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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Located in Burlington County, New Jersey, “Burlington County College” is a co-educational two year community college. The college was founded in the year 1966 by the Burlington County ‘Board of Chosen Freeholders’. The first president appointed of the college was ‘Dr. N. Dean Evans’. In the year 1969, the college started its temporary facilities at ‘Lenape High School’ with 728 full-time and total 323 part-time students. The college opened its first daytime off-campus in 1974. BCC appointed its second president ‘Dr. Harmon Pierce’ in 1979. The college established ‘Learning Institute for Elders (LIFE’ in 1990. It was established to provide academic, cultural and social opportunities for the County students. In 1998, BCC opened innovative high technology small business Incubator on the ‘Mt. Laurel Campus’. It was opened to encourage the growth of ‘entrepreneurial Business’. In the year 2002, the college started ‘The Enterprise Center’, ‘the Science Building’, ‘Academic Replacement Center’ and ‘Central Power Plant’ on the Mr. Laurel Campus. Likewise, BCC opened ‘the Student Gallery and Art Store’ in 2005. To offer Bachelor’s degree programs, the college collaborated with ‘Drexel University’ in 2006. The current working president of this college is David Hespe.

The University is currently offering ‘Associate degrees in Arts, Science and Applied Science’ degree programs. It is offering more than 60 degree and certificate programs through its academic divisions like ‘Division of Liberal Arts’, ‘Division of Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)’, ‘Division of Nursing and Allied Health’, ‘Associates of Science (A.S.)’, ‘Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)’, ‘Credit Certificate Programs (CRT)’ and ‘Special Certificate Programs (SPC)’. The University is offering various subjects like Accounting (A.S. ACC), Accounting (CRT.ACC), Accounting Technology (AAS.ACC), Addictions Counseling (SPC.HSA), Agriculture Business Technology (AAS.AGB), Alternative Energy Technologies (AAS.ALT), American Sign Language/ Deaf Studies (AS.ASL/DEA), Art (AA.ART), Automotive Technology (AAS.AUT), Biology (AS.BIO), Biotechnology (AS.BIT), Business Administration (AS.BUS), Business Management Technology (AAS.BMT), Business Technology (SPC.BTC), Chemical Engineering (AS.CGR), Coding Certificate (SPC. ACO), Computer Management Information systems (AS.CPM), Computer Networking Support and Servicing Certificate (SPC.EET), Computer Science (AS.CSE), Construction Management (AS.CON), Culinary Arts (AAS.CUL), Dental Hygiene (AAS.DHY), Education (AA.EDU), Elder-Adult Companion Care (SPC.EAC), Environmental Science (AS. ENV), Family Helper (SPC.FHC), Fire Investigation (SPC.FSI), Food Service & Hospitality Mgmt. (SPC.FSM), Geospatial Technology (AAS.GIS), Hearing Instrument Sciences (AAS.HRS), Human Services (AAS.HUS), Journalism (AA.JOU), Liberal Arts and Sciences (CRT.LSC), Music (AS.MUS), Nursing (AAS.NUR), Philosophy (AA.PHI), Physics (AS.PHY), Radiography (AAS.RAD), Small Business (CRT.BUS), Social Services Department of Human Services (SPC.HSS), Social Services Development Disabilities (SPC.HSS), Sociology (AA.SOC), Sustainability Policy and Management (AS.SPM), Technical Fashion Design (AS.SES), Technical Studies (AAS.TES) and Theatre (AA.THR).

The admission process of the University is very competitive. Each year, the large number of students visits this University in a search of an academic excellence. To guide the potential students, the office of Enrollment Service is designed. The services is dedicated to recruit a diverse student population and to provide prospective undergraduates with the valuable information on its various degree and certification programs. The students can submit their online application through visiting Universities official website.

The University is operating its academic programs under ‘Pemberton Campus’ and ‘Mount Laurel Campus’. The academic center of Pemberton Campus was opened in February 1994. The building of the campus consists of multi-purpose computer labs, a child care center, multimedia classrooms and college administrative offices. Likewise, the ‘Mount Laurel Campus’ was opened in September 2002 which contains three story building features. The campus is also well known for its well-managed library. Both the libraries contain abundant books and materials. The College is facilitated with the Technology & Engineering Center which features ‘robotics’, ‘CADD’, ‘electronics’, ‘physics’ and ‘high resolution computer labs’. It is also facilitated with the cafeteria, faculty offices, classrooms, vending machines and student lounge area. Besides this, the college is also facilitated with Enterprise Center. It hosts the ‘corporate seminars’, ‘conferences’, ‘performances’, and other special events.

The students enrolled in this college are benefited with some types of financial aid services. The college is currently offering federal Pell Grants and federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG). The students must meet some criteria to get financial aid services. They must hold a US citizenship and they are required to be a legal resident of New Jersey for not less than 12 consecutive months. The students must not have received the maximum allowable number of ‘Grant payments’. The college is also providing ‘Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)’ and ‘Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)’. In addition to its various financial aid programs, it is also providing various types of scholarships to its students. ‘The Burlington County College (BCC) Foundation’ oversees all the comprehensive program for the college students.

The college also provides various sports for the refreshment for all the students. The students can get enjoyment from the sports like baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, golf and many more. The sports team of the college named as ‘the Barons’ frequently competes in the ‘National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)’. The college also provides various services like E-services, career services, military education and veteran services and transfer services. Through its high quality academic programs and other beneficial features, it has been successful to attract all the students from all around the world. It provides good environment for all the students. The students can get required materials by visiting the library of the college. The college also has own radio station which is broadcasted at 88.9 mHz. For all the students who are in a search of an academic excellence can surely join this college.