the University contains most of School’s academic buildings and all of the classrooms. The campus is located on North side of Beaver street. The major buildings established on Upper Campus are ‘Non-Residence Hall Buildings’ and ‘Residence Halls’. Non-Residence Hall Buildings include Bentley Library, Jennison Hall, LaCava Campus, Morison Hall, Lindsay Hall, Adamian Academic Center, President’s House, Rauch Administration Center, Smith Academic Technology Center and Student Center. Likewise, the residence halls include Tree Dorms, Boylston Apartments, Rhodes Apartments, Kresge Hall, Forest Hall, Slade Hall, Miller Hall, Collins Hall and Falcone Apartments. The Lower Campus of the University contains with all the school’s athletic facilities and some of newest dormitories. It is situated on the South side of Beaver Street. The major buildings established on the Lower Campus are ‘Non-Residence Hall Buildings’ and ‘Residence Hall Buildings’. Non-Residence Hall Buildings include Lewis Hall and Dana Athletic Center. Likewise, Residence Hall Buildings include The Castle, The Cape, Orchard North & South, Copley North & South and Fenway Hall. The ‘North Campus’ of the University is based in ½ mile north side of the main entrance to ‘Upper Campus’ on Forest Street. It can be accessed by the shuttle bus. The ‘North Campus’ contains with only Residence Hall Buildings named as A, B,C and D. Each building of the campus has 3 floors which also include an elevator and 2 stairwells. The North Campus occupies mostly with undergraduate students. However, the campus was built for the graduate students.

Bentley University is currently offering Undergraduate programs, Graduate programs and Doctoral programs. The major focus of the University is Business. In addition its business offering programs, it also offers liberal arts courses and several outstanding majors in Arts and Sciences. In fact, nearly 800 students of Bentley’s 4000 undergraduates double major in ‘Business’ and its innovative ‘Liberal Studies Major (LSM)’. The students cane complete double major in ‘Business’ and ‘Arts and Sciences’ in four years.

The admission process of the Bentley University is highly personalized with the proper guidance and support available to all the students in their each step. The students have to fulfill some criteria of the University to get admission in the University. The students must have record of academic achievement, results of the ‘Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)’ or ‘Graduate Record Exam (GRE)’. The students can apply to only one graduate Program. They cannot change their program of interest once the application received by the University. The University provides various types of financial aid programs and scholarship programs. The deserving students are provided with merit-based scholarship. It also provides ‘Leadership Scholar program’ which is a unique scholarship fund that is designed to provide all the students with an opportunity to pursue their graduate education. The Students are awarded with certain award each year. There are two scholarship programs available which is reserved for the qualified candidates. For the international students, they must use their name that resembles on their passport on all the communication and other application materials. The students of the University are also benefited with an affordable fee. It doesn’t discriminate any of the students in terms of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality and other factors.

The University is also popular for its various sports programs. Its athletic team ‘Flex the Falcon’ is very popular tem which frequently compete in ‘Northeast 10 Conference’ at the ‘NCAA Division II’ level. This University is also known as a home of the one of the best rugby programs in ‘Northeast Winning two National Division III’. The students can get refreshment from getting involved with its various sports teams. Through its high quality education it has produced many renowned personalities in the world like Marcelo Claure, Robert F. Smith, Joaquin Bacardi, James P. Casey, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Edward J. King, Mike Malin and others. Without any doubt, Bentley University definitely stands as one of the best academic destination for all the students.