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Bronx Community College (BCC) is a community college whose existence was sketched in the year 1957. Bronx Community College holds the geographic location of University Heights, Bronx, New York City, New York, United States. BCC works under the management of City University of New York System.

 The college was established in 1957 with the combined idea of civic-minded group who realized the importance of higher education facilities in the Bronx. The first classes were sheltered by Hunter College and well ahead at the previous site of the Bronx High School of Science.

In 1973, the Dormitory Authority of the New York attained the University Heights campus from New York University (NYU), which vended the college being threatened by looming bankruptcy. Later the college moved its functioning to the 44 acres site supervising the Harlem River.

BCC shelters Center for Sustainable Energy, which was established in 2003. It is an instructive resource for the scholars seeking career in alternative energy.

Bronx Community College comprises various administration offices, faculty and staffs.

Academic Information

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Degree Programs
  • Academic Departments
  • Academic Success Center
  • Assessment
  • College Catalog
  • CUNY Pathways
  • Evening & Weekend Services
  • Faculty Handbook
  • General Education
  • Grading Policies
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Honors Program
  • Online Learning
  • Search for Classes
  • Special Academic Success Programs

Campus Administration

  • Academic Affairs
  • Administration & Finance
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Other Administrative Offices
  • President Office
  • Student Affairs

Policies and Procedures

  • Academic Rules & Regulations
  • Affirmative Action, Compliance & Diversity
  • Computer Policies & Procedures
  • Domestic Violence & Workplace Policy
  • Faculty Resources & Guides
  • Governance & College Committees
  • HEO Guidelines
  • Information Technology Policies
  • Policy for Domestic Partnership
  • Student Records – FERPA
  • Tenure & Promotion

Technical Resources

  • BCC email
  • Blackboard
  • CUNY Alert
  • CUNYfirst
  • CUNY Portal
  • DegreeWorks
  • Technology Service Center
  • Information Technology Forms
  • IT Electronic Work Orders
  • Mobile Device Email Set Up
  • Wireless Access


  • Campus Bookstore
  • Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Computer Labs
  • Duplicating Request System
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Employee Handbook
  • eProcurement
  • General Parking Information
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • IT Electronic Work Orders
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Research at BCC
  • Travel Request Description: PDF Icon
  • Work Orders (PPS)

The college comprises several academic building which helps in efficient study for the students. The college has graduated hundreds of students since the day of its establishment. Richard Carmona, who worked as the Surgeon General of the United States from the year 2002 to 2006, is the product of prestigious Bronx Community College.

Expanding the horizon of its working, the college has established itself challenging its own abilities and capabilities.  The college has prepared a wide range of programs for its students. Programs in various fields are sheltered by the college to meet the demand of the students.

Associate in Arts Degree (AA)

Transfer Programs

  • Criminal Justice Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Education Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: History Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Human Services Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: International Studies Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Media Studies Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Performing Arts Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Political Science Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Psychology Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Sociology Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Spanish Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Speech Pathology Description: PDF Icon

Associate in Science Degree (AS)

Transfer Programs

  • Biotechnology Description: PDF Icon
  • Business Administration: Accounting Description: PDF Icon
  • Business Administration: Computer Programming Description: PDF Icon
  • Business Administration: Management Description: PDF Icon
  • Business Administration: Marketing Management Description: PDF Icon
  • Community/School Health Education Description: PDF Icon
  • Computer Science Description: PDF Icon
  • Dietetics and Nutrition Science Description: PDF Icon
  • Engineering Science Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Biology Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Chemistry Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Earth Systems & Environmental Science Description: PDF Icon
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Physics Description: PDF Icon
  • Mathematics Description: PDF Icon
  • Media and Digital Film Production Description: PDF Icon
  • Science For Forensics Description: PDF Icon
  • Therapeutic Recreation Description: PDF Icon

Associate in Applied Sciences Degree (AAS)

Career Programs

  • Accounting Description: PDF Icon
  • Automotive Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Computer Information Systems Description: PDF Icon
  • Computer Information Systems: Computer Programming Description: PDF Icon
  • Computer Information Systems: Web Page Development Description: PDF Icon
  • Digital Arts: Graphic Design Description: PDF Icon
  • Digital Arts: Web Design Description: PDF Icon
  • Education Associate Description: PDF Icon
  • Electronic Engineering Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Energy Services and Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Environmental Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Human Services Description: PDF Icon
  • Marketing Management Description: PDF Icon
  • Media Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Description: PDF Icon
  • Medical Office Assistant Description: PDF Icon
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Nursing Description: PDF Icon
  • Office Administration and Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Ornamental Horticulture Description: PDF Icon
  • Paralegal Studies Description: PDF Icon
  • Paralegal Studies: Lay Advocate Description: PDF Icon
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Radiologic Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Telecommunications Technology Description: PDF Icon
  • Telecommunications Technology: Verizon Description: PDF Icon

Certificate Programs (CERT)

  • Animal Care Management Description: PDF Icon
  • Assistant of Children with Special Needs Description: PDF Icon
  • Automotive Mechanics Description: PDF Icon
  • Bilingual Early Childhood Assistant Description: PDF Icon
  • Early Childhood Assistant Description: PDF Icon
  • Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Description: PDF Icon
  • Paralegal Certificate Program Description: PDF Icon


Bronx Community College has sketched an irreplaceable space among the thousands of educational institution existing all around the world. The qualitative and effective education system of the college has not only attracted the students of the United States but also the students of countries all around the world. The students all around the world have trusted Bronx Community College as an effective means to guide them towards their destiny. The Bronx Community College is the home of the students from various countries and various states sheltered under the United States. The determination and hard work of years have established this college among the best colleges in the world. The college has defined excellence through its effort to serve effective education to its students.

The college has made quality education available to the people belonging to various social, cultural, ethnical and geographical backgrounds. The Bronx Community College belives that the qualtity education should be within the reach for everyone who want to have it. The well trained and educated teachers od Bronx Community College guide their students toward the better future. Students all around the world has believed BCC as a plce to be to seek brighter future and sucessful career.