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By MyHowBook Team ⚈ Published On:

One of the renowned and prestigious University Systems of United States, ‘American Public University System (APUS)’ is located in Charles Town, West Virginia, United States of America. It is a for profit online learning institution of higher education which is composed of two Universities ‘American Military University’ and ‘American Public University’. The University is wholly owned by ‘American Public Education, Inc’. The corporate and academic office of the University is located in Charles Town, West Virginia. Its administrative office is situated in Manassas, Virginia. Initially, the University was established as the ‘American Military University’ in the year 1991 by Major James P. Etter. However, the operation of the University started from January 1993. In its opening year, there were only 18 graduate students. The University has main goal of meeting unique educational needs of the military personnel needing courses in the specialized areas like ‘Counterterrorism’ and ‘military intelligence’. In the year 1995, the University was nationally accredited by the ‘Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)’. After a year, the University introduced first undergraduate programs. It made transition from ‘Correspondence-based learning’ to ‘Online learning’ in 1998. It was in the year 2002, when the University was named as ‘American Public University System’. The University system gained regional accreditation from the ‘Higher Learning Commission’ of ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in the year 2006. It resigned it’s DETC accreditation in 2012. The current active president of the University is Wallace E. Boston, Jr.

APUS is currently offering ‘Associate’, ‘Bachelors’ and ‘Masters’ degrees. It is offering over 90 degree programs and more than 180 ‘Degree’ and ‘Certificate’ programs across its six academic schools through its both Universities ‘American Military University’ and ‘American Public University’. Currently, it is offering its academic programs through its six schools named as ‘School of Arts and Humanities’, ‘School of Business’, ‘School of Education’, ‘School of Public Service and Health’, ‘School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’ and ‘School of Security and Global Studies’. The University is offering various ‘Associate programs’ which are mainly designed for the students who are in search of two-year degree or final degree in ‘Higher Education’ or the foundation for the further study at the ‘Bachelors level’. The program requires 61 to 64 semester hours which include 20 courses and 1 to 4 labs. To get admission in an associate program, the students must possess a ‘high school diploma’ or its equivalent degree. ‘Associate of Arts’ degree contains various subjects like ‘Business Administration’, ‘Communication’, Counter Terrorism Studies’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’, ‘General Studies’, ‘History’, ‘Hospitality’, ‘Management’, ‘Military History’, ‘Real Estate Studies’, ‘Retail Management’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness’. Likewise, ‘Associate of Science’ include the subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Computer Applications’, ‘Database Application Development’, ‘Explosive Ordnance Disposal’, ‘Fire Science’, ‘Paralegal Studies’, ‘Public Health’ and ‘Web Publishing’. Associate of Applied Science offers only one subject ‘Health Sciences’.

The Universities ‘Bachelor of Science’ and ‘Bachelor of Arts’ degrees require the time from 120 to 124 semester hours to complete its course. Bachelor of Arts contains the subjects like Criminal Justice, Emergency and Disaster Management, English, Entrepreneurship, General Studies, History, Homeland Security, Hospitality Management, Human Development and Family Studies, Intelligence Studies, Military History, Military Management and Program Acquisition, Philosophy, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Retail Management, Reverse Logistics Management, Security Management, Sociology and Transportation and Logistics Management. Likewise, Bachelor of Science contains the subjects like Accounting, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science, Fire Science Management, Information Systems Security, Information Technology, Information Technology Management, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Nursing, Public Health, Space Studies, Sports Management and Sports and Health Sciences. The University offers Master degree programs in ‘Master of Arts’, ‘Master of Education’ and ‘Master of Science’. Besides its academic programs it also offers ‘Undergraduate’ and ‘Graduate’ Certificates.

 Each year, the large number of students this University in a search of academic excellence. The students have to fulfill some criteria to get admission in this University. Firstly, they have to choose their academic program and then they have to complete their online application for admission. In the third step, they have to complete their orientation class. After completing orientation, they must submit their documentation and lastly, they have to register for the courses. The University charges an affordable fee to all the students. It offers easy to understand tuition rates and low cost fees. The deserving students are provided some sort of financial aid services and scholarships. The University requires certain requirements to be eligible for the scholarship. The students must have a high school graduate and they must have earned a GED to be eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded in a range of $8000 to $20000 and maximum amount of $10000 is offered in each semester. A maximum amount of $20000 is offered to the students who are studying in full academic year.

The students enrolled in the University are involved in the various student organizations and honor societies. The various student organizations include the ‘National Association for Environmental Professionals (NAEP)’, ‘International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)’, ‘Student Veterans of America (SVA)’, ‘the Society of Human Resources Management’ and ‘The Saber and Scroll for the history students’. Likewise, the academic honor societies include ‘Alpha Phi Sigma’, ‘Sigma Beta Delta’, ‘Golden Key’, ‘Delta Epsilon Tau’, ‘Epsilon Pi Phi’, ‘Pi Gamma Mu’, ‘National Society of Collegiate Scholars’ and ‘Sigma lota Rho’. With its high quality features and academic programs, this University  is definitely one of the best University  of United States.