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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

Baylor University is one of the renowned Universities of United States. The University is located in Waco, Texas. This University is in fact is the oldest operating University based in Texas. It was also considered as one of the first educational institutions based in the west of Mississippi River. The University was officially established on February 1, 1845 after signing the Act of Congress by the Republic President ‘Anson Jones’. The founders established the original campus in Independence, Texas. In the year 1851, the second president of the University ‘Rufus Columbus Burleson’ made the decision to separate students by their gender which resulted in the establishment of Baylor Female College. The establishment of this college led Baylor University as an all-male institution. At that time, the University was offering instructions in the subjects like ‘law’, ‘mathematics’ and ‘medicine’. Baylor was charging about $8 to $15 per term of tuition during that period. During the first half of American Civil War, ‘George Washington Baines’ held the responsibility of President. In the beginning of 1885, the University shifted its place to Waco, Texas. Baylor merged with local college ‘Waco University’. At that time, Rufus Burleson was appointed as second president of the University. In the same year, ‘Baylor Female College’ moved to its new location ‘Belton, Texas’. It was renamed as ‘University of Mary Hardin-Baylor’. The current working president of this University is ‘Kenneth Winston Starr’.

This University is divided into eleven ‘degree-granting academic Units’. Out of the eleven, two of academic units are designated as ‘Colleges’ and other eight units are designated as ‘schools’. The academic units operated under this University are ‘College of Arts & Sciences’, ‘Hankamer School of Business’, ‘Honors College’, ‘School of Education’, ‘Graduate School’, ‘School of Engineering & Computer Science’, ‘Law School’, ‘Louise Herrington School of Nursing’, ‘School of Music’ and ‘School of Social Work’. There are over 15,000 students who are studying in this University. The students belong from all 50 states and other 89 foreign countries. There are total 13,292 undergraduate students enrolling in the University. Among total students, 42% represent male students and 58% represent female students. Around 36% of the total students of this University resides in College-owned, operated housing while 64% live off campus.

Baylor is currently offering 260 clubs and organizations. Out of the total 260 clubs, 42 represent national and local sororities and fraternities. Each club and organizations of the University focuses on the needs and interests of all the students which include ‘academic’, ‘Greek life’, ‘multicultural’, ‘religious’, ‘service’, ‘representative’, ‘special interest’ and ‘spirit/sport’. Maximum number of students enrolling in this University participated in ‘Greek Life’ at this University. About 14% of undergraduate male students are members of fraternities and around 21% of undergraduate female students are members of a sorority. All the fraternities and sororities actively organize various service events like mixers, formals, football, out of town weekends and ‘All-University Sing’. In fact, this University possesses 12 ‘Interfraternity Council (IFC)’, 8 ‘National Panhellenic Conference’ sororities and 7 ‘National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)’ orgranizatoins.

The students enrolled in this University can get benefit from the various sports like basketball, sand volleyball, tennis, kickball, dodgeball, golf, football, table tennis, softball, baseball and others. The University organizes several sports leagues each semester. The students can build teams within campus organizations, residence halls, sororities/fraternities and from their group of friends. The popular band of this University is ‘Golden Wave Band’ which is considered as halftime entertainment for ‘Baylor football’. The band consists of 295 members who attend each and every home football game. Likewise, an unofficial fraternal organization named ‘The Noble NoZe Brotherhood’ was founded in the year 1924. It was established to study the art of ‘Bridge Constructoin’ in association with Baylor Bridge Association(BBA). The organization provides the Baylor University with unusual public pranks. It also prevents satirical writings in the University’s newspaper.

This University also offers Army and Air Force ‘ROTC’ programs for the students. Many of graduate students of this University had served in major military engagement in the history of Texas. The University has several popular military graduates like ‘Andrew Jackson Lummus, Jr.’ who died at Battle of Iwo Jima in the World War II. He was honored by the Medal of Honor for his service. Likewise, John Riley Kane was also awarded with Medal of Honor for his service. In the year 1948, the University collaborated with the Air Force.

Baylor University offers several postgraduate and professional Health Science programs by collaborating with ‘Army Medical Department’. It offers the programs like ‘Doctor of Physical Therapy’, ‘MHA’ and ‘MHA/MBA’. The students of this University frequently participated in NCAA Division I. The men’s sports teams are named as ‘the Bears’ and women’s teams are named as ‘the Lady Bears’. Till date, this University came out as the winner of NCAA titles in the year 2004, 2005 and 2012.

There are certain traditions developed since its establishment. Some of the traditions are taken as annual celebrations and others are taken as a symbol of memory. The University celebrates traditions like ‘Baylor line’, ‘Freshman mass meeting’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Memorial lamp posts’, ‘Immortal Ten’, ‘University Mace’ and ‘Alma Mater’. Baylor University has produced over 120,000 living alumni in this world. some of the renowned alumni’s are ‘Jose Esparza’, ‘Steven Stucky’, ‘Phil Driscoll’, ‘David Crowder’, ‘John Lee Hancock’, ‘Derek Haas’, ‘Kevin Reynolds’, ‘Michale Johnson’, ‘Ted Lyons’ and many more. With its quality education and other facilities, it surely stands as one of the best Universities of United States.